Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever questioned your power of decision-making, have you?

Lately I've spent a lot of time alone with myself letting a whole cloud of thoughts in my mind free. The burden hasn't lessened though since pending decisions-to-be-taken-sooner-than-later still knock the back of my head(Knock-Knock!!"Hamaara no. kab aaega?," they keep spluttering) and musing under these circumstances ain't that easy, after all!

Right from the first step of our life, we are confronted by choices to make and our Mama teaches us, "Baby, take the bull by the horns!"signaling, "Bachoo, Is duniya me aa to gaye but the road to follow ain't that smooth..There are BULLS to grapple with."For example, 'Padho, Dhoop me khelo matt'Bull, 'Boards Hain, Time waste matt karo'Bull, 'Coachings-Abhi Acche se pad le, life set ho jaegi!'Bull(Inki to books pe bhi likha hota hai'Hit the Bull's eye!), 'Entrance exam'Bull, phir 'CAT/MAT/RAT'Bull and pata nahi koun-koun se Bull!!Coming back to choices or precisely speaking, decision-making, it is an art to be mastered, lack of which can lead to chosen roads guiding you to dead-ends, the gifts of life( very much chosen by you) unravelling into bombshells, doors chosen by you leading to dark and dingy corridors.That's the power I'm talking about.

Who has never been on cross-roads where only one road can be travelled by a lonely traveller(That reminds me of  the poem 'The Road Not Taken') and at these crucial times, you can't do with 'choosing a finger' or 'inky-pinky-ponky'.The time demands you to take a stand and decision-making comes into play, which I consider as one of the most tedious tasks in the world. Hitherto I've never really taken decisions by measuring the pros and cons of the situation, just followed my heart or like I believe, my subconscious mind does the work for me because it knows its dilly-dallyer owner.Be it my career plans, my personal decisions or whatever, the same procedure is followed. Like my grandfather puts it, "You play with your life." Yeah, I almost did. Know those ultra-smart kids who are asked, "Bade hoke kya banoge?" and comes a spontaneous reply,"Doctor!" That's me...was me! And having taken PCMB, two options popped up once I had appeared for all sorts of entrances, the obvious 'Doctor' or 'Engineer'.And to everyone's surprise or rather shock, I chose to become an engineer because I found it more lucrative, more exciting and the future appeared more promising.Ask me now how lucrative, exciting and promising it is?:(

I always make a jackass of myself when it comes to taking decisions.And now when a bigger one awaits, I'm all jittery and tense. Doesn't it need a hell lot of courage to decide and come to a conclusion? However chicken-hearted you are, for how long can someone while away time waiting on the doors that promise a better tomorrow? You have to tread a step forward and knock on the door. Otherwise the reticence may be misunderstood as denial. And once you deny that opportunity, you may never even get to make that choice again or fate may not ever present that door to you which could have opened a new vista for you.

After so much of 'putting off until tomorrow' it's time to put two and two together!:)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Idiot...Aal Izz Well!!

Saari Umra Hum Mar Mar Ke Jee Liye..
Ik Pal To Ab Hame Jeene Do, Jeene Do...
Bachpan To Gaya, Jawaani Bhi Gayi..
Ik Pal To Ab Hame Jeene Do, Jeene Do...


The title of the post says it all...The punchline of the movie "3 Idiots", I watched just a few hours back,  leaves you with that 'Aal Izz Well' feeling! A must-watch movie which leaves you with the feel-good factor at its peak..looks like Aamir endorses the "Education Reforms"..All in all, a complete Paisa-Vasool!!:)

Now since I'm feeling sleepy at this point of time..I'll share the gist of the message the movie sends across..

Break out of the system, the bindings..

Don't do what others think is good for you, do what you think is good and that will turn out the best decision of your life..and then only, the absolute contentment and happiness will surface in life..

Don't let your weaknesses be the obstructions that become a stumbling-block in your path, but the motivation that guides you through..

Study only to achieve excellence, not for material gains..
Only then BALAATKAR CHAMATKAAR hogi and one will become successful..Once successful, STAN DHAN apne aap aaegi!!;) roflmao!!

'Ruttofied' definitions, theorems and formulae won't define our life but the real character of our inner soul..

Don't let stresses pressurize your brain, everytime console your frustrated mind by saying, "AAL IZZ WELL"

 All in all,Aamir Rocks!!And what I want to say is,"Jahaanpanah!Tussi great ho...Is Blog Ka Tohfa Kubool Karo!"
(You gotta watch the movie to understand this..)
Infact my lil brother was down with fever, but under no conditions could he miss the movie, and there he was...feeling all fit-n-fine after the movie..O Bhaiyya 'Aal Izz Well'!!:)

Give Me Some Sunshine..
Give Me Some Rain..
Give Me Another Chance..
I Want To Grow Up Once Again..

And yes Blog-hearts how did your Christmas go??
Mine was fantastic..!!From attending the Christmas Carnival at the Church to Choco-Lava to drive with mum and dad to 3 idiots, it was superb..!!:)
I'm all smiles!!:):)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fiction 55 - The Test

Dhwanit was behaving erratically..Ever since he
set the aim of his life,he had

worked hard...The only hitch being the lack of

'previous years papers' to acquaint him with the

pattern of The Test.. Fellow mates who had

appeared earlier added to his anxiety..

He had to clear it..

Would Dhaani say 'YES'?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coz A Lot Can Happen O'er a Cuppa Chocolate

Five cuppa nutty chocolate

Brownie enamelling the plate

Chit-chatting, guffawing in bits

Trying to overcome laughter fits

Hoodwinking the blues

Flowing away in blissful glee

The world watches the weirdos

While they banter about the world.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breathing for her breath

Curled in her bed with a book on her side..

