Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nefarious Nightmares!

As a kid, I remember believing one could see what a person in deep slumber was dreaming of on raising his eyelid. Remember Tom and Jerry, where Jerry raised Tom’s eyelid to find him dreaming of cheese. And so I attempted this on my dad, only to be lambasted later. Dreams are funny, ain’t it! I’ve dreamt of becoming a school-girl again, of being a treasure-hunter, of meeting people, I couldn’t in real life and what not. And then waking up in the morning smiling at what I had seen. It feels you know what you saw but when you try to recall, you’re blank. All you can recall is itsy-bitsy moments, the faces of people or that horrific place you had never been before. May be, we would never be able to define what dreams are made up of and that’s what arouses interest in the mysterious stuff that they are!

And the ones – you running in a murky place and someone chasing you, bloodsheds and stuff you don’t even wanna talk about. I’ve woken up from such nightmares, the ones that make me feel unsafe, leave me uncomfortable to the extent that I feel like telling someone but you don’t really wish to bother anyone with your weird imagination, do you? I would get so scared that I made it a habit to sleep only after speaking verses from the Gayatri Mantra. In my early teenage, I was always wary of strangers. I got cynical if somebody followed me, even if he was on his own way. I still remember walking into somebody’s house while coming back from tuitions because walking across a dark street; I felt someone was following me, his pace equaling mine. The reason for this uncertainty, discomfort, and cynicism was the nightmares I had.

I’ve believed in dreams, they do come true! Really, they have for me. But I never had an experience of a nightmare transforming into reality. In fact, normalcy was restored in my attitude trusting that they were my weird imagination, may be an effect of the kind of books I read at that time. How do you expect your wild dreams to come true? By wild, I mean the ones which are meant to be a lil spooky, but when you wake up, you end up laughing at them.

I woke up on a fine morning in a guest house at Amritsar, where some friends and I had come after our exams got over. I told them about some crap I had seen, letting them know the extent of my madness. We talked and forgot about it, just like another free advice, taken and forgotten. Amritsar treated us well and we headed off to Chandigarh, which is the most ‘un-Punjabi’ly inhospitable city I’ve visited! No offence, but at least that’s how it treated us! Anyway, we were so damn excited about our trip, we knew it had to be a cracker of a trip, surely surprises awaited us! They surely did! That night we rejoiced like never before, with the set of entertainers that we ourselves were. In all the masti, only two things went wrong; we unbolted our door once to check who knocked from outside, only to find a drunkard who had lost his way and secondly, we didn’t bother to check if the windows of that room were bolted properly or not! We got back, back to our masti-licious mood! Around 2, we were damn tired and were all lying in one part of the room or the other. Silence fell, unlike our surroundings usually. In that unusualness, I saw a hand making its way in through a window and ripping apart the curtains. Not having the faintest idea of what it was about, we screamed and shouted for help, running towards the door which refused to unbolt. When finally it did, someone ran towards the reception, calling for help, another knocked the door next to us, while others maintained their calm, investigating the surroundings to find who it was. Hell broke loose in the hotel. Almost everyone had heard us (Imagine Five girls Screamingggggg!!!)

After all the investigation, we somehow knew it was one of the drunkards in the room behind our block. We checked our windows then, they were unbolted but there was no way the guy could have come in, thanks to the grills! But at the spur of the moment, we had thought someone would be in and all weird thoughts struck us like lightning. What if we unlocked the door to find another set of weirdos waiting for us outside? Damn, that was one helluva night but what I’m never gonna forget is “Paanch Ladkiyan, Wo Bhi Jagi hui, Aur Sirf ek haath, tch tch!” I know that’s sad but trust me, we couldn’t really help ourselves, we were so damn scared. And the previous night I had dreamt of the same, which made it even more frightening, the only modification being the guy had managed to sneak in, in the nightmare.

I’ve lost it, re! Dunno how to get rid of them because you never know when your worst nightmares may come true!

Has any of your nightmares come true? I’m curious to know if there are any psychos like me!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And I Am Still Relaxing!

Once upon a time I was as carefree as a free bird,

When my flawless flight couldn’t be hampered,

When anyone, but a crook was greeted with a smile.

When I said and meant it, I promised and did it.

When I never had second thoughts,

When sailing away with time was my favorite ride.

When people’s brains were my favorite icecreams(I chaato-ed the brains of people)

When ‘Pata Hai?’, ‘Guess what?’, ‘Aree it’s in the air’ was my favorite news.

When hearing about happy stuff got me dancing to glory.

When I was much more than what they thought I could be.

And now my life’s taken a U-turn, much to my dismay.

I’m still free but my wings cease to make me fly.

I smile and then look at them to confirm if they took it genuinely, like the way I did.

I say and I never mean it, I promise and never do it.

Sanity and insanity don’t make any sense to me.

And now happy moments are dulled by the intensity of my inner dullness.

‘I’m pretty messed up’ is all the news I have.

I have still not figured out if I’ve lost something in the way.

All I know is that I don’t need anything, it’s just another mystery.

May be there’s something wrong in my head.

Come what may..but hey I’m still relaxing!!

Hey! Don't bother! That’s random random Meeee!! It’s been so long…I’ve missed this place more than anything…And now I’m back to my writing-cum-reading spree…:)