Friday, November 12, 2010

Show me the way!

Every night I say a prayer
In the hopes that there's a Heaven
And everyday I'm more confused
As the saints turn into sinners

All the heroes and legends
I knew as a child have fallen to idols of clay
And I feel this empty place inside
So afraid that I've lost my faith

Show me the way, show me the way
Take me tonight to the river
And wash my illusions away
Please show me the way

And as I slowly drift to sleep
For a moment dreams are sacred
I close my eyes and know that there's peace
In a world so filled with hatred

That I wake up each morning and turn on the news
To find we've so far to go
And I keep on hoping for a sign
So afraid I just won't know

Show me the way, show me the way
Bring me tonight to the mountain
And take my confusion away
And show me the way

And if I see a light, should I believe
Tell me how will I know

Show me the way, show me the way
Take me tonight to the river
And wash my illusions away

Show me the way, show me the way
Give me the strength and the courage
To believe that I'll get there someday
And please show me the way

Every night I say a prayer
In the hopes that there's a Heaven!

Gosh....I just got goosebumps typing this....Not an oiginal...but will be back soon with an original post very soon!!!
Missed ya all, bloghearts!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I know I'm in delhi when...

1. I get various types of pimples on various areas of my face the day I place my foot on this land...

2. When I lose my chubby cheeks, no matter what I do to prevent it.....Dilli ki garmi sucks the life outta me...

3. When my day starts not with a smile...but grrrrrrrrrr....60...59....58....damn these traffic lights!!!

4. When I return back home, my face is covered with 1 cm thick layer of dust...

5. When nothing can save me from cough and cold.....become immune to any sort of anti-allergants!!

6. Access to net becomes rare!!!

7. When every lil street tempts me to pick teeny-weeny stuff, no matter what...waise m not that big a shopping freak...jus lil bit stuff!!

8. Food to laajawab hai.....every variety is available...I love it....infact I'm back to being a nonvegetarian!!!

Jo bhi hai...Jammu ki to baat hi hai alag..Dunno why I can't like Delhi so much!!(like, generally people do) *scratches head, coughs and thinks 'Why?'*

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The week that went by..!

Sunday- Was my best kiddo friend's birthday...Loved the Ring ring Ringa..LOL!! Had fun...!! :)

Monday- Fought with almost everyone possible!! Not guilty of it..Served them right!! yay!

Tuesday- Tuesdays are boring..Nothing worthwhile happened..though yes....the only happening tuesday I remember is a Tuesday 20 years back when this world welcomed me!:)

Wednesday- Search of a song brought back so many memories...I thought then we were just having fun...I didn't know we were making memories...*sigh*

Thursday- Watched Badmaash Company...Loved it..not coz twaz gud but rocked it with friends..We gave 'Jaan' to the movie!!:D

Friday- Discovered tonnes of litter lying hidden in my room...Realised how right my mum has been..Damn..Should have tried cleaning earlier..A stitch in time saves nine made some sense then!!:|

Saturday- Finally shifted to a new apartment..Will miss Home sweet Home!! Will miss my broadband connection!! Will miss my very own bedroom...I like no other!! Will miss so many more things I would rather not reveal here!! N this new one welcomed me with a sleepless night..owe it to bad electricity..mosquitoes as an add-on!! *grrrr..*

Will someone please sing Patience for me???

This painting doesn't relate,,does it?? But i just loved it..!

Need a lilttle patience, yeah!!
Just alittle patience, yeah!!
Some more patience, yeah!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Dearest....!!

I got this thoughtful message to start my day with...

Human body can bear upto 45 del of pain..
But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels upto 57 del of pain..
This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time..
Love your mother till the end of life..Happy Mother's Day!

Won't I salute a woman so gritty, undaunted by any obstacle in her life..fighting against all odds...suffering, and still sustaining life!

If I'm able to become only 1% of what you are Mumma...I'll become a brilliant "human being"(..Minus jokes or Makhhanbaazi) :)

Give me the strength to endure like you do..
Teach me to love without bias like you do..
Hand over to me that patience in inheritance..
Take me to the heaven of your calm smiles..

I can never have enough of you...May be I'll never say that in person but I'll make you feel how special a place you hold in my life once in a while...but one day I'll make you PROUD and i promise that(like you say, a gentleman's promise it is)!!

Loadz and trucks full of love and more...Yours truly!!:)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodness Gracious! When I saw you first....

‘When I saw you first, I thought you were weird.
And now you are my best friend!’

No wonder this group was joined by my best friend on fb! On the first thought I was o_O but later it changed to :)...I have this tendency to give a weird first impression of myself to everyone…Like there was this new girl in our class who emerged from nowhere, while I was busy communicating through a hollow trunk in the playground and I stood up to say a random hello and ended up hitting her on her nose with my elbow…And my best friend, before we came to know each other this way, always considered me as a bully with ‘Fauji Beti Ka Attitude’, though she was the daughter of a Lt. Colonel and I, a civilian’s! One of my primary class teachers, with whom my bond grew really close later, told me that she initially found me ‘out of the world’, strange coz I answered everything with a ‘toothy’ giggle! That’s me…appearing strange to some, unearthly to others…thankfully, this first impression doesn’t end up being the last with people who get to know me better than strangers!