She plays with her locks, lost in deep thoughts..

She had fallen in love and her life eversince had been a joyride..

Never did she contemplate tomorrow, engrossed in fun of all sorts..

The train of thoughts cease to come to a halt..

Making her reminisce the day they tied the nuptial knot..

They had held each other's hands and walked every step in unison..

Those holy promises and the holy fire were a mark of benison..

He had said," I vow to take care of her, pamper her, fulfil her needs..

Trace her footsteps and be along forever, protect her in my embrace..

I'll never embarass her with harangue, I'll keep her happy forever!"

Inside, she grinned sheepishly, and said a virtual 'Amen!'

Her emotions outwitting her control, a tear rolled down her cheek..

Another memory came in foreground while the emotional outburst had reached its peak..

The day she revealed that she was in a family way..

His happiness knew no bounds, he held her like a kid and that was her besttt day..

All of a sudden, a harsh reality struck her like a bolt from the skies..

Whatever the memories be, the outcome of their test on the plateau of love was not nice..

Though sanguine in true sense, she was slowly and steadily losing her sanity..

She had lost support from all sides and her situation demonstrated pity..

She stands up with her long locks on one side and walks in front of the mirror..

With eyes swelled with anger, a questioning look on her face, answers now clearer..

Weren't those promises, those amorous talks nothing but moonshine..

Fighting her tears, she looks at her tresses and picks up a comb..

She's the mother who carries the burden of a baby daughter in her womb..

Friday, November 27, 2009


Don't we wish the good times stayed forever..But quite like the change of seasons,these days pass soon..sooner than we have ever imagined in the wildest of our thoughts!!After having a great day, a thought passed my otherwise thoughtless brain..Another year and I'll be done with engineering...and I'll be added to the whole gamut of engineers and then what..'life at workplace sucks the life out of you' is a well known fact..
So before I get thrown in that world, I need to make the best out of the days I know I can live to the fullest..Here are a few snapshots of what college has been for me...It's not a 'DREAM COLLEGE' but anyway called Government College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu!

Vampires suck the blood of helpless budding engineers HERE...

Now that's when you almost doze off in the class and then to try and get yourself refreshed and charged to attend the lecture by clicking pictures and not getting caught(most of the times...which does not mean, always!)

That's what we have learnt in college!!


Well not really a great place to hang around but canteen to hai!!!

BLOCK UNDER CONSTRUCTION(since God knows when!!)
'Sarkaari' kaam hai bhai!!!I hope it gets completed in the next ten years...Wishing you all the luck,,dear block!!

Our religion and we followed it with passion...Never felt short of zeal to bunk classes..!!

Iski to Naiyya Hai Ram Ke Bharose
Will this road end anywhere??

This picture descibes the appearance of the area where the old campus of the college is located..Not knowing the importance of education,this is how they spend their day, though carefree and happy!!





The cake's too yummy,isn't it???

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Shopping is great fun, ain't it!!Don't quite understand the usage of the term 'Shopaholic' commonly for girls only..Even guys are!Doesn't it kinda give an adrenaline rush when declared,"We are shopping today!" is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN*  that

a) Shopping is a great stress-buster (if you don't run out of money and go the 'bankrupt' way in the procedure, that is!)..The excitement after buying all the new stuff is incomparable..(most of us are new-fangled, aren't we?)

b) Shopping enhances decision-making, improves debating skills(ever tried explaining your mum why the stuff you chose is better than that of what she did..), makes you confident of yourself(Owe it to bargaining or walking out without buying a thing after bugging the dealer while he unpacks the whole store for madame in search of the best):P

c) And if you are one of those lazy jackasses, then you'd be enlightened by the fact that Shopping is the best exercise...It is equivalent to a 1 hour jog in the morning...screening of all the shops, running from one to another, bargaining, trying to make the best how it exerts your legs and your mouth too!!!Wish to twist and turn your arms equally?? Go, try all the trendy outfits in the market..(But Beware! Trying causes Craving!And if you are not really up for buying it, then don't go one after the another..coz Craving is bad!!)

d) Not only does it give satisfaction to the shopping-thirsty souls, it also induces a lot of hunger of food, which is quite beneficial for health(now that's a different story that we always end up eating junk..)

e) And for the people in hunt of Bird-watching, well what should I say??Ummm...Shopping provides opportunities for the activity in abundance..:P :D




Scene-1(D's room)

Sitting idle in one corner of the room..Suddenly the door opens..

Mum: I want to buy this XYZ stuff..Will you accompany me?

A flash of lightning in the wicked and naughty side of the daughter's brain,"Ahhh!!Good opportunity to blackmail!"

D(pretending to do work): I've got a lot of college work...I won't be able to come..Take Sis with you!

Mum: C'mon!I'd need your opinion...

D: Noooo...I'm very busyy..I won't be able to make it..

Mum(with a mischievous smile): You were asking for a new pair of jeans, nah..!!I thought I'd buy you that..But If you really don't want to come, it's ok!

Oho!!Mama strikes while the iron is hot..

D: Yeah..yeah!!My work's about to get over..Let's go!!

Scene-2(In the market)

Mum gets her job done and then turns to D..

Mum: Ok!!So now what do you want?

D: What do you mean by 'What do you want'??You'd promised me a pair of jeans..

Mum(trying and make excuses work): No! I was thinking you already have a nice collection...So why don't you buy a pair of gloves or a nice muffler..Winters are approaching near..

Whach!!Tit for Tat!!


Mum: Yes...yes....yes...yes!!

Scene-3(Store A)

D asks the shopkeeper for jeans..Mum standing aside knowing what's coming...knowing the stubborn 'Nakhrebaaz' D..

The display begins..

D: some more...

Shopkeeper: Mam..the size is fine?

