Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Love Affair!

A love stream flows down
The shiny locks of a woman.
The sublime love affair begins
As the locks continue coquetting.
And there goes  a man’s heart
Bludgeoning down.
She plays a tune on her hair                        
With papayas, yoghurt and honey.
As the sweet fragrance there
Sits up as the crown adorned.
Beware! Oh, poor souls!
The magic will only surmount.

She braids them to lure
A prince charming already allured
By the beauty, so pure.
Then moulds them in a bun
Just so you don’t forget
She’s a woman of substance.

Such is the beauty of hair. It can make jaws drop. When wind plays with that crisp little strand of your hair, have you wondered how pulse rates go seemingly up at the other end. When you, oblivious of the world, let your hair dance at your back, have you wondered how many souls dance to the tunes played by your hair. Ever wondered how telling these wonderful, long locks can be! The love begins right then, right there!

My Wow Hair Moment!

Aryan:  Wassup with the bird’s nest?

Me:      Thought I should give it a rest!

Aryan:  Thank God!

              (Still thanking heavens)

Me:       Nope! Thank Dove!

Aryan:  What’s their magic potion?

              (Devilish smile)

Me:       With a touch of gold,

              Dove Insta Oil is their new creation!


Aryan:  And hence you fell for the new crazy sensation!

              (Crazy Laughter)

Me:       Go to hell!

Aryan:   Sister! Your hair have never looked this great!

               Thought I should tell!

               (Walks out of the room)

Me:        (toothy smile)

So, Thank You Dove!!

And this is my entry for Dove- Love your hair and it loves you back !!!