Dunno if it's the weird me only who thinks this way but actually all the people who we call friends today were once strange creatures to us too!! If I try and recall people etched in my memory forever...I remember...the one who painted the corridors of an Army School with the memories of that beautiful, yet funny double plaited ponytail….Another who had this brilliant hand famously called the ‘Polio Hand’ and her way of scribbling notebooks with strange pen strokes with a stranger hand! Then a lanky, studious Sikh guy (Need I say more? You know what these Sardar guys are like..hehe…No offence!) who was totally anti…and when I say anti…anti to the extent that we couldn’t stand the same ground and still were the best of friends! On starting a life in this college I met new people…there was one whose behaviour followed the sine curve response…I recognized her as once-upon-a-time belonging to a very Chaaloo group and when I gotta know her she was the sweetest, the most decent person I’d ever met…someone who won’t say a bad word for her foes and now she’s the most outspoken (Read ‘Muh-Fatt’) person in our group…Another who donned the title 'DON'for quite some time…and the other a fulltime ‘Noutanki-KI-Dukaan’ and not to forget the ‘Nervous-gone-Notorious’ ‘Lady’..and Ladies and gentlemen....The King Of Weirdos....Tuchi(He ain't no GAL...mind you...Am I right Lespo?)!!;) :P :D

I always thought "Unlike attract" but had forgotten the fact "Birds of a feather flock together"....*chuckles*
Imagine smug faces all around you, with no one to spread a contagious laughter around...Such an insidious!!! I can't imagine a world like that!!
Know what....
Weird is wonderful!
Wacky, weirdos are no wretched works of nature but the wonderful, wicked minds, with wisdom hidden ;)

I am a weird woman and I'm PROUD and Chetnajeet Kour reminded me of that!;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Dare You!

I dare you to write something more useless and vaguer than this’s one valuable figment of my imagination! :P

Zizu (sweetly): Oye! Why are you looking so serious?

Zuzu (fuming, gives him a murderer’s look)

Zizu (calmly now): Tell me, if I can help you with something? C’mon tell me tell me! I’ll do whatever it takes to help you.

Zuzu: In thats case, listen! I gots up earlys this mornings to enjoy the early mornings breese.

Zizu: Wow! But what’s with those S’s?

Zuzu (eyes popped out of eyeballs): Shuts up! Dare you interrupts? As I opened my arms, smellings the mornings perfumes, feelings the mornings dews on my feets, a moment when all I coulds say was ‘Aah’, a crow peed rights in my mouths (pointing towards his mouth). Rights here.

Zizu: Oh! Did that taste bad? Was it sour, salty, bitter or like what? (Scratches head)

Zuzu (hits Zizu hard on his head): How does this taste? Anyways, I spitted and turned arounds to attend a phones calls. A girls on the other sides kept on askings for some SiSi, I tolds her I was SuSu and not SiSi and she abused me in 3 differents languages, out of which onlys one I could precisely makes outs.

Zizu (ROFL): You told her that?

Zuzu: As if it was nots enoughs, the traffic guy stopped me and asked for my documents. That’s whens I realizes I don’t have thems. Ands outs of frustrations, I says ‘Sucks’(Shuxs)! That wild morons holds my collars and smacks and whacks me. I slowlys slowlys reachs my office and here my stupids, good-for-nothings secretarys scaringly screams,”Sirrrs..! Yours pants!!” Thinkings I may have forgottens to do the all importants zipping jobs, I pulls her scarfs from her necks, out of desperations, almost strangulatings her in this attempts. And thats cocky girls doesn’t even understands my desperations and kicks my butts with her stilettos. Ahhh…it hurts to thinks about its!

Zizu: Oh..that must be embarrassing! Wasn’t it? I need to diagnose it. Tell me! You were all fine yesterday. What’s up with your lingo? Did you have something?

Zuzu: Nothings really! Last nights, I popped some stupids sissy pills alongs with some sodas and later dranks Enos to neutralize the acids in my bodys. I guesses theres a lots of Fissss in my body!

Zizu: Ands in yours voice-bocss toos! *grins*

P.S. This is a weird, wild imagination, I agree. But you needn’t scratch your heads. Just ignore! You really needn’t bother! : P

I’m feeling absolutely empty-headed, right now! That’s my mood for the day!

Need I say that? You might have guessed that, already!! : D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Ramblings!

Life ,like the rolling of a die, can throw at you the best, the worst, mediocre, above mediocre stuff, the probability of each being equal….So why worry and contemplate…It will happen when it has to and how it has to…But is sitting back and flowing with the tide an answer to the challenge this life throws at us?

There comes a day you make big future plans, your dreams take wings and comes another day when you see a life coming to a tragic end, the unfulfilled dreams dashed alongwith…

A day when you plan ways to conjure a magical carpet to take you places and another when you magically fly away to the stars leaving behind your loved ones..

Life is strange, unpredictable, weird, nonsensical at times, and makes a lot of sense at the other..and I’m no antidote to it..I react back the same way strangely in my own weird, unpredictable, nonsensical ways!

“Life is a BITCH!”
Truly, aptly said!

Once Bedeviled by it ..
Activates the Insane you..
Torturous at times..
Cynical at others..
This Humbug called Life..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

19 goes 20!

…And the extended birthday treat(10-11 April) comes to an end! Guys n gals…I’m 20 and it’s official, now that my blog profile mentions it too..!! Don’t ask me about what I’ve achieved in these 20 years coz then I’ll be left dumbfounded :s

Ask me what was special about this one, I’ll tell you anyway!