D: The size is, but not the style..Don't you have the low waist, slim fit ones?

Shopkeeper: No mam..they are not available right now..visit us next week...

D: Why don't you check the stock once..please please!!

Mum: Let's go...there are other shops too!!

Scene-4(Store B)


D: But the colour is not fine...I want black..


D: No! I want black only! I'd have no other!
....................Repeat Telecast!!!

Scene-5(Store C)


D: No...It should look as if it was made for me...The fitting is really not that good...

......................Repeat Telecast!!!

Scene-6(Back home)

Mum breathing a sigh of relief...vows she won't ask her to accompany again...though we know Mothers!!For them, "A daughter in need (of shopping, helping in kitchen, etc. etc.) is a daughter indeed!"

D: Hey sis!!Check out my muffler! Look, I also got these gloves...The colour is good, nah!!!

Sis: yea! i ike the checks on them..

They were good, indeed!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Take My Hand And We'd Walk The Distance

A guy prostrated on the ground, uttered these words to the girl's dad,

"I'd hold your daughter's hand throughout this journey..

 I'd caress her and never let her out of my shadow..

 I'd walk beside her forever..

 And will absorb her in me if ever lightning struck..

 Trust me Sir.."

Only that he was quadriplegic!

This is my first attempt at 55 Fiction...So bricks, bats and bouquets are welcome..But I really want your feedback on this one!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


The attitude of an Optimist always took him/her places...But let a droplet of overconfidence fall into the Optimism potion and there you are, with the deadliest potion known-OverOptimism Potion!!
Optimism can be hazardous too..obviously when it comes in disproportionate forms...Just check out!

1. Kahaani Har Sem Ki

"Ho Jaega!!!Why study right now...??Know I'm not a nerd like you..Have a lot of other things on my mind...Piss off,nerd!!"

You have an exam the next morning..The clock on the wall reads 2100 hours...Action!!Hostile Force of the whole syllabus to battle with..Ready with your armour(books,notes,previous years papers,pen),you think you'll fight it out..:s May be you'd slay a chunk of your foes(part of syllabus),but emerging victorious is a far fetched dream, dudes and dudettes!

2. Early to Bus,Early to College...Makes You A Goodie child in my Knowledge(wah wah!)

The college cab is going to leave in 5 minutes...Friends trying your number,your phone buzzing!!But Mighty You decide to go slow with the belief,"Cabs will wait!"
Ask somebody who's learnt the lesson the hard way!:( Darling, these good-for-nothing cabs don't always wait unless you put that extra effort!

3. *Special Case* *winks*

The attendance sheet is cross-checked by the Professor daily..But the ever-sagacious-ever-crappy mind of yours decides to mark proxy of a friend.Alas!Wish your optimism helped you here..
"Since I've done it,Mam won't check it.."haha!

And crossing all heights of conscious connivance, you believe your classmates will become your SUPERMAN-S, come crossing all the barriers, take the blame and guide you through..hehe...Ab ye to overoptimism ki bhi hadd hai!!:P

4. Extreeeemmme Case

Life's all messed up..All the time you tread forward only to find your feet in a pothole..With all hopes dashed,you still make an effort and decide to take a step further only to land up in a gutter this time..You adjust somehow, comfort yourself there in all the crap thinking things will be fine soon...No!!They won't be!!

Don't worry and fret, fainthearted!Wave your hand, somebody frm tither-thither will surely spring you out of the situation:):)

Optimism , in proportion with well struck balance ain't that bad, huh!!
But BALANCE is the key,mind it!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Again writing after a long time...well I haven't been really regular right from the time I started blogging...There's a lot happening around but when I sit to type it, my head goes blank...the computer screen itself gives a puzzled look as if telling me,"What's wrong with you lady??Typing another line won't really hurt your fingers or would it??"Duh!
This time, procrastination got the better of me!!I even typed one full fledged post but just didn't feel like posting it...will do it later now...but now I'm back to work with all the spirits back!!

Warning:This post is full of!no!You don't have to feel so!It's the author who's got to..

A Fresher's party was organised in the of the verrry few parties that's arranged by the college(did you note the exaggerations here..should have said 'the only party that's partially organised by the college')..and ahh...all the pompous celebrations(again exaggerations!!)...We were informed about the day 3 days before..

Now 1 day was spent rolling and reeling with the spirit,"We've to do something!!Oh Yes!Something rocking!What do you say guys??"

Second day was spent with the Brain-Hilaao process..."What?A Play or a Dance or may be let's fuse it all!!"And we realise our brains are choked with the mud of  procrastination,you-think-about-it-and-tell-me thing because none of us can think..dumbheads we've become!!

And then the last day,"Arre guys..the final rehearsals are on!!we're not doing anything!!!???"

And then one genius suggests,"Let's do a fashion show.."

Other:"No!No!I can't.."

Genius:"Arre!!You just have to go there...Pretend sexy!!Walk like a cat..catwalk,I mean!!"

Despite the dissuasion of Tuchi,we gave a thums-up to the plan..not knowing what lay ahead!!

Scene:In the Drawing Hall..Pussy(name changed), with her 'Chamchis' - Silly and Gilly...All the performers readying for their turn..A few already moving a leg and getting lambasted by Pussy!

We move in..with confidence bubbling...oh..yeah we'll manage it..catwalk is cakewalk for big deal really!!
And there she stares us from beneath her spectacles..Her actions prompting,"Come here..Stand in front of me!"And before we could even react,she started shouting at the top of her voice..Her utterances consisted of warnings and scoldings in pure Kaashoo** tone..I could hear a few girly giggles in the background..Damn it!!'Chalo dikhao Phashion Show!'

