Friday, September 11, 2009

SSShhhh..Disturb her not!!

Some great minds are at work..really!! don't  disturb them because they are already disturbed..

Won't be blabbering much...just an insight into the disturbed mind...

Art at its best or the it's flourishing atleast..Gawd..what can exams make out of you??:D

No preparation is complete without a timetable..make a nice,long one where all the subjects fit
By the end of the day..almost everthing would be struck off and atmost one topic from one
subect is done..well that's quite something,,,sluggard!!:D

Snacks...yum yum!!
Is rat nocturnal??Dunno it's active in ma stomach only at nights..:s 
P.S. Folks..I'm putting ma heart and soul in ma preparation for  exams..(The above pictures are a testimony :P :P)So..may not be able to catch your blogs for sometime..Bear with me..C ya after sometime..Tc sweet-blog-hearts!!:):)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dream On...

Boring academic course leads to that needs no's practically then I thought if pigeonole priciple could become a principle then why not
this??(Ever studied discrete mathematics,eh!!Computer engineers can better tell!!)
Did you know I'm so quick that I just have to keep a book in front of me..and there I to
my dream world..

Well well by reading this you just touched a port key(touchy eyes,eh)..and now you'll be
apparated to the world of my dreams..So here goes..

"I run into my ethereal dreams..

Seeking peace of mind..

To evanesce into my dream world

Where there's no stopping me..

neither the chains nor the clutches

Coz none have the power

to impede my spirit...

The kid in me jumps across the walls...

The teenager hollers and the feeling is eternal..

Wherever my finger points
becomes mine..

There's a whole paradise to choose from...

A pearl of rain touches my skin..

I raise my arms to feel the wind...

Drenching myself in the showers of good fortune..

Everthing is just how it should have been..
nearly perfect...

Wish this dream would never end..

This path would never take a bend..

Wish it could just go on and on and on..."

somebody has truly said ,"What you imagine is what will transpire..

What you believe is what will happen.."

So, Dream on!!!

P.S. Any idea how to restrict them coz they hurt when exams are around the corner..sachi;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been tagged by Sourav...So here's me putting ma heart and soul trying to complete this tag...hope I do only better...

0. Ma name has
ZERO keep guessing(looking 4 clues,eh??)...ZERO times have I got a fracture..really long to get a plaster on ma left arm...(coz I find it really sexy!!)

1. I need ONE chance to be to all ma favourite places..and Brett Lee is the ONE and the only man I have ever thought of getting married to..(ab to sapna toot gaya:()

2. There are TWO ways to a woman's heart...-Inferior vena cava and Superior vena cava,...dumbheads...what did you think???

3. THREE things account for me becoming the happiest girl in the world..Success....ample time and endless love for all ma dear ones...and freedom(freedom from all the clutches which hold me
back...I wanna in open fields..and most importantly find a niche at a place where being a girl does not call for restrictions...Where is ma Utopia??)

4. FOUR friends is the brand I wore in a school assembly and was thrown out as a Defaulter...

5. I high-FIVE all the readers of ma blog..n yea hi5 reminds me of a social networking site..where an account was made and never used back..

6. Well if I count I have SIX friends who are really close to me..and they are ma SIX horcruxes..moreover SIX times have I been appointed as an appointee(that includes being the class monitor(4 times),house Captain(nehru) and head girl...heehaaw...I noe what's going on in your head:P)

7. SEVEN is most people's lucky nmber bt it's really unlucky for me...SEVEN also reminds me of James Bond..and I haven't watched any of his flicks...

8. As calculated a few days back(courtesy:a few friends)..I have "atleast" please quote atleast EIGHT years left for me to live life ma way..coz after that I'll have to bow down to ma Prince Consort's wishes..

9. there are NINE days left before exam fever catches up..and yea there are NINE tokens of love lying in front of me...

10. Well TEN happens to be ma special day..TEN is ma birthdate...TEN is the sum of the digits of ma bff's budday...TEN is ma granny's birthdate...So it's a birthdate's day!!!

P.S. Do lemme noe what you thought about it...I tag Sukriti,Skywalker,Rahil,G,Number,happybirdie and anyone else is free to take up the tag...