Firstly, for the first time in my life…It felt like just another day coming…No going gaga about what to wear, where to party, looking at the phone waiting for it to buzz incessantly, expecting gifts, counting the number of friends who remembered and the ones who skipped(intentionally or unintentionally!?!),no special feelings pouring out…No, not at all! A leap towards being twenty, nahi!

20 has a lot of weight..Is it normal to feel so? I haven’t been told that by anyone but somehow, somewhere deep inside, I feel an extra weight of responsibility! After having followed my heart, which refuses to chit-chat with me anymore, I knock at the jammed door of my brain, unused for a longer period..

At 20 with the heart of a teenager, brain of a dud, attitude of a dudette, the ‘Khatarnaak’ combination that I make isn’t just deadly, but as freaking daft as a brush!! Most say, “Grow up, gal!”…but hey I refuse to grow up…I refuse to listen to you…and I still accept to do what I wish to…So don’t bother!

Forgetful closed ones was a new experience, for a 20th birthday! :(

But some people in your life don’t want you to grow up ever, pamper you just like another fidgety teen, surprise you with the most usual tricks, which end up leaving you even more surprised…How did they manage to pull it off…Those simple ‘Hey I have to be back at home on time’, a swollen face telling things are not well, and the left ones accompanying you home...are a symbol of a surprise party planned back home…but you floating in the illusion of having become an adult now don’t expect such surprises to be thrown at you, do you?
And there follows a string of ‘obvious’ surprises beating all the records of special moments in one’s life..*sigh*

This post isn’t about telling you what kickass birthday this was but to know your experiences about how a 20-er must be…how did you feel after teenage bid its good-byes to you! Now whatever your experiences be, the one thing that I can say is that this feeling of being twenty or twenteen is indeed ODD! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love At First Sight!

‘It was a special day…a day meant to be full of surprises, extravagance, love and lots of attention, in the traditional sense of the word ‘SPECIAL’! But things had rather started on a usual note…that very morning melancholy, followed by the nasty noon and not-so-happening evening! But he, as always approved of whatever came his way, never a complaining look on his face…Complaints and he were the pedestrians of two opposite roads, which never met…’Special’ meant only one thing to him and that was her, a girl who was moodier than the moodiest of people…On ‘lucky’ days, she showered all her love on him, made him feel like the hero of her life, her fiddle-de-dee too managed to make his day..and on not-so-good days, she’d get so busy with herself that she didn’t even flinch from throwing a cold shoulder to him, as if she was an angel just landed from a fairy land. Her mood swings would have easily irritated anyone, but him. She couldn’t recall a day, or a moment when he acted peevishly, due to the tantrums she threw. He had given his soul into the relation; in fact he had surrendered himself to her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love him much..but she could never match his love for her…He had never expected…just delivered. He had given his life to her, not an ounce of demand of any kind. When she was happy, she’d speak to him her animated stories, blow kisses and her happiness was enough to make him happy..When she was sad, she’d rest her head on his shoulder and spoke out her heart to him and he listened carefully….When she was irritated, she’d spill it out on him…It wasn’t a perfect love story, but the love kept on growing on both sides!

And could she ever forget it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!’

You think I’m trying my hand on fiction…Hah! There are times when real makes much more interesting stories than fiction..and here I go with a true love story…The story which started exactly a year back for both, when Jaunty Anima made her blog and fell for it that very moment and the love between them has only grown!!

Thanks for standing by me through thick and thin, dear Blog!! I love you totally and madly…And could I forget your birthday…No…never….! Was busy throughout the day with some college stuff and you know how difficult it is to sneak out from that forest to make time for you, but don’t you know my heart beats for you..Love ya!! And a very Happy Birthday dear!!

And now to all the people who I’ve come to know through you….Karthik, Divsi, Sourav, Sugarcube, Isha, Destiny’s Child, Harini, Vandi, Sepo, Insignia, SG, Neha, Holy Lama, AD, Dhanya, Pramoda, Ekam, Chengdi, Baljinder, Gautam, mayz, Dee, NJ, Scarlet pimpernel and so many more I’ve missed out…and the friends I already knew…Su, Rahil, G, Mukul Sir…..Guys and gals…had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have sustained this journey..and I mean it…I made friends with you and reading your blogs and your comments on my blog became such a temptation, that only helped my love for the blog to flourish..Thank you all of you… You are the reason why this day arrived or else I may have left blogging already!!And now I only wish this bond of friendship between all of us strengthens!!:)


Jaunty Anima!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foolish-ically Challenged, eh!?!

Hey Happy Fool’s Month fools! :D In case you are not a fool, chillax…my blog isn’t reserved for normal humans only…you (foolish-ically challenged people) will be served too but spare this post for the normal ones only…excuse me, prithee! :D

This month is special to me in more than one ways, which will be unraveled gradually, as the month unfolds. So wait and watch coz the cat will be out of the bag anytime, sooner than later!