And there we begin..first in pairs with girls and then with boys, trying to show the best attitude..moving our bodies in the perfect fashion..Perfect on your scale is never equal to Perfect on Pussy's scale..mind it!
While one of my companions after striking a perfect pose(perfect on my scale) turned back, Madam came running down and hit her on her waist with a sound that made her a laughing stock..And One by one, it happened to each one of us participating in there..Embarassment at its best!!

And though we could not match anything even at the close proximity to the standards set by Pusoo..she gave us a go-ahead signal but the dresses were to be selected by Pussy herself..Everyone but me got their dresses as per their taste..All my resistance went in vain and I was to wear a Lehanga-Pussy's most favourite dress and, which according to her was the most important ingredient of a Phashion Show!!Poor thing me arranged it somehow knowing it won't suit me,knowing I won't be able to carry it well, knowing it would make me uncomfortable and nervous on stage..but I had to!!

The fresher's party day finally came..and as if each day had its own share of lessons..I learnt one!How important is it to be well acquainted with the know-how of make-up and stuff for a girl became apparent..I mean it's extremely essential..add some more extremely to it..With little knowledge,I approached someone technically sound with this stuff..and to my horror, the end product was horrific too...This guy applied gallons of make-up on my face, not used to applying more than a moisturiser..I couldn't digest the very look of my face...or "was it me??,"I asked the mirror.

The show started..After cribbing about my look and a hell lot of waiting, our turn came..Boys went in...Then Sups and I stepped in to mark the arrival of the most gorgeous girls on the stage..struck all the poses we could and came back...All the girl pairs followed later..
Now the couples were to follow..My partner and me were supposed to be the first ones to enter..I prompted him to make a move and then took a step on the stage..After taking two steps, I realise my partner is nowhere to be seen, adding to my nervousness exponentially..Blame the nervousness on my look I was not comfortable with or may be just everything going wrong for me...I had never felt so timid on stage ever...For a second I was dumbstruck and stopped in the middle..with a huge roar from the crowd..and in the meantime my partner making an appearance too..To hide all the embarassment I had suffered there in the middle of the walk, I gave my best smile and moved ahead..But one should have checked my heartbeat at that time..My heart was ready to blast in a go!Was infact a nightmare for me...Things went wrong for others too but I couldn't take it at that moment because it had never happened earlier to me..I felt deeply humiliated,insulted and ashamed of myself altogether in that one second, not realising it's a part of stage!!

Whoa!I'm going to wash this day from my memory asap..Man!!I vow I'm never going to try my skills in a fashion-show again and surely going to put my hand into make-up thing to save myself from these weird moments again!

**Well Kaashoo is derived from the term Kashmiri..And the peculiarity of Kasshoo tone as can be seen here is their way of pronounciation..and the rhythm of their voice(I'm not trying to hurt anyone's sentiments..It's just meant for fun!)e.g. Fashion becomes Phashion,,Science becomes Sinus,,Sochna(thinking) becomes Sonchna...and pull the words farther apart to produce the desired rhythm..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wishing Blog-Hearts A Happy Diwali!

Festivals, Diwali, Mithai(sweets), Special Diwali Shopping, Rangoli, lights, lamps, Lakshmi Pooja, crackers, Special Diwali Dinner!!Oh God!It's my favourite day, my favourite festival of all.As a kid too, this festival fascinated me the most, got me excited and my special 'tayari', oh, no other day had this charm..But as I entered my late teenage years, it became less exciting, don't know why..??

We all know the story of the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.

Diwali is the celebration of the inner light, which outshines all darkness, removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance.So all of us must realise the importance of self-satisfaction.It's the happiness of our inner soul which defines us.So each one of us needs to know how fortunate we are to have been born and brought up in places and families where we can enjoy the festivities.Think of those people for whom this day means just another day,another day when they'd have to toil hard to earn a square meal.If life hasn't reacted well to the tantrums we threw and hasn't pampered us enough, then atleast it has given us enough to feel special on a day..And I want to wish you all my SPECIAL SWEET-BLOG-HEARTS a happy and a prosperous iwali!:)

While you make yourself feel really special,don't forget to include those people I mentioned above in your happinesses because you are the only ray of hope in their deprived lives.Why not add sparkle into their lives, just a smile, treat them with compassion, may be a little gift and look at the transition,the inner beauty will exude out of a lifeless face and there you have pleased all the Gods.No Lakshmi Puja or Ganesha worship equals this kind gesture. Let it not just be a cliche! This Diwali let's really bring a smile to some less fortunate's faces:)

Diwali signifies victory of good over evil,knowledge over ignorance.With so much negativity around,it is difficult to believe the existence of any goodness,benevolence or such virtues in this world.Infact, a hint of goodness is treated as an object of satire.Such is the attitude of people and I don't excuse myself from this category(dearies!Writing about it doesn't make me Sati Saavitri:P).But a little check can take our society to a new level altogether."Bura Matt Dekho","Bura Matt Bolo","Bura Matt Suno"(May have messed up with the order) but the meaning is clear "See no Evil","Do No Evil","Speak No Evil"!!(Bandar banna zaroori nahi hai iske liye:P).This Evil could be corruption, nepotism, injustice in any form and you gotta stand against it:x

I may be sounding in a "Bhaashan-Jhaado" mood..but guys we need to realise some things and I did.Don't know if it was of any help to you but I'm looking forward to implementing it.

And yes Wishing you all a very Happy,Prosperous,Dazzling,Sparkling Diwali!!May Goddess Lakshmi pour gold coins on your head(Tada-Thud-Thud-Thud!!) and Lord Ganesha bless you with peace and prosperity!!:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My To-Do List!

# Gotta get hold of all the pending movies..

# Gotta complete Mein's long pending..

# Gotta clean up this dust cover on my table before it acquires a width of an inch or so..

# Gotta format my Pc Which has served as "Home Sweet Home" for all kinds of viruses and malware all this time..Apologies to you dearies...I'm snatching your home away...accha nahi lag raha me...

