Sunday, April 11, 2010

19 goes 20!

…And the extended birthday treat(10-11 April) comes to an end! Guys n gals…I’m 20 and it’s official, now that my blog profile mentions it too..!! Don’t ask me about what I’ve achieved in these 20 years coz then I’ll be left dumbfounded :s

Ask me what was special about this one, I’ll tell you anyway!

Firstly, for the first time in my life…It felt like just another day coming…No going gaga about what to wear, where to party, looking at the phone waiting for it to buzz incessantly, expecting gifts, counting the number of friends who remembered and the ones who skipped(intentionally or unintentionally!?!),no special feelings pouring out…No, not at all! A leap towards being twenty, nahi!

20 has a lot of weight..Is it normal to feel so? I haven’t been told that by anyone but somehow, somewhere deep inside, I feel an extra weight of responsibility! After having followed my heart, which refuses to chit-chat with me anymore, I knock at the jammed door of my brain, unused for a longer period..

At 20 with the heart of a teenager, brain of a dud, attitude of a dudette, the ‘Khatarnaak’ combination that I make isn’t just deadly, but as freaking daft as a brush!! Most say, “Grow up, gal!”…but hey I refuse to grow up…I refuse to listen to you…and I still accept to do what I wish to…So don’t bother!

Forgetful closed ones was a new experience, for a 20th birthday! :(

But some people in your life don’t want you to grow up ever, pamper you just like another fidgety teen, surprise you with the most usual tricks, which end up leaving you even more surprised…How did they manage to pull it off…Those simple ‘Hey I have to be back at home on time’, a swollen face telling things are not well, and the left ones accompanying you home...are a symbol of a surprise party planned back home…but you floating in the illusion of having become an adult now don’t expect such surprises to be thrown at you, do you?
And there follows a string of ‘obvious’ surprises beating all the records of special moments in one’s life..*sigh*

This post isn’t about telling you what kickass birthday this was but to know your experiences about how a 20-er must be…how did you feel after teenage bid its good-byes to you! Now whatever your experiences be, the one thing that I can say is that this feeling of being twenty or twenteen is indeed ODD! :D


Skywalker said...

first of all......yipppeee m the first one to comment

Skywalker said...

nw tht i have booked the comment no. 1 of this busy busy blog post let me comment on the post....being 20 doesnt mean 1 has to b responsible...responsibility is nt somethng u gain on ur bday or on sum oder day,it cums wid xperience and by d tym u gain xperience i tell u Don u would have past a lot of springs after fr me 20 was jst a no. which got added to my mom's lines "20 ka ho gya par bacchon wali harkatein ni gyi" even though u r 20 dnt ever loose the kid in u....:p

Anonymous said...

Now if you even refuse to grow up, you are already grown up when you said that you didn't feel like partying and expecting gifts.

When I was young, I sang the songs of my birthday a week ahead. Planning the party and preparing invitation cards was the only work.

But now at this age, all these things does not matter me. And same has happened with you. It is psychological.

Harini said...

Belted Happy Birthday firstly!

I dont see much of changes in me actually. Its just now I am more worried, more matured and always think about future and stuff. But i still love celebrating Bday's :P. I dont think thats gonna change even when i m 40 :P

Mayz said...

ok to start with belated happy birthday :)

wow!! u have reached d indifferent stage pretty soon...i had my bday a couple of weeks back n i felt the same...the only difference was i turned 27 :P

sigh!! wudnt i love to b 20 again...miss those days

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hi, belated happy b'day :) tht ws quite an introspective type post, I am trying to remember my 20th b'day bt kuch yaad nahi aa raha

vandy said...

happy birthday,,ofcourse belated,,,,yaar i told rahil to wish u but i guess he forgot

Baljinder Singh said...

Hey..happy b'day 1st of all...
well...I don't think there is any drastic change comes in one's life with age...its just in form of responsibilities that are post marriage...until then everyone is a blithe spirit...tats wat I think...:P

bangles said...

happy birthday womannnnnnnn! hahaha enjoy!!:))

Anonymous said...