Ok..are you surrounded by fools? Foolish question, you think, huh? But are reading the most foolish blog of one of the foolish-est persons on the earth*Shameless grin*
Fools can be of many types:

  • Seemingly Wise Fools: Fools under the impression that no one wiser was ever born. Please don’t mock at them. They are suffering from a syndrome with no cure. So have mercy and let them be coz there’s no better cure than love and compassion.
  • Funky Fools: Anything funky is in, right? But funky fools are not. Know anyone who follows and preaches Funky-ism with utmost glamour, pissing off everyone in the company with their funky language, pjs, and visage. Well ffs, I puke at you and I hate you the most. It is again incurable and even more dangerous coz it’s contagious!
  • The Yedas and Yedis (to be pronounced typically in Tapori ishtyle): Yo man…this category can have so many subcategories but to cut it short, all the people who actually act ‘Shaana’ e.g. bullies, high-society-superior-good-for-nothing-forever-ranting-crybabies, the morons(refer to fake-attitude, though I personally hate the term fake attitude coz how can anyone fake it…attitude shows, isn’t it?). I request you to add to the list now.
  • Just-like-that Fools: Regular people…By regular, I mean the normal ones who are here, there and everywhere, who eat, drink and breathe foolishness, like you and me! If it were not for us, the world would be a dull, drab and boring place to live in. Cheers for all of us! :)

Well...this post is a plea for mercy to all the fools and if you yourself are one, mercy to other categories. I urge you to treat them well, but to each his own.

Let's join hands to make this world a better, and not a foolish place to live!! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nefarious Nightmares!

As a kid, I remember believing one could see what a person in deep slumber was dreaming of on raising his eyelid. Remember Tom and Jerry, where Jerry raised Tom’s eyelid to find him dreaming of cheese. And so I attempted this on my dad, only to be lambasted later. Dreams are funny, ain’t it! I’ve dreamt of becoming a school-girl again, of being a treasure-hunter, of meeting people, I couldn’t in real life and what not. And then waking up in the morning smiling at what I had seen. It feels you know what you saw but when you try to recall, you’re blank. All you can recall is itsy-bitsy moments, the faces of people or that horrific place you had never been before. May be, we would never be able to define what dreams are made up of and that’s what arouses interest in the mysterious stuff that they are!

And the ones – you running in a murky place and someone chasing you, bloodsheds and stuff you don’t even wanna talk about. I’ve woken up from such nightmares, the ones that make me feel unsafe, leave me uncomfortable to the extent that I feel like telling someone but you don’t really wish to bother anyone with your weird imagination, do you? I would get so scared that I made it a habit to sleep only after speaking verses from the Gayatri Mantra. In my early teenage, I was always wary of strangers. I got cynical if somebody followed me, even if he was on his own way. I still remember walking into somebody’s house while coming back from tuitions because walking across a dark street; I felt someone was following me, his pace equaling mine. The reason for this uncertainty, discomfort, and cynicism was the nightmares I had.

I’ve believed in dreams, they do come true! Really, they have for me. But I never had an experience of a nightmare transforming into reality. In fact, normalcy was restored in my attitude trusting that they were my weird imagination, may be an effect of the kind of books I read at that time. How do you expect your wild dreams to come true? By wild, I mean the ones which are meant to be a lil spooky, but when you wake up, you end up laughing at them.

I woke up on a fine morning in a guest house at Amritsar, where some friends and I had come after our exams got over. I told them about some crap I had seen, letting them know the extent of my madness. We talked and forgot about it, just like another free advice, taken and forgotten. Amritsar treated us well and we headed off to Chandigarh, which is the most ‘un-Punjabi’ly inhospitable city I’ve visited! No offence, but at least that’s how it treated us! Anyway, we were so damn excited about our trip, we knew it had to be a cracker of a trip, surely surprises awaited us! They surely did! That night we rejoiced like never before, with the set of entertainers that we ourselves were. In all the masti, only two things went wrong; we unbolted our door once to check who knocked from outside, only to find a drunkard who had lost his way and secondly, we didn’t bother to check if the windows of that room were bolted properly or not! We got back, back to our masti-licious mood! Around 2, we were damn tired and were all lying in one part of the room or the other. Silence fell, unlike our surroundings usually. In that unusualness, I saw a hand making its way in through a window and ripping apart the curtains. Not having the faintest idea of what it was about, we screamed and shouted for help, running towards the door which refused to unbolt. When finally it did, someone ran towards the reception, calling for help, another knocked the door next to us, while others maintained their calm, investigating the surroundings to find who it was. Hell broke loose in the hotel. Almost everyone had heard us (Imagine Five girls Screamingggggg!!!)

After all the investigation, we somehow knew it was one of the drunkards in the room behind our block. We checked our windows then, they were unbolted but there was no way the guy could have come in, thanks to the grills! But at the spur of the moment, we had thought someone would be in and all weird thoughts struck us like lightning. What if we unlocked the door to find another set of weirdos waiting for us outside? Damn, that was one helluva night but what I’m never gonna forget is “Paanch Ladkiyan, Wo Bhi Jagi hui, Aur Sirf ek haath, tch tch!” I know that’s sad but trust me, we couldn’t really help ourselves, we were so damn scared. And the previous night I had dreamt of the same, which made it even more frightening, the only modification being the guy had managed to sneak in, in the nightmare.

I’ve lost it, re! Dunno how to get rid of them because you never know when your worst nightmares may come true!

Has any of your nightmares come true? I’m curious to know if there are any psychos like me!!

P.S. I got this Blogger Buddy Award from Dee. The condition is pass it to 5 blogger buddies. Ok I have more than 5 blogger buddies.. So here goes....

And I pass it on to Divsi, Isha, Karthik, Vandy, G, Skywalker, Sukriti, Rahil, Pramoda,Destiny’s Child

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And I Am Still Relaxing!

Once upon a time I was as carefree as a free bird,

When my flawless flight couldn’t be hampered,

When anyone, but a crook was greeted with a smile.

When I said and meant it, I promised and did it.

