Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jai Ho Rocked..Bhay Ho flopped!!Jai Ho!!

Lots of hullabulloo and commotion caused by elections is ancient history now..

A Flashback:Leaders of all the political it Congress,BJP or whichever party one would know were on roads exhibiting their dynamism,slamming the other party,sinking to the lowest level of sleaziness...and trying to woo 'Aam Janta'...ofcourse with the same thought running at the back of their minds-"Use janta to inch closer to the chair....but after elections we just don't care..."

From what I can make out,the verdict of people in favour of Congress-like they
say,Vote for Development is a reckoning call for other parties...No left or right could actually make a place for themselves..BJP(people say it's communal...Congress is no less communal though..),I speculate...the failure of BJP was due to its disoriented approach,internal disagreements and most importantly Advani going offboard and instead of what his party wanted to project him as "Iron Man/Loh Purush",he went over to become a 'Low' Purush...a man of low ideals..although I believe he's a very honest man and speaks straight from his heart..Would have been interesting to see how things curled up if he became the PM..but that's altogether a different story..

A very much Hindu party not making it to the final stage in Hindustan is appalling but the message now is loud and clear..Political parties are now confronting an 'Intelligent' Janta..which can nomore be aroused by the same religious rhetoric..'Development' and 'Safety' are the keywords..The party which appears truly promising on these fronts would finally get the Big Chair..then be it a Hindu,Muslim,Sikh or Isai party...

I am not at all disappointed with the results..see the glass as half filled...Hoping to see some good changes in the country,afterall the Big Janta has expressed full faith in the UPA government..and now they need to deliver...with a 'Kamzor' PM though..but let's respect him as an honest and intelligent man..Keeping my fingers crossed I hope this time Manmohan Singh does a commendable job and atleast,if not much,come out of the cocoon(the one put together by Mrs. Gandhi)..

Let India revolutionize...
Naa Koi Bhay Ho...
The faith is still alive...
Jai Ho!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Now updating my blog after a long time,I'd go off at a score...So this one is truly dedicated to my four friends-Sups,Su,Basket and Aki..the gems of my treasure...Not having put much hard work into it..all I have to say is these are my true feelings overflowing and thus they got poured in the blog...Hope u guys like it..Bricks,bats and bouqets are welcome..This one's for "U" guys..!!

With butterflies in my stomach and the earsplitting noise of a pulsating heart..
Those jitters and uneasiness...perhaps it was almost a nervousness attack..
I took my first step towards the college and came a voice resounding back,
"Was this the place where you'd wanted to be?
Or you are trading off your desires to become the good girl of the family!!"

I tried hard,to focus on the voices of my heart..
But with my mind in reverie,I could do nothing but breathe easy..
Coz my faith in God was unmoved..
I was sure that my divine sanctions were due..

The wait wasn't long until the divine messengers descended..
Yes!These were the four angels I befriended..
Anticipating good times,with expectations soaring high..
And before I could even judge,they became the apple of my eye..

My inner conscience said I fitted into that place like a square peg in a round hole..
But as the magical wands blew,the college seemed heaven and we were on a Rock n Roll!!
The action had just begun,and SPARS as we were called, became a revelation..

While Sups's scooty was our favourite transport,Su's place was a perfect hideout..
Basket,the hairdresser was the head of our Planning Commission..
Aki,my kiddo with her mesmerising smile,never disappointed anyone..

If I say that the fun was ok,I must be a liar..
Because we got together like a house on fire..
The party at the terrace of E&C block or the horrible graphics prof throwing Sups and me out of the class..
And then our hiding behind the car or Basket beating everyone in 'Bahaanas' by far..

The classes were fab when a pug-faced Maths Prof threw light on his views...
Strange was his dedication and it left us confused..
We,the backbenchers,the most dedicated lot had other commitments to fulfil..
Making assignments with music playing on the phone,we were never at loss of zeal..

The Glamorous Chemistry Prof never got tired of teaching bomb calorimeter..
We slept while Sups and Su bunked his lectures..
Those 'pange' we got involved in unknowingly,those misunderstandings that crept in..
'Arrogant' and 'Egoistic' people thought we were,but we never really gave in..

And then there was an awakening call..when the third sem made a tick..
With our classes shuffled and each one of us trying to adjust in the new environs..
We didn't even even know how busy we got in ourselves..
But still when I sit back and relax,I think of those times..
When the devilish angels rejoiced and onlookers watched with a jaundiced eye..

With dreams gone haywire, there was little to be happy but as the magical wands blew, All Was Well...And now I say....AAL IZZ WELL!!! :) :)

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