Sigh, another young heart being burdened with time... Don't measure your responsibilities with revolutions around the Sun. Oh well, congratulations on growing older. But if you take my advice (which you shouldn't in a sane mind) grow, but please don't grow up. It's useless!

sepo said...

hey sweethrt
happy belated birthday...!
i hope u had lots of fun.
and m sure u ll handle all the responsibilities well, now that you are a big big girl

Firebolt said...


Here's wishing you a very happy birthday and more importantly - a very awesome year ahead..

The same question came to my mind when I turned 20 the last year.. one part of me told me I was 'ready' for life and the other part of me told me I was just getting started.. it's a vary funny feeling if you ask me.. but I'd like to end it with a quote very dear to my heart..

"Growing old is inevitable, grouping up is optional"


Neha said...

belated happy birthday girl..

I had a similar feeling too..the problem was not that my teenage was over; but that feeling of entering in 20s was kinda you mentioned..

now I am almost on the wrong side of twenties..pata nai kya hoga when I wil turn 30 in 2.5 years..but still time; so i am chilling :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Jauntii!!!

First of all

yaaa i agree with u tht the feeling of being 20 is little ODD ... i too felt soo...but nw i kinda think more abt my career..more seriously...
i thnk tht sense of responsibilities starts cmng automatically..Our mind starts thnkng in tht direction as we go on gettng matured...

i would just say tht ki being an adult
our perspective towards our LIFE changes ....nothng else!!!

keep njoyng!!!

Destiny's child... said...

First let me sing you a belated birthday...:)

Ok, now for the comment. Even I felt really odd when I turned 20, you know, being TWENTY!

Something similar on my take on turning twenty, may be you would agree...

The Holy Lama said...

19 to 20. That seems long time ago:P. Belated wishes to you and I miss your old pic on profile.

Tomz said...

Aries girl..

Blated Happy B'day..Have shed the skins of teenship?

- Sugar Cube - said...

Wish you a very happy belated birthday!

I felt exactly like you do when I turned 20.Wasn't excited at all..not coz of the fact that I grew an yr older..but bcoz I'd entered the '20s' felt strange.Dunno why :|

SG said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthdayyyyy dear Jaunteeeee
Happy Birthdayyyyy tooooo youuuuuu

Americanising Desi said...

yayyyy you our out of teen shell!

and happy birthday dearest! i guess there are more than ten reasons to celebrate the day :)

but i think the approaching 20 has to be celebrated in style - it is like jumping from Cartoon Network to STar World - know what i mean ;)



Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday..
so u r 20.. :)
well me 2 crossed 20 this jan..
its a great feeling.. we hv completed a beautiful journey of 2 decades.. lets see wht excitement is yet to come.. :)

Vipul Grover said...

Wishing u a great post-teen life :)
Got attractd to ur blog due 2 ur intro, jammu being my mom's hometown..
nd yeah with years going by, the pressure tends to mount.. Bt its in our hands 2 prevnt it frm getting 2 our heads.. God bless!

divsi said...

belated happie bday kudiyeeeeeeee:)))

have a great great yr ahead!!

""counting the number of friends who remembered and the ones who skipped(intentionally or unintentionally!?!)""
so natural n candid jus like me:)

*high five again* eyes widen at all the similarities til date:)

dont eva grow up...there are ppl arounnd u who neva eva want u to grow up coz they wanna pamaper u all their lives..:))

haffun gal!
njoi tweenhood:))this is fun too!!

Gourav Agrawal said...

Wish you a very happy birthday,May life lead you 2 great happiness,success and hope dat all your wishes comes true!

Insignia said...

Belated wishes to you dearie!! Sorry for this delayed comment.

I understand what it are no more a kid, not grown enough to be called an adult...But enjoy the never comes back :-)

scarlet pimpernel said...

I was 12 yesterday
today i am 25
tomorrow may be 40

time flies....

Nazish Rahman said...

Every moment teaches u something in life...these are but surely the best days of life and enjoy to the fullest :))!!
btw Belated Happy Birthday :))


Jaunty anima said...

Awww...thanku ppl <3

Luv ya all:)