When I never had second thoughts,

When sailing away with time was my favorite ride.

When people’s brains were my favorite icecreams(I chaato-ed the brains of people)

When ‘Pata Hai?’, ‘Guess what?’, ‘Aree it’s in the air’ was my favorite news.

When hearing about happy stuff got me dancing to glory.

When I was much more than what they thought I could be.

And now my life’s taken a U-turn, much to my dismay.

I’m still free but my wings cease to make me fly.

I smile and then look at them to confirm if they took it genuinely, like the way I did.

I say and I never mean it, I promise and never do it.

Sanity and insanity don’t make any sense to me.

And now happy moments are dulled by the intensity of my inner dullness.

‘I’m pretty messed up’ is all the news I have.

I have still not figured out if I’ve lost something in the way.

All I know is that I don’t need anything, it’s just another mystery.

May be there’s something wrong in my head.

Come what may..but hey I’m still relaxing!!

Hey! Don't bother! That’s random random Meeee!! It’s been so long…I’ve missed this place more than anything…And now I’m back to my writing-cum-reading spree…:)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breathing for her breath...She!

Curled in her bed with a book on her side....

She plays with her locks, lost in deep thoughts

She had fallen in love and her life eversince had been a joyride..

Never did she contemplate tomorrow, engrossed in fun of all sorts..

The train of thoughts cease to come to a halt..

Making her reminisce the day they tied the nuptial knot..

They had held each other's hands and walked every step in unison..

Those holy promises and the holy fire were a mark of benison..

He had said," I vow to take care of her, pamper her, fulfil her needs..

Trace her footsteps and be along forever, protect her in my embrace..

I'll never embarass her with harangue, I'll keep her happy forever!"

Inside, she grinned sheepishly, and said a virtual 'Amen!'

Her emotions outwitting her control, a tear rolled down her cheek..

Another memory came in foreground while the emotional outburst had reached its peak..

The day she revealed that she was in a family way..

His happiness knew no bounds, he held her like a kid and that was her besttt day..

All of a sudden, a harsh reality struck her like a bolt from the skies..

Whatever the memories be, the outcome of their test on the plateau of love was not nice..

Though sanguine in true sense, she was slowly and steadily losing her sanity..

She had lost support from all sides and her situation demonstrated pity..

She stands up with her long locks on one side and walks in front of the mirror..

With eyes swelled with anger, a questioning look on her face, answers now clearer..

Weren't those promises, those amorous talks nothing but moonshine..

Fighting her tears, she looks at her tresses and picks up a comb..

She's the mother who carries the burden of a baby daughter in her womb..

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hand one is dealt!

“Hey, Savvy!! Time to go,” Ujala cried.

Tears welled in Savera’s eyes thinking of having to live in an alien land, with alien people, leaving the only place which she had ever called her own. She’d miss Amma’s food, sitting in her lap while her aunts’ n uncles teased her with “Amma Ki Chamchi”! She stood up to have a look at her room dearly beautified by her with her paintings, thoughts penned by her and the giant poster of her favorite cricketer. She recalled tripping off the chair while pasting it on the wall. Reminiscing, she got a nostalgic fit of laughter only to be disturbed by Ujju.

“Di, what are you doing? They are waiting.”

Relatives had gathered in the balcony to bid adieu to the apple of their eye. After all, she was everyone’s ‘Laadli Savera’. Only this time they faced a dilemma about being happy, to be or not to be.

Savera adjusted her dupatta, took deep breaths and got ready to leave, but a knot tied in her stomach. She called for Ujala.

“Tell them Di’s doing last minute preparations. Will be coming in a moment or two. Ok, run now!”

“And listen, Ujju! Di loves you. You know that, don’t you?”

Ujju turned back, feeling the urge to hug her, fighting tears; she just nodded and went away.


Savera, with tiny eyes had always been a studious-type, known all over the campus as ‘Chashmish’, teased with the slogan ‘Miss Chinese Japanese, give others a chance to top please.” But she never retaliated and eventually got used to passing remarks. Madsie, the only friend in college complemented her perfectly. While Savera was the reserved and shy kind, Madsie believed in living life king-size. They became each other's ball and chain. At least that was how they were teased by others. Madsie freaked out and Savera calmed her. Always ready with her witty comments, Savera did all she could to avoid an upheaval because she was sure of such a condition if ever Madsie was let free to do her way. She was the fire while Savera the water to put out that fire.


Now the shadows of the past had filled Savera’s room. She perspired, her heart racing fast. She started stuffing useless stuff in the almirah furiously, quickly as if trying to divert her attention to something else. She didn’t want this. She had moved on. Past had passed, the present was here and a beautiful future, the one she had designed for herself for her true love’s sake, awaited her. Then why, no!


Savera was sitting in the extreme corner of the college library, her niche from the last two years of her college life, engrossed deeply in her book when Madsie came around excited and said enthusiastically in one go,” Hey, Ms. So-not-Interested-in-What’s-up! This time you’ve got to be really jumping because you know what, eh, how would you know, Gawd! Ok, so Jal the band is coming to perform in our college. I bet you can’t believe that! Can you? Imagine Jal, Farhan, Shazi, Audi, tomorrow, 7 p.m... I’m already getting goosebumps! Oh ho ho!! Hello!!!! Are you listening?”

Savera seated opposite to her listened attentively with hands crossed under her chin,” What do you think then am I doing?”

