Sunday, June 7, 2009


Slurping down the entire maggi from my plate,I begin to write.With absolutely nothing in my mind to write about,I curse myself for not having done anything worthwhile all this time.Without exaggerations,it's this ENEMY of mine who's responsible for this slackening of life.Mind you,if anyone of you pities this crook and thinks that this scapegrace is becoming the scapegoat,then I beg you to lend me your ear...Gosh!!how would you do that...arghhh...I mean atleast pay heed to what I think about this #$%^&* for if there's anyone responsible for the miseries in my life,whatever their amount be,it's this Bloody Bad-Egg..:x

Given a sword or even a simple knife,I'd chop this DUSHMAN into as many pieces as there are neurons in our body.Not that I'm anykind of Cut Throat..but the extent of sabotage caused is uncalled-for.It has crippled me beyond any me!!

None of my plans gone underway would progress without an obstruction as this marauder would always become a stumbling block and proudly standing in my path said,"Darling,I'm a tough nut to crack!!Beat me or I'll beat you to hell."Shameless fellow!!

But dude...If u r reading this,"Listen,don't trifle with me..You really don't have the faintest idea of the doom you have invited for messing with me..I get goosebumps at the thought of what awaits you because I can assure you it's one of those ends you can't even imagine of!:x

No doubt I've shown a lot of patience while handling this jerk, maintained composure throughout but Now I've had enough of it and it's time to turn the tables on him.It has been an unpleasant experience throughout but this episode has taught me to fight,to wage war against my biggest enemies..And this time I won't rest before disrupting,dismantling and ultimately defeating my "BIGGEST ENEMY" Laziness..that Laziness which never allowed me to perform any task upto my potential..that Laziness which never allowed me to reach anywhere on time..that Laziness which always made a jackass of me in front of all those bustling stalwarts and me turning out too sluggish to stay in society like theirs.. you tell me do you still pity this CROOKED LAZINESS of mine.*sob sob*I know your answers guys and gals..I'm well acquainted with your all are a bunch of really very understanding people..i know that!!:) But one thing's for sure this Enemy of mine should start counting his last breaths because nowhere I'm going to show sympathy in ending the 19-year long hostility..How brutal the killing is, time will only tell..!!:x...But the end's not too far!!

ps:Now that m writing this post at 3 when even the stars are ready with their bags packed ..waking up in the morning is going be a lil too tough but yes! after that...the enemy will not be forgiven..!!!MISSION EXTERMINATE 'L'!!


Skywalker said...

Don finally u have shown your true colors :P.when you are done with this mission then do contact me i have another mission to exterminate my laziness :D...anyways nice post.introspective.

Rahil Choudhary said...

aahhh...what a post! full of threats, full of red color symbolizing anger and blood..full of confident attitude..thats like my good friend !

Jaunty all the best for your mission.

Jaunty anima said...

@skywalker:yeah boss just lemme noe abt the mission n it'll be done...n thanks...!

@rahil:thnks buddy!

Sukriti said...

so finally my grl is ready fr sum serious killing..waise hi logon ko marti rehti hai..ab ek aur cheez ka murder...vry gud.
dis red color blog scared me at first bt nw i cn understnd its all ur anger cuming out...i knw u ll accomplish this mission nd ny help required do let m knw abt it:D..

God Bless U

Jaunty anima said...

@sukriti:abbe don't portray me as murderous be....reputation ka maamla hai...nways thanks babe!!

Karthik said...

Bingo! This one's damn good. One of the main reasons is that i could relate it to myself. :-)
Am writing this comment at 4 in the morning and that proves it. ;-)
Well, superbly written. I couldn't figure our what you were getting at in the beginning, but once you said it, i had a hearty laugh. Wonderful usage of figure of speeches, like 'am writing this post at 3 when even stars are ready with their bags packed,' etc. And sentences like 'given a sword or a knife i'll chop this dushman into as many pieces as there are neurons in our body,' makes it all the while a very good write up. It's a pleasure reading your posts.

P.S. Didn't understand the significance of Che Guevera's disfigured picture, and i'm quite a fan of him, so didn't really like that picture.

Jaunty anima said...

@Karthik:apologies to fans..

nways thanks again!!:)