# Gotta make my life a little more disciplined...have finally set a routine for myself..let's see if I can stick to it for long..Early to bed..Early to rise..Will make Rhythm..Healthy,Wealthy and wise..:)

# Gotta call up a few close friends who are gonna bombast me,abuse their heart out for not calling up for so long..

Reminds me of the lines by Robert Frost-

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
 But I have promises to keep,
 And miles to go before I sleep,
 And miles to go before I sleep.."

ps: It's been pretty long since I penned down any thoughts here...So this one's just a kind of metapost...Exams just got over...and I wanted to set myself into thought scribbling something was better than nothing..

pps: Thanks Happybirdie,Pramoda,Sourav,Karthik for all the awards..I'm so glad you guys thought of me..would put them on my homepage too features in my to-do list:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

SSShhhh..Disturb her not!!

Some great minds are at work..really!! don't  disturb them because they are already disturbed..

Won't be blabbering much...just an insight into the disturbed mind...

Art at its best or the it's flourishing atleast..Gawd..what can exams make out of you??:D

No preparation is complete without a timetable..make a nice,long one where all the subjects fit
By the end of the day..almost everthing would be struck off and atmost one topic from one
subect is done..well that's quite something,,,sluggard!!:D

Snacks...yum yum!!
Is rat nocturnal??Dunno it's active in ma stomach only at nights..:s 
P.S. Folks..I'm putting ma heart and soul in ma preparation for  exams..(The above pictures are a testimony :P :P)So..may not be able to catch your blogs for sometime..Bear with me..C ya after sometime..Tc sweet-blog-hearts!!:):)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dream On...

Boring academic course leads to that needs no's practically then I thought if pigeonole priciple could become a principle then why not
this??(Ever studied discrete mathematics,eh!!Computer engineers can better tell!!)
Did you know I'm so quick that I just have to keep a book in front of me..and there I to
my dream world..

Well well by reading this you just touched a port key(touchy eyes,eh)..and now you'll be
apparated to the world of my dreams..So here goes..

"I run into my ethereal dreams..

Seeking peace of mind..

To evanesce into my dream world

Where there's no stopping me..

neither the chains nor the clutches

Coz none have the power

to impede my spirit...

The kid in me jumps across the walls...

The teenager hollers and the feeling is eternal..

Wherever my finger points
becomes mine..

There's a whole paradise to choose from...

A pearl of rain touches my skin..

I raise my arms to feel the wind...

Drenching myself in the showers of good fortune..

Everthing is just how it should have been..
nearly perfect...

Wish this dream would never end..

This path would never take a bend..

Wish it could just go on and on and on..."

somebody has truly said ,"What you imagine is what will transpire..

What you believe is what will happen.."

So, Dream on!!!

P.S. Any idea how to restrict them coz they hurt when exams are around the corner..sachi;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been tagged by Sourav...So here's me putting ma heart and soul trying to complete this tag...hope I do only better...

0. Ma name has
ZERO keep guessing(looking 4 clues,eh??)...ZERO times have I got a fracture..really long to get a plaster on ma left arm...(coz I find it really sexy!!)

1. I need ONE chance to be to all ma favourite places..and Brett Lee is the ONE and the only man I have ever thought of getting married to..(ab to sapna toot gaya:()

2. There are TWO ways to a woman's heart...-Inferior vena cava and Superior vena cava,...dumbheads...what did you think???

3. THREE things account for me becoming the happiest girl in the world..Success....ample time and endless love for all ma dear ones...and freedom(freedom from all the clutches which hold me
back...I wanna in open fields..and most importantly find a niche at a place where being a girl does not call for restrictions...Where is ma Utopia??)

4. FOUR friends is the brand I wore in a school assembly and was thrown out as a Defaulter...

5. I high-FIVE all the readers of ma blog..n yea hi5 reminds me of a social networking site..where an account was made and never used back..

6. Well if I count I have SIX friends who are really close to me..and they are ma SIX horcruxes..moreover SIX times have I been appointed as an appointee(that includes being the class monitor(4 times),house Captain(nehru) and head girl...heehaaw...I noe what's going on in your head:P)

7. SEVEN is most people's lucky nmber bt it's really unlucky for me...SEVEN also reminds me of James Bond..and I haven't watched any of his flicks...

8. As calculated a few days back(courtesy:a few friends)..I have "atleast" please quote atleast EIGHT years left for me to live life ma way..coz after that I'll have to bow down to ma Prince Consort's wishes..

9. there are NINE days left before exam fever catches up..and yea there are NINE tokens of love lying in front of me...

10. Well TEN happens to be ma special day..TEN is ma birthdate...TEN is the sum of the digits of ma bff's budday...TEN is ma granny's birthdate...So it's a birthdate's day!!!

P.S. Do lemme noe what you thought about it...I tag Sukriti,Skywalker,Rahil,G,Number,happybirdie and anyone else is free to take up the tag...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Faltoo Blabbering

A strange feeling has grabbed's not that usual sense of weirdess or loneliness...