“For heaven’s sake, at least show some thrill or delight, at least some expression, after all it’s Jal we’re talking about. That uninterested countenance you give reminds me of your face on hearing about the preponed Chemistry exam.”

“Amma and Appa won’t approve of going for a concert at night. Do I have to epitomize the fact every time?” Savera grimaced.

“And that loser I see, is that Savera? Please testify. Why don’t you let me talk to your parents once?”

Savera rose up to leave. Madsie followed.

“Submissions are taking place. My papers are complete. Should we go then?”

“Shut up, you chicken! Tell me, nah!”

“In vain!”

Savera bumped into a guy, who retaliated, “Hey, Chashmish! Your second set of eyes not working, eh!”

Madsie came forward.

“No Chichhore! She closed all of hers to avoid the sight of a chimpanzee. She’s scared of chimps, you see?”

Savera caught hold of her and left the library.

That night, apprehending a lot of drama, Madsie visited Savera’s house to talk to her parents and as if, till date they had been waiting for Madsie to turn up, they agreed on the first proposal. Savera’s Amma commented, “I always tell her to go out. Wonder why she doesn’t?”

Savera looked at her mother, not knowing whether to counter that comment she gave or hug her tightly. She finally bargained with a ‘Thank you, Ma!’

Madsie and Savera followed the rule of the thumb, hid their thrill in front of them, and acted normal, listened patiently to Amma’s theory of ‘A Suguni Girl’, promised they will be good and later, in Savera’s room rejoiced. It was Diwali, Christmas, Eid or whichever festival, you name it, for them. They hugged, jumped, and went red with delight. Yes, Savera was thrilled that day.

The day turned up, the day of Jal’s performance. They reached much before time to occupy the seats, closest possible only to find much exuberant people already sitting, waiting for the performance to begin. They somehow managed two seats in the seventh row in extreme right of the auditorium. Clad in a combination of brown and black suit, Savera looked elegant, an angelic beauty, indeed, because never, had anyone seen her with her spectacles off her eyes, locks left loose to sway with the flow freely. None of the guys could have imagined in their worst nightmares getting bewitched by Savera’s beauty and there they were, that day, not being able to get their eyes off her. In fact a sleazy guy came near her and barked,” My heart just skipped a beat!” Madsie, looking as graceful as ever, in a maroon-red kurti and black skin-tight slacks, did what was enough to scare him. She looked at him with eyes popped out of eyeballs.

The show began and the crowd cheered. Every transition sent the crowd in frenzy. Aadat faded and Boondh started playing in foreground and then Wo lamhe and the audience roared. The spectacular show came to an end with a standing ovation from the spectators. Savera gleamed with joy while Madsie left to have a glass of water. Her throat was sore with yelling her heart out.

Before Savera could come out of the reverberations of that evening, of how she owed that wonderful evening to Madsie, someone else scared her into reality. A guy, looking dashing in his blue shirt with checks and black pants, a killer physique stood there with arms folded. Savera looked at him disgusted as if knowing the next word going to pop out of his mouth.

“Hey! You look even better this way. I never liked girls wearing that put-on smile everywhere they go. This expression is a killer.”

Savera’s face reddened. This had never happened before. Normally, a guy would come, pass a comment and leave. But the intentions in this case were not clear. She was numb until Madsie came to her rescue.

“So, Mister ? Guess, a chimp’s really after scaring my friend! Let’s leave, Savvy.”

“You know him, Madsie?”

“You do too.”


“Chhichora, remember?”

And they both jollied.

That night, Savera dreamt of the same ‘Chhichhora Guy’ standing on the podium and declaring,

” Savera, You are the morning I had been waiting for all these years to do away with the murky life I’ve had. Every day which spelt gloom and spread melancholy around gave me strength to believe that one day, an angel would come and with her spells, the darkness would turn into luminance. And look, today when I saw you I could feel myself illuminated by a new power and the more my eyes penetrated into yours, higher was the intensity of that magical power. Won’t you let me dive into that ocean of the new felt energy? Won’t you let me enjoy it forever, and not just this moment? Won’t you be mine, Savera?”

Savera sat on the bed, looking shocked at what she had seen. She always believed in dreams. Dreams, she felt , were the illustrations our soul is writing about us and they were omens to what lay before us. So, that particular one got her thinking. The next morning she told Madsie about it, who bantered,” Did you penetrate your eyes deep into his? Did he look drunk anyway? It was a dream, a nightmare; you should have been calling it!”

But Savera knew it wasn’t. She kept walking exploring and analyzing the different sides of the dream till she bumped into him and that was it. The questions had been answered, the correct side explored and she knew she wanted to be with him. He was ready too. And without a word began the love story, the one Savera picturized as the ultimate love story. Madsie was left gazing, still wondering if it was just that one dream which triggered this story and was too dumbstruck to question or even give an expression which showed she was happy or like she said thrilled about her friend’s love story.

Life wasn’t it was supposed to be or as planned by her. It had taken a U-turn letting the wings tied for all those years let loose. The bird was set free by the charming prince, Samarth. It was a fairytale where the prince freed the jinxed princess, not by magical kiss, but an ephemeral dream. While it was a new beginning for her, she wanted not a single feeling to go unnoticed and her diary was adorned with her flight of fancy.

“When you are in love, you can’t just miss the exotica of your newly found life. You bathe in mush, wear the best smile, color your cheeks with the blush not succumbing, walk dreamily, and feel his touch wherever you go, hallucinate all the time in the abode of love.”

