Saturday, August 29, 2009

Faltoo Blabbering

A strange feeling has grabbed's not that usual sense of weirdess or loneliness...

It feels that a weight of something is pulling me down...don't know what it's a uncanny feeling of not getting what i want,,,not getting where i want if I'm going absolutely nowhere like a rudderless boat... and will finally end up in a noman's land or will disappear mysteriously somewhere in the waves of's not the career which bothers me...actually nothing still everything does...i smile just for the sake of it....cry without reason....hit myself with a pillow....
my friend says,"An idle brain is a devil's workshop....Wy don't you involve yourself into something constructive....!!!???"Bt I'm not idle....have a whole lot of 5000 pages of six books to study...while exams are just around the corner... minors and vivas are going on ( don't have to study for them..there are 100 ways to get through if you are technologically sound...)...Somehow the feeling "Engineering SuXS!!" has started to creep in...
may be it's due to a pschological disorder(i get fits of this kind of attitde now and then...when I wish that it could be a utopian feeling forever) or ma be it's a result of the sickness I've ust come out of(was not the famous FLu...just a viral infection)...
I'm so random that without a reason or rhyme..a random feeling creeps inside me...and that too at the wrong time...and i further take wrong amount of time to come out of it... end up regretting about my behaviour(behaviour of a temporary crybaby)...hopelessly hopeless!!!
whatever it is...I'm going out of my senses now...and typing anything and everything I'm feeling like..Don't know whether it made sense...don't want to check for it either...All I know right now is that I need a long break...break from the whole monotony of this life...a break from social bindings....a break from so many things that are bugging me now....D


P.S. Forgive me if I bugged you...but I desperately needed to type this...Ad afterall it's my blog...I can and will write whatever I wish to... I did absolutely the same...yay!!

bt yea like good and bad dwell together...there is a brighter side mother,granny ad friends are the sunshine in my life...the way they took care of i won't ever be able to pay back...can anyone do :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life is but a labyrinth..

Life is no straight and easy corridor along

which we travel free and unhampered,

but a maze of passages,

through which we must seek our way,

lost and confused,now and again

checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith,

a door will open for us,

not perhaps one that we ourselves

would ever have thought of,

but one that will ultimately

prove good for us.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yoo Are Still Single!! :o

These days single-committed phenomenon is such a taboo, I tell you..If you are single, people will scoff at you, look down on you as a puisne...You are made to look as an object of futility..ekdum Bekaar..they try to find different kinds of biological and physical defects in you in order to fit in a reason why you haven't been able to find anyone for yourself yet...

You ping a long lost friend on gtalk and the first question that's thrown at you is,"Hey,,so you still single?? :o"...or..."Koi mila nahi tujhe abhi tak tere type ka?(Haven't still found the right guy for yourself?)"...or..."How come you are still single...though I don't really believe it!!"..
TOSH!!!As if being single will lead to can feel the revulsion associated with your 'SINGLE' relationship status..

Furthermore, you can't escape the uninvited demonstration of their status...needn't ask for details..they would come to you as they are with a little masala added..."Guess what, I broke up with just didn't work out between us....but don't worry I'm already in a new relationship and abc is such a sweetheart, gal!!!You ought to be in love atleast once.."

And thus, it leaves you wondering what actually is LOVE? The weight of the four-lettered word is in-fact very huge, quite contrary to its size but the way it's portrayed today makes it look so naive....!!Now there are two theories of love I'm entangled between...One is "The Theory Of Great Love" endorsed by Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha...and the other is "The Try Try Till You Succeed Theory", the one endorsed by modern day lovers..which says keep trying with different guys or gals(depending on your sex and sexual orientation) until you find your REAL soulmate-your Prince Consort/The Ultimate Princess...<3!!

But I wonder where has the sanctity of this relation gone??(Gone with the winds of time, probably!) How many people get into a relation because they really think they love each other...I've seen people who get into it just because society demands them to...(peer pressure as we call it..),,to have somebody to flaunt in social circles, just because they don't want to be tagged as 'LS' in high society..

