Saturday, May 15, 2010

The week that went by..!

Sunday- Was my best kiddo friend's birthday...Loved the Ring ring Ringa..LOL!! Had fun...!! :)

Monday- Fought with almost everyone possible!! Not guilty of it..Served them right!! yay!

Tuesday- Tuesdays are boring..Nothing worthwhile happened..though yes....the only happening tuesday I remember is a Tuesday 20 years back when this world welcomed me!:)

Wednesday- Search of a song brought back so many memories...I thought then we were just having fun...I didn't know we were making memories...*sigh*

Thursday- Watched Badmaash Company...Loved it..not coz twaz gud but rocked it with friends..We gave 'Jaan' to the movie!!:D

Friday- Discovered tonnes of litter lying hidden in my room...Realised how right my mum has been..Damn..Should have tried cleaning earlier..A stitch in time saves nine made some sense then!!:|

Saturday- Finally shifted to a new apartment..Will miss Home sweet Home!! Will miss my broadband connection!! Will miss my very own bedroom...I like no other!! Will miss so many more things I would rather not reveal here!! N this new one welcomed me with a sleepless night..owe it to bad electricity..mosquitoes as an add-on!! *grrrr..*

Will someone please sing Patience for me???

This painting doesn't relate,,does it?? But i just loved it..!

Need a lilttle patience, yeah!!
Just alittle patience, yeah!!
Some more patience, yeah!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Dearest....!!

I got this thoughtful message to start my day with...

Human body can bear upto 45 del of pain..
But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels upto 57 del of pain..
This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time..
Love your mother till the end of life..Happy Mother's Day!

Won't I salute a woman so gritty, undaunted by any obstacle in her life..fighting against all odds...suffering, and still sustaining life!

If I'm able to become only 1% of what you are Mumma...I'll become a brilliant "human being"(..Minus jokes or Makhhanbaazi) :)

Give me the strength to endure like you do..
Teach me to love without bias like you do..
Hand over to me that patience in inheritance..
Take me to the heaven of your calm smiles..

I can never have enough of you...May be I'll never say that in person but I'll make you feel how special a place you hold in my life once in a while...but one day I'll make you PROUD and i promise that(like you say, a gentleman's promise it is)!!

Loadz and trucks full of love and more...Yours truly!!:)