Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodness Gracious! When I saw you first....

‘When I saw you first, I thought you were weird.
And now you are my best friend!’

No wonder this group was joined by my best friend on fb! On the first thought I was o_O but later it changed to :)...I have this tendency to give a weird first impression of myself to everyone…Like there was this new girl in our class who emerged from nowhere, while I was busy communicating through a hollow trunk in the playground and I stood up to say a random hello and ended up hitting her on her nose with my elbow…And my best friend, before we came to know each other this way, always considered me as a bully with ‘Fauji Beti Ka Attitude’, though she was the daughter of a Lt. Colonel and I, a civilian’s! One of my primary class teachers, with whom my bond grew really close later, told me that she initially found me ‘out of the world’, strange coz I answered everything with a ‘toothy’ giggle! That’s me…appearing strange to some, unearthly to others…thankfully, this first impression doesn’t end up being the last with people who get to know me better than strangers!

Dunno if it's the weird me only who thinks this way but actually all the people who we call friends today were once strange creatures to us too!! If I try and recall people etched in my memory forever...I remember...the one who painted the corridors of an Army School with the memories of that beautiful, yet funny double plaited ponytail….Another who had this brilliant hand famously called the ‘Polio Hand’ and her way of scribbling notebooks with strange pen strokes with a stranger hand! Then a lanky, studious Sikh guy (Need I say more? You know what these Sardar guys are like..hehe…No offence!) who was totally anti…and when I say anti…anti to the extent that we couldn’t stand the same ground and still were the best of friends! On starting a life in this college I met new people…there was one whose behaviour followed the sine curve response…I recognized her as once-upon-a-time belonging to a very Chaaloo group and when I gotta know her she was the sweetest, the most decent person I’d ever met…someone who won’t say a bad word for her foes and now she’s the most outspoken (Read ‘Muh-Fatt’) person in our group…Another who donned the title 'DON'for quite some time…and the other a fulltime ‘Noutanki-KI-Dukaan’ and not to forget the ‘Nervous-gone-Notorious’ ‘Lady’..and Ladies and gentlemen....The King Of Weirdos....Tuchi(He ain't no GAL...mind you...Am I right Lespo?)!!;) :P :D

I always thought "Unlike attract" but had forgotten the fact "Birds of a feather flock together"....*chuckles*
Imagine smug faces all around you, with no one to spread a contagious laughter around...Such an insidious!!! I can't imagine a world like that!!
Know what....
Weird is wonderful!
Wacky, weirdos are no wretched works of nature but the wonderful, wicked minds, with wisdom hidden ;)

I am a weird woman and I'm PROUD and Chetnajeet Kour reminded me of that!;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Dare You!

I dare you to write something more useless and vaguer than this’s one valuable figment of my imagination! :P

Zizu (sweetly): Oye! Why are you looking so serious?

Zuzu (fuming, gives him a murderer’s look)

Zizu (calmly now): Tell me, if I can help you with something? C’mon tell me tell me! I’ll do whatever it takes to help you.

Zuzu: In thats case, listen! I gots up earlys this mornings to enjoy the early mornings breese.

Zizu: Wow! But what’s with those S’s?

Zuzu (eyes popped out of eyeballs): Shuts up! Dare you interrupts? As I opened my arms, smellings the mornings perfumes, feelings the mornings dews on my feets, a moment when all I coulds say was ‘Aah’, a crow peed rights in my mouths (pointing towards his mouth). Rights here.

Zizu: Oh! Did that taste bad? Was it sour, salty, bitter or like what? (Scratches head)

Zuzu (hits Zizu hard on his head): How does this taste? Anyways, I spitted and turned arounds to attend a phones calls. A girls on the other sides kept on askings for some SiSi, I tolds her I was SuSu and not SiSi and she abused me in 3 differents languages, out of which onlys one I could precisely makes outs.

Zizu (ROFL): You told her that?

Zuzu: As if it was nots enoughs, the traffic guy stopped me and asked for my documents. That’s whens I realizes I don’t have thems. Ands outs of frustrations, I says ‘Sucks’(Shuxs)! That wild morons holds my collars and smacks and whacks me. I slowlys slowlys reachs my office and here my stupids, good-for-nothings secretarys scaringly screams,”Sirrrs..! Yours pants!!” Thinkings I may have forgottens to do the all importants zipping jobs, I pulls her scarfs from her necks, out of desperations, almost strangulatings her in this attempts. And thats cocky girls doesn’t even understands my desperations and kicks my butts with her stilettos. Ahhh…it hurts to thinks about its!

