Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Don't Worry!! Be Happy!!Stay Jaunty!! :)

Worry is a state of mind triggered by any external factor like stress at work(overtime with secretary), lack of finance to satiate your minimum(endless, that is) needs, stress at home(implies from stress at work), your kid scoring 94%(which is 1%less than your colleague’s kid), putting on weight, etcetera, oops, on a serious note, drive to outdo everyone and not being able to achieve the target, stiff competition, pressure from peers, meddling with relationships etc., which is followed by hypertension, lack of confidence, anxiety in the happiest conditions, feeling of loneliness, harsh demeanor and making us appear miserable.

Now as anyone would say, who likes to worry?

But however hard you try, can you avoid worrying?
If it’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend, your career causes anxiety and vice versa. In worst cases, both the conditions haunt together.

If it’s not your boss in the office, it’s your parents who think that you know nothing of life and you must take every step holding their index finger like a toddler and vice versa. Worst case condition applies here too.

Ab jaye to jayen kahan? The condition reminds me of Dhobi Ka Kutta!

Know, research proves little worrying is good but in disproportionate amount is injurious! So all we can do is, if not able to filter it completely, at least bring it down to that non-injurious level!
I read this in a book ‘Who Moved My Cheese”,
The quicker you let go of the old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese.
Now if our mood was cheese, quicker we let go of the worries, doubts and fear, sooner we’ll be able to relish a new life glistened by joy!Nahi?

Ever stood in front of the mirror and smiled to yourself when you were actually feeling like a dead duck in the drain!
I have. And trust me, nothing can make you feel better. All the vexation vanishes in thin air as if it was never there.

Such is the power of a smile. So smile guys, smile coz Jaunty loves to see you smile! :)

Worrying was never my sport.

Melancholy n I never shared a good rapport.

I kicked it, punched it, dribbled my way,

If ever it found its way

Into my life, which was pretty OK.

Then one day, it sneaked through the back-door.

The smashing of windows made me aware

Of the intruder who had found its way.

I could fight it anyhow but there was something more

It blackmailed me, strangled my loved ones and seeked entry in my core.

My lares and penates had been knocked sky-high.

With worry, I could do nothing but try.

Time went on and my worries multiplied henceforth.

There was nothing and noone around and all this I loathed.

Troubles grow bigger if you nurse them.

So why not taint them!

I sharpened my tool and glossed it more.

So it pricks it right into its core.

And gave my best smile every time it attacked mine.

The dual would not cease,

Until one day tired and defeated, it left me pleased.

And I knew my smile had the power

If not to woo an urchin,

Then it’s enough to save happiness for a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

The owner of a company I worked for was quite taken with that book about the cheese. He bought a bunch of copies and made all supervisory and above read it.
It seemed to me that it was basically common sense.
Things change, get used it.
The author sold how many books at $19.95 per? I thought my boss was/is an idiot, but the author must be a genius, turning common sense into millions? of dollars.

the idiot boss went out of business, i hit the street after 20 years service, got another job and after 18 months, was last hired, first laid off.
That's life, get used to it.

Jon said...

I have heard about the books....

The one thing that beats me is we earn lot more and live more comfortable than the previous generation... but we worry a lot lot lot more than them and that too for no reason....

I know a guy in my office who gets chest pains when he has no deadlines to meet...

Funny is the ways of the world

Skywalker said...

I need to follow these rules i think :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i'll read that book

loved ur post

- Sugar Cube - said...

Have read that book.
Think I need to re-read it .. Thx for reminding =)

Karthik said...

Wah, Jaunty! It brought a smile on my face. Well, all your posts do that, but still this was lovely. :-)
It's such a little book and speaks volumes, isn't it? Good you mentioned that. Gonna read it again soon.
And yar, did you really have to mention "Worst case condition"? That reminded me of bloody algorithm design. :-(
I also read the poem, by the way. It's very thought provoking, just like this post. Great job.

P.S. It's nice to see you writing regularly. :-)

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u dear.... this is wat i needed today:)... thank u.. keep smiling

Sourav !!! said...

Inspired to be Jaunty'lly happy :P
Don't read such books, I'm sure they might have some impact ..but as longs as I have good real friends, like u and everyone around me .. who cares :D

Life mast hai :D

Issam said...

bang on.. no point in worrying... we have to forget the old cheese to say cheese and smile :)
And I've tried the smile exercies... I keep doing it and tell all my friends to do the same... :)
Incidentally, today all my blogger friends have been blogging on smile...

Anonymous said...

