Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever questioned your power of decision-making, have you?

Lately I've spent a lot of time alone with myself letting a whole cloud of thoughts in my mind free. The burden hasn't lessened though since pending decisions-to-be-taken-sooner-than-later still knock the back of my head(Knock-Knock!!"Hamaara no. kab aaega?," they keep spluttering) and musing under these circumstances ain't that easy, after all!

Right from the first step of our life, we are confronted by choices to make and our Mama teaches us, "Baby, take the bull by the horns!"signaling, "Bachoo, Is duniya me aa to gaye but the road to follow ain't that smooth..There are BULLS to grapple with."For example, 'Padho, Dhoop me khelo matt'Bull, 'Boards Hain, Time waste matt karo'Bull, 'Coachings-Abhi Acche se pad le, life set ho jaegi!'Bull(Inki to books pe bhi likha hota hai'Hit the Bull's eye!), 'Entrance exam'Bull, phir 'CAT/MAT/RAT'Bull and pata nahi koun-koun se Bull!!Coming back to choices or precisely speaking, decision-making, it is an art to be mastered, lack of which can lead to chosen roads guiding you to dead-ends, the gifts of life( very much chosen by you) unravelling into bombshells, doors chosen by you leading to dark and dingy corridors.That's the power I'm talking about.

Who has never been on cross-roads where only one road can be travelled by a lonely traveller(That reminds me of  the poem 'The Road Not Taken') and at these crucial times, you can't do with 'choosing a finger' or 'inky-pinky-ponky'.The time demands you to take a stand and decision-making comes into play, which I consider as one of the most tedious tasks in the world. Hitherto I've never really taken decisions by measuring the pros and cons of the situation, just followed my heart or like I believe, my subconscious mind does the work for me because it knows its dilly-dallyer owner.Be it my career plans, my personal decisions or whatever, the same procedure is followed. Like my grandfather puts it, "You play with your life." Yeah, I almost did. Know those ultra-smart kids who are asked, "Bade hoke kya banoge?" and comes a spontaneous reply,"Doctor!" That's me...was me! And having taken PCMB, two options popped up once I had appeared for all sorts of entrances, the obvious 'Doctor' or 'Engineer'.And to everyone's surprise or rather shock, I chose to become an engineer because I found it more lucrative, more exciting and the future appeared more promising.Ask me now how lucrative, exciting and promising it is?:(

I always make a jackass of myself when it comes to taking decisions.And now when a bigger one awaits, I'm all jittery and tense. Doesn't it need a hell lot of courage to decide and come to a conclusion? However chicken-hearted you are, for how long can someone while away time waiting on the doors that promise a better tomorrow? You have to tread a step forward and knock on the door. Otherwise the reticence may be misunderstood as denial. And once you deny that opportunity, you may never even get to make that choice again or fate may not ever present that door to you which could have opened a new vista for you.

After so much of 'putting off until tomorrow' it's time to put two and two together!:)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Idiot...Aal Izz Well!!

Saari Umra Hum Mar Mar Ke Jee Liye..
Ik Pal To Ab Hame Jeene Do, Jeene Do...
Bachpan To Gaya, Jawaani Bhi Gayi..
Ik Pal To Ab Hame Jeene Do, Jeene Do...


The title of the post says it all...The punchline of the movie "3 Idiots", I watched just a few hours back,  leaves you with that 'Aal Izz Well' feeling! A must-watch movie which leaves you with the feel-good factor at its peak..looks like Aamir endorses the "Education Reforms"..All in all, a complete Paisa-Vasool!!:)

Now since I'm feeling sleepy at this point of time..I'll share the gist of the message the movie sends across..

Break out of the system, the bindings..

Don't do what others think is good for you, do what you think is good and that will turn out the best decision of your life..and then only, the absolute contentment and happiness will surface in life..

Don't let your weaknesses be the obstructions that become a stumbling-block in your path, but the motivation that guides you through..

Study only to achieve excellence, not for material gains..
Only then BALAATKAR CHAMATKAAR hogi and one will become successful..Once successful, STAN DHAN apne aap aaegi!!;) roflmao!!

'Ruttofied' definitions, theorems and formulae won't define our life but the real character of our inner soul..

Don't let stresses pressurize your brain, everytime console your frustrated mind by saying, "AAL IZZ WELL"

 All in all,Aamir Rocks!!And what I want to say is,"Jahaanpanah!Tussi great ho...Is Blog Ka Tohfa Kubool Karo!"
(You gotta watch the movie to understand this..)
Infact my lil brother was down with fever, but under no conditions could he miss the movie, and there he was...feeling all fit-n-fine after the movie..O Bhaiyya 'Aal Izz Well'!!:)

Give Me Some Sunshine..
Give Me Some Rain..
Give Me Another Chance..
I Want To Grow Up Once Again..

And yes Blog-hearts how did your Christmas go??
Mine was fantastic..!!From attending the Christmas Carnival at the Church to Choco-Lava to drive with mum and dad to 3 idiots, it was superb..!!:)
I'm all smiles!!:):)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fiction 55 - The Test

Dhwanit was behaving erratically..Ever since he
set the aim of his life,he had

worked hard...The only hitch being the lack of

'previous years papers' to acquaint him with the

pattern of The Test.. Fellow mates who had

appeared earlier added to his anxiety..

He had to clear it..

Would Dhaani say 'YES'?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coz A Lot Can Happen O'er a Cuppa Chocolate

Five cuppa nutty chocolate

Brownie enamelling the plate

Chit-chatting, guffawing in bits

Trying to overcome laughter fits

Hoodwinking the blues

Flowing away in blissful glee

The world watches the weirdos

While they banter about the world.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breathing for her breath

Curled in her bed with a book on her side..

She plays with her locks, lost in deep thoughts..

She had fallen in love and her life eversince had been a joyride..

Never did she contemplate tomorrow, engrossed in fun of all sorts..

The train of thoughts cease to come to a halt..

Making her reminisce the day they tied the nuptial knot..

They had held each other's hands and walked every step in unison..

Those holy promises and the holy fire were a mark of benison..

He had said," I vow to take care of her, pamper her, fulfil her needs..

Trace her footsteps and be along forever, protect her in my embrace..

I'll never embarass her with harangue, I'll keep her happy forever!"

Inside, she grinned sheepishly, and said a virtual 'Amen!'

Her emotions outwitting her control, a tear rolled down her cheek..

Another memory came in foreground while the emotional outburst had reached its peak..

The day she revealed that she was in a family way..

His happiness knew no bounds, he held her like a kid and that was her besttt day..

All of a sudden, a harsh reality struck her like a bolt from the skies..

Whatever the memories be, the outcome of their test on the plateau of love was not nice..

Though sanguine in true sense, she was slowly and steadily losing her sanity..

She had lost support from all sides and her situation demonstrated pity..

She stands up with her long locks on one side and walks in front of the mirror..

With eyes swelled with anger, a questioning look on her face, answers now clearer..

Weren't those promises, those amorous talks nothing but moonshine..

Fighting her tears, she looks at her tresses and picks up a comb..

She's the mother who carries the burden of a baby daughter in her womb..