Zizu: Oh..that must be embarrassing! Wasn’t it? I need to diagnose it. Tell me! You were all fine yesterday. What’s up with your lingo? Did you have something?

Zuzu: Nothings really! Last nights, I popped some stupids sissy pills alongs with some sodas and later dranks Enos to neutralize the acids in my bodys. I guesses theres a lots of Fissss in my body!

Zizu: Ands in yours voice-bocss toos! *grins*

P.S. This is a weird, wild imagination, I agree. But you needn’t scratch your heads. Just ignore! You really needn’t bother! : P

I’m feeling absolutely empty-headed, right now! That’s my mood for the day!

Need I say that? You might have guessed that, already!! : D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Ramblings!

Life ,like the rolling of a die, can throw at you the best, the worst, mediocre, above mediocre stuff, the probability of each being equal….So why worry and contemplate…It will happen when it has to and how it has to…But is sitting back and flowing with the tide an answer to the challenge this life throws at us?

There comes a day you make big future plans, your dreams take wings and comes another day when you see a life coming to a tragic end, the unfulfilled dreams dashed alongwith…

A day when you plan ways to conjure a magical carpet to take you places and another when you magically fly away to the stars leaving behind your loved ones..

Life is strange, unpredictable, weird, nonsensical at times, and makes a lot of sense at the other..and I’m no antidote to it..I react back the same way strangely in my own weird, unpredictable, nonsensical ways!

“Life is a BITCH!”
Truly, aptly said!

Once Bedeviled by it ..
Activates the Insane you..
Torturous at times..
Cynical at others..
This Humbug called Life..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

19 goes 20!

…And the extended birthday treat(10-11 April) comes to an end! Guys n gals…I’m 20 and it’s official, now that my blog profile mentions it too..!! Don’t ask me about what I’ve achieved in these 20 years coz then I’ll be left dumbfounded :s

Ask me what was special about this one, I’ll tell you anyway!

Firstly, for the first time in my life…It felt like just another day coming…No going gaga about what to wear, where to party, looking at the phone waiting for it to buzz incessantly, expecting gifts, counting the number of friends who remembered and the ones who skipped(intentionally or unintentionally!?!),no special feelings pouring out…No, not at all! A leap towards being twenty, nahi!

20 has a lot of weight..Is it normal to feel so? I haven’t been told that by anyone but somehow, somewhere deep inside, I feel an extra weight of responsibility! After having followed my heart, which refuses to chit-chat with me anymore, I knock at the jammed door of my brain, unused for a longer period..

At 20 with the heart of a teenager, brain of a dud, attitude of a dudette, the ‘Khatarnaak’ combination that I make isn’t just deadly, but as freaking daft as a brush!! Most say, “Grow up, gal!”…but hey I refuse to grow up…I refuse to listen to you…and I still accept to do what I wish to…So don’t bother!

Forgetful closed ones was a new experience, for a 20th birthday! :(

But some people in your life don’t want you to grow up ever, pamper you just like another fidgety teen, surprise you with the most usual tricks, which end up leaving you even more surprised…How did they manage to pull it off…Those simple ‘Hey I have to be back at home on time’, a swollen face telling things are not well, and the left ones accompanying you home...are a symbol of a surprise party planned back home…but you floating in the illusion of having become an adult now don’t expect such surprises to be thrown at you, do you?
And there follows a string of ‘obvious’ surprises beating all the records of special moments in one’s life..*sigh*

This post isn’t about telling you what kickass birthday this was but to know your experiences about how a 20-er must be…how did you feel after teenage bid its good-byes to you! Now whatever your experiences be, the one thing that I can say is that this feeling of being twenty or twenteen is indeed ODD! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love At First Sight!