Worry is useless and boring, it doesn't yield new thoughts like speculation. It's like constantly pummeling at the questions instead of seeking for answers. So speculate, don't worry. Yay for the thought Jaunty!

Escapist said...

Let her not to worry...things can be straighten with a smile uphold-ed on your lips....


Jaunty anima said...

@Greg:You've had real experience of what we all call as life...I have hardly seen 1/3rd of the life u have..So I can never do justice by replying to this..

But sir, We all have our share of sunny as well as rainy days...Now doesn't it depend on the person how he/she fights it out...the person who'd not lost hope while others whine about how badly things have taken shape, will finally get to see the brighter side of the life..sooner than later!

Hoping and wishing you all the luck..Hope you get back to work soon..:)

All I can say is while things are taking shape, smile:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Jon:Absolutely, JOn!!

I think, may be, we all are so into the delicacies of life that a little goofup or extra burden makes us rant and rave as if noone has suffered like that ever before..Is this what suffering is!!

lol at that guy!:P

@Skywalker:Hopefully, they'll help you!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Vandi:Surely, do!!

N well ur comment lightens up my face!:)

@Sugar:Yeah...and then would look forward to reading the review on your blog :)

Jaunty anima said...

@Karthik:Hey Karthik!!
Now your comments are always encouraging and I like it!

Algorithms...Oh...yeah m going through the you can well understand..they haunt me day and night!!

I'm trying to be a little regular..hope I continue with the same flow..:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Tulip:Really..looks like there's some turmoil going on your side too...
Dear, hope everything calms down soon!!

Take care:)

@Sourav:Well well well...
So finally u've written a comment on my blog...I had been thinking where you were lost :o

Now Dost!That word really gets me going always..It's always good to have people like you around...:

Jaunty anima said...

@Issam:Absolutely, that's the attitude!!

Guess we are celebrating 'Say Cheese Day'...
Chuck the worries and Say CHeese:)

@Nes:I'm copying that thought on my desktop...
Well said Nes!!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Escapist:Hey welcome to my blog!!
Absolutely..helps us fight just any evil possible..that's the power of a smile!!

Hey..would be gr8 to have you around !!:)

Mads... said... was a wonderful message indeed..yes, wory is totally useless factor, causing harm to health,mind,nd gives nothin, so it should be avoided, stay happy, be cheerful,and njoy..:)
thnx Jaunty for sharing this..!

bondgal_rulz said...

Nice book that.

Have never really tried smiling at myself which is kinda weird, given the fact that I'm smiling'laughing 24X7. I generally just sleep or listen to yappy dappy songs. :)

And that poem was really cute!! :)


The Holy Lama said...

You smiled your way into the hearts of bloggers

Sorcerer said...

yes! smile is the keyword
smile ..nothin pisses off them more than the sarcastic wickid smile..

hakuna matata..
no worries!

Sourav !!! said...

When its soo good having me around .. Here I am, wish fulfilled :D

Not lost, though had my ways wayward, but back on track finally .. a live wire and kicking asses :P

And yeah, have read all your post, but didn't comment to leave off my bad state of mind on your blog .. and one thing, you are one of the very few good blogger friends, I had .. and wish we'll full on 'bakwaas' someday soon :)

Take .. Keep writing .. am among the many who is who's always keenly reading :)

AmitL said...

Hi,J.A.(Somehow,that reminds me of Prem Chopra being called 'J.K.' in movies, but then,mood achcha hai to sab chalta hai..haha)...that was one gem of a post-totally reflecting my thoughts. I've often done that-standing in front of a mirror when feeling DITD(Down In The Dumps)and voila-it brings me right back into a good mood..:)(Now, don't ask- bathroom mirror or washbasin mirror..hahaha)
You're so right-every day,we have some reason to worry- even if it's a perfect's like we can't be happy without worrying.
And, that book'Who moved my cheese'- I loved it when I first read it-in fact, it encouraged me to leave my first Co in India, and, the day I left, I presented the Co library with a copy of the book..hehe...I hear many more left after reading it.

SG said...

Nice post. Love that book. Would like to add one more sentence: Movement in a New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese.

Jaunty anima said...

hi5 on that...
well said gal...Worrying is useless, totally!
N Thanks dear:)

Laughing 24X7 is one thing...but laughing when down in the dumps is another...
It really drains it aall from inside...
N thankoooo so much:)

Jaunty anima said...

Ohh thanks a tonnnn..Lama:)

Ahaan/...Hakuna matata!!

It pisses me still more...but a genuine smile is welcome anytime:)

Jaunty anima said...