It feels that a weight of something is pulling me down...don't know what it's a uncanny feeling of not getting what i want,,,not getting where i want if I'm going absolutely nowhere like a rudderless boat... and will finally end up in a noman's land or will disappear mysteriously somewhere in the waves of's not the career which bothers me...actually nothing still everything does...i smile just for the sake of it....cry without reason....hit myself with a pillow....
my friend says,"An idle brain is a devil's workshop....Wy don't you involve yourself into something constructive....!!!???"Bt I'm not idle....have a whole lot of 5000 pages of six books to study...while exams are just around the corner... minors and vivas are going on ( don't have to study for them..there are 100 ways to get through if you are technologically sound...)...Somehow the feeling "Engineering SuXS!!" has started to creep in...
may be it's due to a pschological disorder(i get fits of this kind of attitde now and then...when I wish that it could be a utopian feeling forever) or ma be it's a result of the sickness I've ust come out of(was not the famous FLu...just a viral infection)...
I'm so random that without a reason or rhyme..a random feeling creeps inside me...and that too at the wrong time...and i further take wrong amount of time to come out of it... end up regretting about my behaviour(behaviour of a temporary crybaby)...hopelessly hopeless!!!
whatever it is...I'm going out of my senses now...and typing anything and everything I'm feeling like..Don't know whether it made sense...don't want to check for it either...All I know right now is that I need a long break...break from the whole monotony of this life...a break from social bindings....a break from so many things that are bugging me now....D


P.S. Forgive me if I bugged you...but I desperately needed to type this...Ad afterall it's my blog...I can and will write whatever I wish to... I did absolutely the same...yay!!

bt yea like good and bad dwell together...there is a brighter side mother,granny ad friends are the sunshine in my life...the way they took care of i won't ever be able to pay back...can anyone do :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life is but a labyrinth..

Life is no straight and easy corridor along

which we travel free and unhampered,

but a maze of passages,

through which we must seek our way,

lost and confused,now and again

checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith,

a door will open for us,

not perhaps one that we ourselves

would ever have thought of,

but one that will ultimately

prove good for us.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yoo Are Still Single!! :o

These days single-committed phenomenon is such a taboo, I tell you..If you are single, people will scoff at you, look down on you as a puisne...You are made to look as an object of futility..ekdum Bekaar..they try to find different kinds of biological and physical defects in you in order to fit in a reason why you haven't been able to find anyone for yourself yet...

You ping a long lost friend on gtalk and the first question that's thrown at you is,"Hey,,so you still single?? :o"...or..."Koi mila nahi tujhe abhi tak tere type ka?(Haven't still found the right guy for yourself?)"...or..."How come you are still single...though I don't really believe it!!"..
TOSH!!!As if being single will lead to can feel the revulsion associated with your 'SINGLE' relationship status..

Furthermore, you can't escape the uninvited demonstration of their status...needn't ask for details..they would come to you as they are with a little masala added..."Guess what, I broke up with just didn't work out between us....but don't worry I'm already in a new relationship and abc is such a sweetheart, gal!!!You ought to be in love atleast once.."

And thus, it leaves you wondering what actually is LOVE? The weight of the four-lettered word is in-fact very huge, quite contrary to its size but the way it's portrayed today makes it look so naive....!!Now there are two theories of love I'm entangled between...One is "The Theory Of Great Love" endorsed by Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha...and the other is "The Try Try Till You Succeed Theory", the one endorsed by modern day lovers..which says keep trying with different guys or gals(depending on your sex and sexual orientation) until you find your REAL soulmate-your Prince Consort/The Ultimate Princess...<3!!

But I wonder where has the sanctity of this relation gone??(Gone with the winds of time, probably!) How many people get into a relation because they really think they love each other...I've seen people who get into it just because society demands them to...(peer pressure as we call it..),,to have somebody to flaunt in social circles, just because they don't want to be tagged as 'LS' in high society..

The scarosanct love I read of in books and watched in old hits has almost disappeared...They said ,"Love is Ubiquitous"...Now they say,"Lovers are Ubiquitous" just have to pick and choose randomly and someday, somehow you'll end up being with your PERFECT lover...
Dhatt!!Is this what you call as love??I'm already hagridden....

But my faith in the lumineu of love is unmoved...I still picturise love as two hearts merged into one...sharing happinesses,pains...doing small adorable things just to bring a smile on each other's face...not just being together hand-in-hand all the time but being there for each other...standing for each other even if it means standing against the whole world...
So what if I sound old-fashioned, but this is My Theory Of Love<3!!
As of now,,I'm Single And I Love It!!:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


You are my angels but so like demons...

You were the reason for my smile..

Your shoulder the handkerchief for my tears...

You gave me nightmares when you were here..

Memories have replaced those nightmares now...

You who are close make me laugh while I cry..

And the ones miles apart leave me with tears in my eyes...

As I laugh at the silly jokes..

And drooling over those handsome blokes...

Ahhh...Thank God!you all were there..

Coz without you..

My life would have been absolutely nowhere..

Hey Hey guys I'm so glad to have you all in my life..Sometimes I wonder how lucky I've been that each one of you was sent as a distinct package..There were some I really adored and others I totally and completely despised..Still others I quietly admired..and some I fought with bigg time..There were others with whom I never got chittychatty instantly..while some who had no option but to bear my contigous prittle-prattle..Some were real study buddies..and some partners-in-crime..With a few,tiffins were shared...froms others,tiffins were snatched to get fingers on the last bite..Some friendships flourished from Day 1..while some were a fruit of misunderstandings..Ahh...Hail the misunderstandings!!:P

Guys,though I always adopted the policy of Different strokes for different folks,,but today in a sense of nostalgia when I write this..I feel although I was different with everyone but the way I miss you all is unbiased..quite contrary to the fact whether you were my dearie sweethearts or punchbags or my highly abhored classmates..To all of you,i raise a virtual toast..I drink your health guys:D

It goes out for all my friends...the best friends....mere classmates...slim friends...fat friends...gud looking friends...monstrous friends...the understanding ones....the dearest foes(to u because u gave me those tears which later helped me bond so well with my friends..coz everytym I cried there was someone who'd tell me "Tension na le re...U're the best!")