‘It was a special day…a day meant to be full of surprises, extravagance, love and lots of attention, in the traditional sense of the word ‘SPECIAL’! But things had rather started on a usual note…that very morning melancholy, followed by the nasty noon and not-so-happening evening! But he, as always approved of whatever came his way, never a complaining look on his face…Complaints and he were the pedestrians of two opposite roads, which never met…’Special’ meant only one thing to him and that was her, a girl who was moodier than the moodiest of people…On ‘lucky’ days, she showered all her love on him, made him feel like the hero of her life, her fiddle-de-dee too managed to make his day..and on not-so-good days, she’d get so busy with herself that she didn’t even flinch from throwing a cold shoulder to him, as if she was an angel just landed from a fairy land. Her mood swings would have easily irritated anyone, but him. She couldn’t recall a day, or a moment when he acted peevishly, due to the tantrums she threw. He had given his soul into the relation; in fact he had surrendered himself to her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love him much..but she could never match his love for her…He had never expected…just delivered. He had given his life to her, not an ounce of demand of any kind. When she was happy, she’d speak to him her animated stories, blow kisses and her happiness was enough to make him happy..When she was sad, she’d rest her head on his shoulder and spoke out her heart to him and he listened carefully….When she was irritated, she’d spill it out on him…It wasn’t a perfect love story, but the love kept on growing on both sides!

And could she ever forget it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!’

You think I’m trying my hand on fiction…Hah! There are times when real makes much more interesting stories than fiction..and here I go with a true love story…The story which started exactly a year back for both, when Jaunty Anima made her blog and fell for it that very moment and the love between them has only grown!!

Thanks for standing by me through thick and thin, dear Blog!! I love you totally and madly…And could I forget your birthday…No…never….! Was busy throughout the day with some college stuff and you know how difficult it is to sneak out from that forest to make time for you, but don’t you know my heart beats for you..Love ya!! And a very Happy Birthday dear!!

And now to all the people who I’ve come to know through you….Karthik, Divsi, Sourav, Sugarcube, Isha, Destiny’s Child, Harini, Vandi, Sepo, Insignia, SG, Neha, Holy Lama, AD, Dhanya, Pramoda, Ekam, Chengdi, Baljinder, Gautam, mayz, Dee, NJ, Scarlet pimpernel and so many more I’ve missed out…and the friends I already knew…Su, Rahil, G, Mukul Sir…..Guys and gals…had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have sustained this journey..and I mean it…I made friends with you and reading your blogs and your comments on my blog became such a temptation, that only helped my love for the blog to flourish..Thank you all of you… You are the reason why this day arrived or else I may have left blogging already!!And now I only wish this bond of friendship between all of us strengthens!!:)


Jaunty Anima!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foolish-ically Challenged, eh!?!

Hey Happy Fool’s Month fools! :D In case you are not a fool, chillax…my blog isn’t reserved for normal humans only…you (foolish-ically challenged people) will be served too but spare this post for the normal ones only…excuse me, prithee! :D

This month is special to me in more than one ways, which will be unraveled gradually, as the month unfolds. So wait and watch coz the cat will be out of the bag anytime, sooner than later!

Ok..are you surrounded by fools? Foolish question, you think, huh? But are reading the most foolish blog of one of the foolish-est persons on the earth*Shameless grin*
Fools can be of many types:

  • Seemingly Wise Fools: Fools under the impression that no one wiser was ever born. Please don’t mock at them. They are suffering from a syndrome with no cure. So have mercy and let them be coz there’s no better cure than love and compassion.
  • Funky Fools: Anything funky is in, right? But funky fools are not. Know anyone who follows and preaches Funky-ism with utmost glamour, pissing off everyone in the company with their funky language, pjs, and visage. Well ffs, I puke at you and I hate you the most. It is again incurable and even more dangerous coz it’s contagious!
  • The Yedas and Yedis (to be pronounced typically in Tapori ishtyle): Yo man…this category can have so many subcategories but to cut it short, all the people who actually act ‘Shaana’ e.g. bullies, high-society-superior-good-for-nothing-forever-ranting-crybabies, the morons(refer to fake-attitude, though I personally hate the term fake attitude coz how can anyone fake it…attitude shows, isn’t it?). I request you to add to the list now.
  • Just-like-that Fools: Regular people…By regular, I mean the normal ones who are here, there and everywhere, who eat, drink and breathe foolishness, like you and me! If it were not for us, the world would be a dull, drab and boring place to live in. Cheers for all of us! :)

Well...this post is a plea for mercy to all the fools and if you yourself are one, mercy to other categories. I urge you to treat them well, but to each his own.

Let's join hands to make this world a better, and not a foolish place to live!! :)