You said it and it means so much...
I count on people like you..So stay d same..
Btw...if u feel down any day...just log in and drain out all of it on my blog...I really won't mind, re...!!
Scribble it all....I love bakwaas!!
Coz I do it all day long:)

Jaunty anima said...

And that reminds me of his famous dialogue..Prem Chopra naam hai mera!!

Wah re, DITD...u added to my sms vocab..bathroom ho ya washbasin ya dressing table...drain out krna hai...justr let it go..kya fark padta hai;)

actually friend of mine says that he feels worthless of he has nothing to worry!!!

Nway thanks man:)

Jaunty anima said...

I'll add another, Savor the adventure and enjoy the taste of the new cheese!
:) :D

Thankoooo so much:)

Deepika said...

Deepika like this :))
I agree with what you said and i liked the smile tips you gave :)

Deepika loves to follow Jaunty :)

Americanising Desi said...

aap k rules, sar ankhon par :)

really very unique and a must follow!

wish me luck!

vEnKy said...

hey nice thoughts. I tried the mirror thing it worked. Sorry for being critical.

In your post you used vice versa in a wrong manner. Vice versa is for inversing the statement. Both the statements cant be reversed, even if you do there wont make any sense. I guess you meant viz which means "namely", that would go well.

Jaunty anima said...

Hey sweets!
N Jaunty loves to hear frm u!
Put it in use n then chk outt...:)

really wud be glad if they come handy when u need it the most..
Loadz n loadz n trucks full of luck :)

Jaunty anima said...

Hey Venky..welcome to my blog...!!

N as for that 'vice versa', I think it's been used correctly!coz if it's not ur bf/gf then ur career otherwise if it's not ur career then it's ur bf/gf!
I used it this way..May be I'm wrong...U can let me know how you interpreted it?I'll be glad..

It only shows that you read it with keen interest..So m 'supah-dupah' happy to have a reader in you!!:)

Wud like to see ya around!!

Dhanya said...

I worry A LOT! I can't help it :( Comes quite easily to me over the smallest of matters. Damn!

Tomz said...

Hi Jaunty Anima

I didnt know that u update your blog this frequent..I like your definition about worry..And I think the only solution to human problems is what you mentioned in your post..

Jaunty anima said...

So do I...that's why I keep figuring out ways 2 resist worrying...N u have reasons to smile Dhaani!!

It's not the only one...I mentioned wat I do...different people have different ways to counter worries!!


Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

good one Jaunty...worry is a bitch :)

Jaunty anima said...

@Yamunan:Agree with you...
Worry is a bitch!!;)

Insignia said...

I did read that book quite some time back...So simple yet it teaches so much...:-)

Sourav !!! said...

Facebook? :o

Jaunty anima said...

Exactly...when I started reading it, I found it really dumb...but as I went deeper, found out the real meaning..Sucha useful lil book, it is!

FB...gone...wid d wind....:(
Hope to be back someday!

Harini said...

I needed something like this. I just had an ugly spat with someone whom i considered one of my best friends ever. Anyways you post comes in perfect timing :).

Anonymous said...

Why worry, chill and don't be in a hurry!!!

Hey... nice one, here is a solution to all the worries...
Check it out...
Kaushik's Energy Theory

Prithwish....... said...


loved your post.smiling every day will keep your worries away..
you have one more follower to your blog :) keep blogging and visit my blog too..
take care..cheers..

Naina Sethi said...

Nice blog ! LOVE reading it, its very interesting !
I write for a fashion blog. You should follow me

Jaunty anima said...


Ohh Thanks gal!!
Hope things have turned better now!!
It's not my post, u've visited in the perfect time...

Sweets be happy...keep the smile on:)

Jaunty anima said...


Thanku so much...
That's the solution, exactly!!
I visited this one...n love the theory!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey welcome to my blog!!

I'm so glad that u liked it n happier still to see u following me...
Cmn back to ur blog in a jiffy!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey welcome to my blog!!

Thank you so veryyyy much kudiye!!
U write fashion...ooooh ma weak subject....will have to visit!!
Just cmn!!:)

zeevie said...

*thinking "shukar hai is buddhu ne saari posts dobara nai ki publish"*

R. Ramesh said...

wonderful enjoyed reading this post..cheers friend

divsi said...

ure so much lyk me gal!!!:p
yeah u re!
was gonna post sumthin on these lines...
as sumone says..
if i can solve my probs wats the use of worryin
if i cant solve my probs [its not in my hands] then wats the use of worryin!!