The scarosanct love I read of in books and watched in old hits has almost disappeared...They said ,"Love is Ubiquitous"...Now they say,"Lovers are Ubiquitous" just have to pick and choose randomly and someday, somehow you'll end up being with your PERFECT lover...
Dhatt!!Is this what you call as love??I'm already hagridden....

But my faith in the lumineu of love is unmoved...I still picturise love as two hearts merged into one...sharing happinesses,pains...doing small adorable things just to bring a smile on each other's face...not just being together hand-in-hand all the time but being there for each other...standing for each other even if it means standing against the whole world...
So what if I sound old-fashioned, but this is My Theory Of Love<3!!
As of now,,I'm Single And I Love It!!:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


You are my angels but so like demons...

You were the reason for my smile..

Your shoulder the handkerchief for my tears...

You gave me nightmares when you were here..

Memories have replaced those nightmares now...

You who are close make me laugh while I cry..

And the ones miles apart leave me with tears in my eyes...

As I laugh at the silly jokes..

And drooling over those handsome blokes...

Ahhh...Thank God!you all were there..

Coz without you..

My life would have been absolutely nowhere..

Hey Hey guys I'm so glad to have you all in my life..Sometimes I wonder how lucky I've been that each one of you was sent as a distinct package..There were some I really adored and others I totally and completely despised..Still others I quietly admired..and some I fought with bigg time..There were others with whom I never got chittychatty instantly..while some who had no option but to bear my contigous prittle-prattle..Some were real study buddies..and some partners-in-crime..With a few,tiffins were shared...froms others,tiffins were snatched to get fingers on the last bite..Some friendships flourished from Day 1..while some were a fruit of misunderstandings..Ahh...Hail the misunderstandings!!:P

Guys,though I always adopted the policy of Different strokes for different folks,,but today in a sense of nostalgia when I write this..I feel although I was different with everyone but the way I miss you all is unbiased..quite contrary to the fact whether you were my dearie sweethearts or punchbags or my highly abhored classmates..To all of you,i raise a virtual toast..I drink your health guys:D

It goes out for all my friends...the best friends....mere classmates...slim friends...fat friends...gud looking friends...monstrous friends...the understanding ones....the dearest foes(to u because u gave me those tears which later helped me bond so well with my friends..coz everytym I cried there was someone who'd tell me "Tension na le re...U're the best!")

To you my best friends at one point or the other Chetna,Ravneet,Nupur(luv ya guys!miss ya!)...and to mates Taarika,Dhanya,Harpreet(shampoos,,363 dresses,,ugly expressions....miss those tyms...luv ya)...Achint(My loveliest Jaani Dushman forever...hey miss ya)...Archna,Arushi,Himanshi,Kiran(u rock!)...Vasu,Suchet,Rohil(the knee slappers...everytym I think of you cant help but laugh...u rock!!)...Santosh(the scientist)...Dinesh(another scholar in the town)...Karan,Sarfaraz,Tushar(u guys to asli me rock...the three and the only sample pieces..u noe wat u were different:P nways miss ya)...Raagini,Roshni(mohalledaar...colonymates...rock on gals...miss yoo)..Sanjolly,Ravdeep,Aniket,Bhupi,Simran,Rakshi,Ravdeep,Budhha(abbe m at loss of words now...haahaa...luv ya!)...Geetu...(Cut my life into pieces..this is my last resort:P)...n to ma college mates Su,Sups,Moti Bhains,Aki(heartbeats...tum chaar to atom bomb ho yaar!luv yoooo!),Aamir,Ashish(my gay maane always happy:P...Rock on guys..stay the same)..Boss(bolo kisse udana hai?:P)..Rahil(jispe teachers bhi line maarti hain..imagine:D)...

P.S. I'm sorry if I missed out anyone...Short term memory loss hai...thodi der me yaad aa jaega...otherwise dont feel shy to point out...luv ya!!!

Happy Friendship Day!!