“While your love busies him, his inamorata waits patiently, incessantly for the time they’d just look and let their eyes do the talking.”

“Love isn’t extravagant, simpler the better. I like his random cuddles, hugs and kisses more than a candlelight dinner or a walk along the beach. I prefer letting him play with my fingers all the time than expecting him to embellish them with diamond rings. Nay, intangibility, mystery and a bit of coquetry make my love.”

“In the streets when I cover my face with my dupatta, he teases, “Jab pyaar kiya to darna kya?” In reply, I sing “Odh Li Chunariya Maine Tere Naam Ki!” And we laugh carefree till our cheeks hurt, and that expression persists throughout.”

“It all begins with a fear of being caught until you realize that you are already caught with the feeling so blissful that nothing can make it revert back and the fear vanishes in thin air.”


A stream of tears trickled down Savera’s eyes like she had just seen the corpse of her beloved. Yeah, he was dead, dead to her, right from the day he had given his so called ‘genuine’ reason brazenly for breaking up. Reality had struck her hard, like a thunderbolt from the sky. She had been busy designing her dream world, so busy that she had ignored the way Samarth ignored her. ‘Love always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails.’ was all she could say on being accused of being way too dreamy, impractical.

How long could she let the memories of a painful past haunt her? She had taken her set of decisions already; her newly found love gave her all that Samarth lacked. Wasn’t it a reason enough for her to rejoice, she thought. She tread a step forward, walked out of her room which held most of her memories, and reached the balcony where a whole brigade of relatives waited. Among aunts already breaking down, every uncle a portrait of man chained and bowed by the heavy weights on his shoulder, she caught the face of her Amma with moist eyes looking at her Laadli. Savera’s Amma and Appa were those conventional parents who had laid down strict rules for her daughter from the day she remembered them, they were hard always. But this time they had let her make her choice which was non-conventional of them and she loved them more now, not that she loved them lesser before, but that admiration, respect, affection, she fell short of words to express what she felt for them.

Before they could even know, Savera was ready to leave. Her hands intertwined with her love, she went away without talking much. Her Amma and Appa hardly spoke. This time they let the pool in their eyes do the talking. “Amma! Appa!” was all she said.


Samarth may not have been a beau she had dreamt of but he had given her something, the ability to feel love, a feeling she was not acquainted to before. And if anything, she felt grateful for whatever he had given to her and treasured what she had done. But she kept in mind always that Samarth was past, a past which if messed with can be disastrous. So she moved bravely, like a brave soldier.

A girl in mid-twenties is for her parents what art is for an artist. He loves it but can’t keep it to himself. Savera’s parents too suffered from the same syndrome. They showed her a slideshow of boys’ pictures and asked her to choose who she found the best. Poor Savera had no choice but to make a choice.

She thought,

“What would keep her happy?

What would never hurt her and only get her closer to the peak she intended to climb?

What was the only way she could think of spending her life?

With who will her life won’t be a burden but an endeavor to lead and discover the lesser-known novelties?”

And the answer was in her hand.

Earlier in the day she had received a letter from the WCW Association where young budding writers were given a chance to hone their talent, learn new ways to deliver their ideas from the maestros in the field, where they taught it weren’t the words but the way words were woven to strike a chord with the reader. It was a two-year course followed by what the life of a writer was- Struggle + Perseverance + Talent=Success, which is still not guaranteed.

But she had found her true love and no matter what came in her way, she won't budge.

She knew her charming prince now.

She could already feel her hands intertwined with him while she held that letter in her hand.

So what if her prince wasn’t tangible, intangibility was the characteristic of love and she had found hers, True Love, she called it!

*******************THE END***********************

P.S.: Forgive me for the length. Busy these days, didn’t bother to revise it once. Felt my blog was feeling neglected, so here I am with the lengthiest post on my blog.

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Kicking the dust, letting wind ruffle their hair, while the sun shone from between the clouds, Sridhar and Buddy enjoyed the flight of their bodies hopping on the road. Catching butterflies and in an effort to make them dance on his nose, failing every time, Sridhar never ceased to bet with Buddy, catch them and while he turned his spine the umpteenth time, the butterfly flew away with eternal glory, leaving an innocent frown on his face, much to the amusement of Buddy. As if an antidote for the hot tempered, dewy-eyed Sridhar, Buddy performed his all-time favourite Dhum-Pichak-Dhum twist shouting at the top of his voice,
"Hanse ab Hum aur Tum..Dhum Pichak Dhum..Kaahe Ko Gussa Hote Ho...Dhum Pichak Dhum...Ab to ek Step maar de yaar...Dhum Pichak Dhum!!"
Seeing Buddy with his front teeth constantly biting his lip, hands moving like a traffic police man signalling the vehicles to go, body swaying perfectly like a sine wave, Sridhar couldn't control laughter fits until he joined too. Humming their own songs, strumming the air with their hands, they ran fast till they zoomed past the house, the one where Sridhar lived with Buddy!

Located in a small colony, a house painted white, meant for four, was the Home-Sweet-Home for both of them. Mrs. and Mr. Panigrahi, Mr. Panigrahi's father, Sridhar and Buddy resided there as a happy family. Buddy had been christened by Sridhar and they were so close to each other that nothing, noone, no distance, no condition could separate them, would separate them. They roosted in the same room, went to the same school, wore similar clothes, took active participation in every mischief, in fact masterminded it, though it was Sridhar who was always caught for being naughty. It made him a little envious of Buddy but then watching Buddy in trouble was the last thing on the earth he ever wanted. Moreover, he knew the dexterous impression he had on his teachers and the armor of this impression always saved him on the Parents Meet.

