Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eight things you must know about Jammu & Jammuites!!

In the past few months I got to interact with the people of the length and breadth of our country (thanks to a string of tests). The whole experience was exhilarating. Seeing people from so many cultures together is an altogether different experience. I could seriously sit down for hours and watch each person, the way they talked, the way they expressed themselves, the peculiarities, but obviously I didn’t (didn’t want to give wrong ideas about myself, considering the fact that these people from different regions were mostly girls!!!!) But the most peculiar thing was other people feeling the same about me (the people of different region for them) and what caught my attention the most was while I always “maintained a decorum” while watching these peculiar people, they didn’t. They would openly stare and pass comments, some were obviously pleasing (Thank God for making guys!!!You know how we love attention!!! And especially if you tell us that people from our region are most beautiful, why wouldn’t we bask in the glory!!!) while others were outright derogatory remarks. Apart from pleasing and not-so-pleasing remarks were the remarks that spelt IGNORANCE!!! So to all the people who pleased, I take a bow, Thank You Very Much! To all those who blurted whatever crap, I don’t really seem to care! But this post goes out to all the ignorant people. I can totally hear many saying a big Blah! I don’t care!! But trust me, if you are one of those people who switch into a sweater as soon as you cross Pathankote on your way to Jammu, in summer, you seriously need to care!!
Just because I said I'm from Jammu & Kashmir, do you have to watch me like a JERK with eyes and mouth wide open...Seriously, how do you manage to look so all I want to ask you!

Art thou a terrorist?
"Aatankwaadi"!!!!! Did you just call me that? Are u kidding me, you ignorant woman with a pea-sized brain??? We have been victims of terrorism and we don't show pity to these crooks, not even of the size of your brain!

It's an earthly distance, folks!
Do you know Jammu is 362 miles far from Delhi. I heard you talk about your escapedes to Goa from Mumbai...I can bet all my money that you didn't know that Goa is as far from Mumbai as Delhi is from Jammu! So why behave like we've descended from outer space!

The snowball is coming at you!
It doesn't snow in Jammu, for the nth time (I've lost count of the number of times i've told this to people!)

We are very Special!
Yes, we belong to a state with a special status. But do you even know what Special Status means? It doesn't make us feel any special but just hampers our integration with the other country. So, lady, take this Special tag, if you want! I don't seem to care less!!

We look like just one of you!
Yes, we do! I don't know if you were hoping to see a 'Hoor-Pari' but we aren't much different..Some girls from our region are very fair ( Racists!!) but sorry to disappoint, on an average, girls look very much like all other from North do!!

We too have a life, people!
I know you expect us to have come down from mountains...Your IQ has been exposed by now..So, I know what exactly are you thinking...But again, no! We don't live on mountains...yes some tribes do but Jammu's a full-fledged city....not crowded or complicated like a metro....but a nice, quiet place to live in...Just to add to your information, Jammu's a city of temples!

Jammu is NOT Kashmir!
Well, if you'd known this, I wouldn't have to type this post! It snows there!! There are mountains!! They look a little different with the different dresses (firans) that they wear!! There are those absolutely flawless fair-skinned people!! But even they are not terrorists....Victims, they are!

That's all I have to say!
Thank you!

And here's a visual treat of the place called Jammu!!

A bird's eye view of Jammu city

 Jammu- A view at night