To you my best friends at one point or the other Chetna,Ravneet,Nupur(luv ya guys!miss ya!)...and to mates Taarika,Dhanya,Harpreet(shampoos,,363 dresses,,ugly expressions....miss those tyms...luv ya)...Achint(My loveliest Jaani Dushman forever...hey miss ya)...Archna,Arushi,Himanshi,Kiran(u rock!)...Vasu,Suchet,Rohil(the knee slappers...everytym I think of you cant help but laugh...u rock!!)...Santosh(the scientist)...Dinesh(another scholar in the town)...Karan,Sarfaraz,Tushar(u guys to asli me rock...the three and the only sample pieces..u noe wat u were different:P nways miss ya)...Raagini,Roshni(mohalledaar...colonymates...rock on gals...miss yoo)..Sanjolly,Ravdeep,Aniket,Bhupi,Simran,Rakshi,Ravdeep,Budhha(abbe m at loss of words now...haahaa...luv ya!)...Geetu...(Cut my life into pieces..this is my last resort:P)...n to ma college mates Su,Sups,Moti Bhains,Aki(heartbeats...tum chaar to atom bomb ho yaar!luv yoooo!),Aamir,Ashish(my gay maane always happy:P...Rock on guys..stay the same)..Boss(bolo kisse udana hai?:P)..Rahil(jispe teachers bhi line maarti hain..imagine:D)...

P.S. I'm sorry if I missed out anyone...Short term memory loss hai...thodi der me yaad aa jaega...otherwise dont feel shy to point out...luv ya!!!

Happy Friendship Day!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The GHISSY-PITTY story!!

Heyyyy!!!Long time guys....Long time my bloggy dear...I missed you sooo much....Muuahhhhh!!!!Hey no excuses there...had it not been the goofy internet connection,,unexpected responsibilities,,a handful of new commitments I would have updated you right there right then....But THE INTERNET CONNECTION....Ohh God!!I'm not going to repeat that old "Ghiissy-Pitty" story...but u guys take my word

"Where there is BSNL,there is no way.....

the webpage you opened is not going to stay...

And this connection won't fall in place chaahe you wait for the whole day...."

Wooww I can hear a sarcastic *clap clap*...may be a few good writers and poets looking daggers at me..Jauntyyy!!!try anything but poetry...huh:x!!!I'm sorry POETS...pretty much sounding like a thwarted flunkee...

Few days back,I came across this line in a book given to me by one of my friends which is quite apt and it goes like "The best laid schemes of men(and women too;)) and mice often go astray!"See..after myriad consultations,,hell lot of sifarishs n obviously mucho bahaanas I got my internet connection once I entered college...and I always counted upon it to come to rescue when I was feeling bored...but it just seemed to disappear at the times of need..pissing me off still more..:x:xThat's why I thought that today that I've finally got the connection right,I must convey all my anguish to it right through it...(kyunki kya pata Kal connection ho na ho!!)

And if you guys thought that this curled up my "Rona Dhona",mind you it's not the end of it..I give you a second chance to close this window right now if you don't wish to continue.. because there's still another instance which proves the adage I stated above right...And it has to do with my newly found commitment which happens to be a JAVA course from DOEACC...Though this idea of joining the course was not borne out of my mind and involved a series of persuasions from a friend and few others..but once I decided to go for it,I kind of created a whole roadmap for myself and felt it fitted well into the plan...There were a few alarms and sirens buzzing around"If so and so sir is the course incharge DON"T go for it"..Why didn't I listen to you G..???

At the entrance of DOEACC centre,a strange psycho welcomed my friend and me and after taking our intro...helped us with the admission process..the whole manner of that man seemed weird...and finally it was disclosed that the sleazy guy who had welcomed us was none other than the incharge G had referred to...I cursed my fate...the admission couldn't be cancelled too..The first day of his class was superincumbent....His "Ok...No problem" irked me...Understanding classes,objects,OOP was a Gargantuan task...His silly expressions got me even more infuriated...but somehow crawled through the first class..But didn't get even a single word he tried to explain,rather did he even explain anything!!!!Hah..!Mr. Loosey!

Well I'm trying to set aside these irritants but they are just not ready to leave....don't know...but one thing's for sure I sulk at them but they bring out the best in me...
There are times when absolutely nothing falls in the right place,probably I'm going through that phase...bearing everything as an anvil....but surely soon enough I'll hit back as a hammer...hard and even harder this time!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey guys....finally I am back with a banggg!!!But still not with a full fledged post of an array of emotions,sarcasm,blah blah...but something more proximate...close to my heart....

And ofcourse, it happens to be one of my bestesttt friend's birthday and no prizes for guessing this one......Supadiya or Sups!this one's for you..

Mate..!God laid out a perfect story for me
which is why you were sent as an angel in my life...I needn't tell you what important place you hold in my life because I know I may fill up the wwhole blog,,,,scribble a complete diary,,,but won't be able to do justice as I neither have the words nor the ability to express my emotions that vividly...Anyways sweets....all I have to say is May God bless you,,,,fulfil all your wishes,,,,may all your dreams come true...!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quote Unquote


dignity is




and cruelly


unless surrendered."

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Slurping down the entire maggi from my plate,I begin to write.With absolutely nothing in my mind to write about,I curse myself for not having done anything worthwhile all this time.Without exaggerations,it's this ENEMY of mine who's responsible for this slackening of life.Mind you,if anyone of you pities this crook and thinks that this scapegrace is becoming the scapegoat,then I beg you to lend me your ear...Gosh!!how would you do that...arghhh...I mean atleast pay heed to what I think about this #$%^&* for if there's anyone responsible for the miseries in my life,whatever their amount be,it's this Bloody Bad-Egg..:x

Given a sword or even a simple knife,I'd chop this DUSHMAN into as many pieces as there are neurons in our body.Not that I'm anykind of Cut Throat..but the extent of sabotage caused is uncalled-for.It has crippled me beyond any me!!