When the sun soothed a bit in the evening, they went out to the nearby park to play football with their folks. The stimulus the game provided was enough to send Sridhar in a frenzy. He was passionate about it. The ball after being kicked by a fidgety lad, stopped by Sridhar, dribbled for a while, passed to Buddy, who missed it and the ball landed in the bush. Animated faces appeared from all sides, except him, who looked rather embarassed, just before Sridhar shouted, "C'mon boys! Easy!" Buddy couldn't think of playing the game, let alone mastering it. He was bad as bad could be but never would he quit trying and he did it all for Sridhar who loved to have him playing by his side. He kept trying in vain until he was totally down and out and waited for his partner to come back with clothes stained and greased with mud. They stayed there even after others had left, waiting for the stars to adorn the silhoutte of the sky, under whose cover they would explore the vast horizons of their thoughts. Sridhar always considered Buddy as his alter ego and that helped him talk candidly about the nuances and intricacies of every lesson they had learnt from their teacher, their Guru called Life! They hashed over science, disputed over sports, rolled on satire, pointed out each others flaws, high-fived on every second thought. This tête-à-tête ended when the watchman came tapping his stick and the two ran over the bushes, on the pathway, out of the gate and ran till they reached the gate of their house where they waited and laughed for five good minutes.

Such was life! Their love grew with every passing day, in fact it grew exponentially! They never knew it because there was nothing as love or hate between them, they just knew they were each others pillars of strength, they loved each others company, one understood what was on the others mind before he spoke out a word, it was all that mattered. Life couldn't be better.

On a lazy Sunday morning, while Mr. Panigrahi and his father were having a heated discussion on the policies of the government and Mrs. Panigrahi applied strawberry marmalade on the toast, Sridhar and Buddy came out of their bedroom in their night pajamas and took their seats. Knowing that mother would be scoff at him for not getting fresh before taking breakfast, Sridhar winked at Buddy followed by a boyish chuckle. His mother looked wary of him.

She finally asked, "What's with you? Why are you acting queer? Don't think I don't know what you're up to! I'm your mother and I can make out what's on your mind before you can think of it. So be careful! And if you think you're going to get to go with your friends playing football, then change your mind because we are going to the Art Academy today for a Painting Exhibition. Get ready soon! And stop chuckling now!"

"No, Mother! Can I have homemade Makkhan on my bread?" said Sridhar, controlling his laughter.

"Hmm..sure! If that's all you need!"

"Yeah..Mother! That's all."

May be he needed more. Only if she could see the little guy who had dwelled in his cupboard over the years and will continue to, that guy who was Sridhar's best Buddy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Don't Worry!! Be Happy!!Stay Jaunty!! :)

Worry is a state of mind triggered by any external factor like stress at work(overtime with secretary), lack of finance to satiate your minimum(endless, that is) needs, stress at home(implies from stress at work), your kid scoring 94%(which is 1%less than your colleague’s kid), putting on weight, etcetera, oops, on a serious note, drive to outdo everyone and not being able to achieve the target, stiff competition, pressure from peers, meddling with relationships etc., which is followed by hypertension, lack of confidence, anxiety in the happiest conditions, feeling of loneliness, harsh demeanor and making us appear miserable.

Now as anyone would say, who likes to worry?

But however hard you try, can you avoid worrying?
If it’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend, your career causes anxiety and vice versa. In worst cases, both the conditions haunt together.

If it’s not your boss in the office, it’s your parents who think that you know nothing of life and you must take every step holding their index finger like a toddler and vice versa. Worst case condition applies here too.

Ab jaye to jayen kahan? The condition reminds me of Dhobi Ka Kutta!

Know, research proves little worrying is good but in disproportionate amount is injurious! So all we can do is, if not able to filter it completely, at least bring it down to that non-injurious level!
I read this in a book ‘Who Moved My Cheese”,
The quicker you let go of the old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese.
Now if our mood was cheese, quicker we let go of the worries, doubts and fear, sooner we’ll be able to relish a new life glistened by joy!Nahi?

Ever stood in front of the mirror and smiled to yourself when you were actually feeling like a dead duck in the drain!
I have. And trust me, nothing can make you feel better. All the vexation vanishes in thin air as if it was never there.

Such is the power of a smile. So smile guys, smile coz Jaunty loves to see you smile! :)

Worrying was never my sport.

Melancholy n I never shared a good rapport.

I kicked it, punched it, dribbled my way,

If ever it found its way

Into my life, which was pretty OK.

Then one day, it sneaked through the back-door.

The smashing of windows made me aware

Of the intruder who had found its way.

I could fight it anyhow but there was something more

It blackmailed me, strangled my loved ones and seeked entry in my core.

My lares and penates had been knocked sky-high.

With worry, I could do nothing but try.

Time went on and my worries multiplied henceforth.

There was nothing and noone around and all this I loathed.

Troubles grow bigger if you nurse them.

So why not taint them!

I sharpened my tool and glossed it more.

So it pricks it right into its core.

And gave my best smile every time it attacked mine.

The dual would not cease,

Until one day tired and defeated, it left me pleased.

And I knew my smile had the power

If not to woo an urchin,

Then it’s enough to save happiness for a lifetime.

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