Saturday, October 31, 2009


The attitude of an Optimist always took him/her places...But let a droplet of overconfidence fall into the Optimism potion and there you are, with the deadliest potion known-OverOptimism Potion!!
Optimism can be hazardous too..obviously when it comes in disproportionate forms...Just check out!

1. Kahaani Har Sem Ki

"Ho Jaega!!!Why study right now...??Know I'm not a nerd like you..Have a lot of other things on my mind...Piss off,nerd!!"

You have an exam the next morning..The clock on the wall reads 2100 hours...Action!!Hostile Force of the whole syllabus to battle with..Ready with your armour(books,notes,previous years papers,pen),you think you'll fight it out..:s May be you'd slay a chunk of your foes(part of syllabus),but emerging victorious is a far fetched dream, dudes and dudettes!

2. Early to Bus,Early to College...Makes You A Goodie child in my Knowledge(wah wah!)

The college cab is going to leave in 5 minutes...Friends trying your number,your phone buzzing!!But Mighty You decide to go slow with the belief,"Cabs will wait!"
Ask somebody who's learnt the lesson the hard way!:( Darling, these good-for-nothing cabs don't always wait unless you put that extra effort!

3. *Special Case* *winks*

The attendance sheet is cross-checked by the Professor daily..But the ever-sagacious-ever-crappy mind of yours decides to mark proxy of a friend.Alas!Wish your optimism helped you here..
"Since I've done it,Mam won't check it.."haha!

And crossing all heights of conscious connivance, you believe your classmates will become your SUPERMAN-S, come crossing all the barriers, take the blame and guide you through..hehe...Ab ye to overoptimism ki bhi hadd hai!!:P

4. Extreeeemmme Case

Life's all messed up..All the time you tread forward only to find your feet in a pothole..With all hopes dashed,you still make an effort and decide to take a step further only to land up in a gutter this time..You adjust somehow, comfort yourself there in all the crap thinking things will be fine soon...No!!They won't be!!

Don't worry and fret, fainthearted!Wave your hand, somebody frm tither-thither will surely spring you out of the situation:):)

Optimism , in proportion with well struck balance ain't that bad, huh!!
But BALANCE is the key,mind it!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Again writing after a long time...well I haven't been really regular right from the time I started blogging...There's a lot happening around but when I sit to type it, my head goes blank...the computer screen itself gives a puzzled look as if telling me,"What's wrong with you lady??Typing another line won't really hurt your fingers or would it??"Duh!
This time, procrastination got the better of me!!I even typed one full fledged post but just didn't feel like posting it...will do it later now...but now I'm back to work with all the spirits back!!

Warning:This post is full of!no!You don't have to feel so!It's the author who's got to..

A Fresher's party was organised in the of the verrry few parties that's arranged by the college(did you note the exaggerations here..should have said 'the only party that's partially organised by the college')..and ahh...all the pompous celebrations(again exaggerations!!)...We were informed about the day 3 days before..

Now 1 day was spent rolling and reeling with the spirit,"We've to do something!!Oh Yes!Something rocking!What do you say guys??"

Second day was spent with the Brain-Hilaao process..."What?A Play or a Dance or may be let's fuse it all!!"And we realise our brains are choked with the mud of  procrastination,you-think-about-it-and-tell-me thing because none of us can think..dumbheads we've become!!

And then the last day,"Arre guys..the final rehearsals are on!!we're not doing anything!!!???"

And then one genius suggests,"Let's do a fashion show.."

Other:"No!No!I can't.."

Genius:"Arre!!You just have to go there...Pretend sexy!!Walk like a cat..catwalk,I mean!!"

Despite the dissuasion of Tuchi,we gave a thums-up to the plan..not knowing what lay ahead!!

Scene:In the Drawing Hall..Pussy(name changed), with her 'Chamchis' - Silly and Gilly...All the performers readying for their turn..A few already moving a leg and getting lambasted by Pussy!

We move in..with confidence bubbling...oh..yeah we'll manage it..catwalk is cakewalk for big deal really!!
And there she stares us from beneath her spectacles..Her actions prompting,"Come here..Stand in front of me!"And before we could even react,she started shouting at the top of her voice..Her utterances consisted of warnings and scoldings in pure Kaashoo** tone..I could hear a few girly giggles in the background..Damn it!!'Chalo dikhao Phashion Show!'

And there we begin..first in pairs with girls and then with boys, trying to show the best attitude..moving our bodies in the perfect fashion..Perfect on your scale is never equal to Perfect on Pussy's scale..mind it!
While one of my companions after striking a perfect pose(perfect on my scale) turned back, Madam came running down and hit her on her waist with a sound that made her a laughing stock..And One by one, it happened to each one of us participating in there..Embarassment at its best!!

And though we could not match anything even at the close proximity to the standards set by Pusoo..she gave us a go-ahead signal but the dresses were to be selected by Pussy herself..Everyone but me got their dresses as per their taste..All my resistance went in vain and I was to wear a Lehanga-Pussy's most favourite dress and, which according to her was the most important ingredient of a Phashion Show!!Poor thing me arranged it somehow knowing it won't suit me,knowing I won't be able to carry it well, knowing it would make me uncomfortable and nervous on stage..but I had to!!

The fresher's party day finally came..and as if each day had its own share of lessons..I learnt one!How important is it to be well acquainted with the know-how of make-up and stuff for a girl became apparent..I mean it's extremely essential..add some more extremely to it..With little knowledge,I approached someone technically sound with this stuff..and to my horror, the end product was horrific too...This guy applied gallons of make-up on my face, not used to applying more than a moisturiser..I couldn't digest the very look of my face...or "was it me??,"I asked the mirror.