None of my plans gone underway would progress without an obstruction as this marauder would always become a stumbling block and proudly standing in my path said,"Darling,I'm a tough nut to crack!!Beat me or I'll beat you to hell."Shameless fellow!!

But dude...If u r reading this,"Listen,don't trifle with me..You really don't have the faintest idea of the doom you have invited for messing with me..I get goosebumps at the thought of what awaits you because I can assure you it's one of those ends you can't even imagine of!:x

No doubt I've shown a lot of patience while handling this jerk, maintained composure throughout but Now I've had enough of it and it's time to turn the tables on him.It has been an unpleasant experience throughout but this episode has taught me to fight,to wage war against my biggest enemies..And this time I won't rest before disrupting,dismantling and ultimately defeating my "BIGGEST ENEMY" Laziness..that Laziness which never allowed me to perform any task upto my potential..that Laziness which never allowed me to reach anywhere on time..that Laziness which always made a jackass of me in front of all those bustling stalwarts and me turning out too sluggish to stay in society like theirs.. you tell me do you still pity this CROOKED LAZINESS of mine.*sob sob*I know your answers guys and gals..I'm well acquainted with your all are a bunch of really very understanding people..i know that!!:) But one thing's for sure this Enemy of mine should start counting his last breaths because nowhere I'm going to show sympathy in ending the 19-year long hostility..How brutal the killing is, time will only tell..!!:x...But the end's not too far!!

ps:Now that m writing this post at 3 when even the stars are ready with their bags packed ..waking up in the morning is going be a lil too tough but yes! after that...the enemy will not be forgiven..!!!MISSION EXTERMINATE 'L'!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Opening My Heart..!!

The happiest moments of my life have been the ones which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family...They say,"An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friends."True...very true..!!And your siblings...they are God's gifts to you...but still knowingly or unknowingly...we never really lay bare that we do for our friends...but somewhere in the core of our hearts we know how much we treasure each other's company...

No matter how those little tiffs n arguments all the time harvested into fisticuffs..(not just those kiddish ones...used to be a complete brawl of a thing..)..that fuss about that-dress-is-mine-better-keep-your-eyes-off-it-sis.... no matter how my bro pestered me with his stupid cartoon
faces...I could have lambasted them there and then...but that cloaked,unrevealed attachment,all that love and affection I had for them couldn't really be left unveiled...Why I always got flared up if anyone even said a word wrong against them...Why the most minor wound got me all fidgety and fluttery....The answer to this one is may be I never believed in PDA but we were closely bond to each other..and I can't deny the fact..!!

And today was one of those days I would really cherish...after taking a day off from college...lazing off the complete day..everything going the way as projected by 'Your Stars Say'..(I usually read that one in the newspaper..)..the day just passed like that..and in the night with the radio airing 'Heart of the matter' at 100.3 FM..just the right music started playing and my bro and me kicked off our shoes...and then we didn't really know who was around..what was going around..we could only hear partially..that's it...all that was audible to us was the music...Beautiful
day by U2,then some country song n the music kept on playing..with both of us going insane...absolutely belonging to the category of "Non compos mentis"...Yo man!!As long as you enjoy it,it doen't matter what you look like to others..!!And it wasn't all...while all others had gone to sleep..we the three nightbirds-my bro,sis n me took to cooking..Ridhima made her first 'chappati' under my guidance...and the happiness was no less than a dream!her first one..and we didn't forget to keep a memory of it...

That was in the day and why I write because I may never be able to tell in face how much "you two" matter to me and I needn't even tell this because I know a tiny string passes through one of the auricles of each of our hearts..that sends the currents the way I feel for you must have already been felt by you..but somehow just wanted to write this...because while I was sitting here thinking about the various aspects of life when I realised when you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.And we must cherish each of those...!!:))

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jai Ho Rocked..Bhay Ho flopped!!Jai Ho!!

Lots of hullabulloo and commotion caused by elections is ancient history now..

A Flashback:Leaders of all the political it Congress,BJP or whichever party one would know were on roads exhibiting their dynamism,slamming the other party,sinking to the lowest level of sleaziness...and trying to woo 'Aam Janta'...ofcourse with the same thought running at the back of their minds-"Use janta to inch closer to the chair....but after elections we just don't care..."

From what I can make out,the verdict of people in favour of Congress-like they
say,Vote for Development is a reckoning call for other parties...No left or right could actually make a place for themselves..BJP(people say it's communal...Congress is no less communal though..),I speculate...the failure of BJP was due to its disoriented approach,internal disagreements and most importantly Advani going offboard and instead of what his party wanted to project him as "Iron Man/Loh Purush",he went over to become a 'Low' Purush...a man of low ideals..although I believe he's a very honest man and speaks straight from his heart..Would have been interesting to see how things curled up if he became the PM..but that's altogether a different story..

A very much Hindu party not making it to the final stage in Hindustan is appalling but the message now is loud and clear..Political parties are now confronting an 'Intelligent' Janta..which can nomore be aroused by the same religious rhetoric..'Development' and 'Safety' are the keywords..The party which appears truly promising on these fronts would finally get the Big Chair..then be it a Hindu,Muslim,Sikh or Isai party...

I am not at all disappointed with the results..see the glass as half filled...Hoping to see some good changes in the country,afterall the Big Janta has expressed full faith in the UPA government..and now they need to deliver...with a 'Kamzor' PM though..but let's respect him as an honest and intelligent man..Keeping my fingers crossed I hope this time Manmohan Singh does a commendable job and atleast,if not much,come out of the cocoon(the one put together by Mrs. Gandhi)..

Let India revolutionize...
Naa Koi Bhay Ho...
The faith is still alive...
Jai Ho!