Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Lost Wanderer

Life is a B**ch, some say....No...a temptress, I argue!

The various ways to life forward have started to open now....But has life been simple, ever!!!????

I'm on crossroads...and things not getting any better.....there are umpteen number of ways that stand in front each boasting of its pros....And I, wondering if I'd been an optimist ever, instantly calculate the cons of each....

The road that I crossmarked, thinking I'm never going to pass now appears lush green on its sides, taken by many, so low on risks luring me into taking it this one time! I think I'll need an epilogue to the Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"as a take into what people do when encountered with such crossroads!!

Time's running fast...and i'm still lagging behind it....Will I be able to catch it ever( in time!!! )...still remains a mindboggling question to me!!!

P.S. The reason I bugged you with this post is that d good news is that I got placed in two companies together.....and the not-so-good-part is that I wasn't even aiming for it....I need to FOCUS!!!!Gawd!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God save all from taking decisions!!!





In a maze


In perpetuum, leave us dancing

On pins and

Needles to

Sulk forever!

Presently, the condition looks like
"Decisions, decisions everywhere...
And the end of line appears nowhere..."

I've seen most people surviving them.....most probably, I will too....but what remains to be seen is how timely the consequences arrive and how well things shape up......


Wishing all of you dear blog buddies, a blissful year ahead...
May there be less decisions to make and when they do turn up, may they be brought to fruition!
God bless!! :)