The show started..After cribbing about my look and a hell lot of waiting, our turn came..Boys went in...Then Sups and I stepped in to mark the arrival of the most gorgeous girls on the stage..struck all the poses we could and came back...All the girl pairs followed later..
Now the couples were to follow..My partner and me were supposed to be the first ones to enter..I prompted him to make a move and then took a step on the stage..After taking two steps, I realise my partner is nowhere to be seen, adding to my nervousness exponentially..Blame the nervousness on my look I was not comfortable with or may be just everything going wrong for me...I had never felt so timid on stage ever...For a second I was dumbstruck and stopped in the middle..with a huge roar from the crowd..and in the meantime my partner making an appearance too..To hide all the embarassment I had suffered there in the middle of the walk, I gave my best smile and moved ahead..But one should have checked my heartbeat at that time..My heart was ready to blast in a go!Was infact a nightmare for me...Things went wrong for others too but I couldn't take it at that moment because it had never happened earlier to me..I felt deeply humiliated,insulted and ashamed of myself altogether in that one second, not realising it's a part of stage!!

Whoa!I'm going to wash this day from my memory asap..Man!!I vow I'm never going to try my skills in a fashion-show again and surely going to put my hand into make-up thing to save myself from these weird moments again!

**Well Kaashoo is derived from the term Kashmiri..And the peculiarity of Kasshoo tone as can be seen here is their way of pronounciation..and the rhythm of their voice(I'm not trying to hurt anyone's sentiments..It's just meant for fun!)e.g. Fashion becomes Phashion,,Science becomes Sinus,,Sochna(thinking) becomes Sonchna...and pull the words farther apart to produce the desired rhythm..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wishing Blog-Hearts A Happy Diwali!

Festivals, Diwali, Mithai(sweets), Special Diwali Shopping, Rangoli, lights, lamps, Lakshmi Pooja, crackers, Special Diwali Dinner!!Oh God!It's my favourite day, my favourite festival of all.As a kid too, this festival fascinated me the most, got me excited and my special 'tayari', oh, no other day had this charm..But as I entered my late teenage years, it became less exciting, don't know why..??

We all know the story of the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.

Diwali is the celebration of the inner light, which outshines all darkness, removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance.So all of us must realise the importance of self-satisfaction.It's the happiness of our inner soul which defines us.So each one of us needs to know how fortunate we are to have been born and brought up in places and families where we can enjoy the festivities.Think of those people for whom this day means just another day,another day when they'd have to toil hard to earn a square meal.If life hasn't reacted well to the tantrums we threw and hasn't pampered us enough, then atleast it has given us enough to feel special on a day..And I want to wish you all my SPECIAL SWEET-BLOG-HEARTS a happy and a prosperous iwali!:)

While you make yourself feel really special,don't forget to include those people I mentioned above in your happinesses because you are the only ray of hope in their deprived lives.Why not add sparkle into their lives, just a smile, treat them with compassion, may be a little gift and look at the transition,the inner beauty will exude out of a lifeless face and there you have pleased all the Gods.No Lakshmi Puja or Ganesha worship equals this kind gesture. Let it not just be a cliche! This Diwali let's really bring a smile to some less fortunate's faces:)

Diwali signifies victory of good over evil,knowledge over ignorance.With so much negativity around,it is difficult to believe the existence of any goodness,benevolence or such virtues in this world.Infact, a hint of goodness is treated as an object of satire.Such is the attitude of people and I don't excuse myself from this category(dearies!Writing about it doesn't make me Sati Saavitri:P).But a little check can take our society to a new level altogether."Bura Matt Dekho","Bura Matt Bolo","Bura Matt Suno"(May have messed up with the order) but the meaning is clear "See no Evil","Do No Evil","Speak No Evil"!!(Bandar banna zaroori nahi hai iske liye:P).This Evil could be corruption, nepotism, injustice in any form and you gotta stand against it:x

I may be sounding in a "Bhaashan-Jhaado" mood..but guys we need to realise some things and I did.Don't know if it was of any help to you but I'm looking forward to implementing it.

And yes Wishing you all a very Happy,Prosperous,Dazzling,Sparkling Diwali!!May Goddess Lakshmi pour gold coins on your head(Tada-Thud-Thud-Thud!!) and Lord Ganesha bless you with peace and prosperity!!:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My To-Do List!

# Gotta get hold of all the pending movies..

# Gotta complete Mein's long pending..

# Gotta clean up this dust cover on my table before it acquires a width of an inch or so..

# Gotta format my Pc Which has served as "Home Sweet Home" for all kinds of viruses and malware all this time..Apologies to you dearies...I'm snatching your home away...accha nahi lag raha me...

# Gotta make my life a little more disciplined...have finally set a routine for myself..let's see if I can stick to it for long..Early to bed..Early to rise..Will make Rhythm..Healthy,Wealthy and wise..:)

# Gotta call up a few close friends who are gonna bombast me,abuse their heart out for not calling up for so long..

Reminds me of the lines by Robert Frost-

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
 But I have promises to keep,
 And miles to go before I sleep,
 And miles to go before I sleep.."

ps: It's been pretty long since I penned down any thoughts here...So this one's just a kind of metapost...Exams just got over...and I wanted to set myself into thought scribbling something was better than nothing..

pps: Thanks Happybirdie,Pramoda,Sourav,Karthik for all the awards..I'm so glad you guys thought of me..would put them on my homepage too features in my to-do list:)