Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever questioned your power of decision-making, have you?

Lately I've spent a lot of time alone with myself letting a whole cloud of thoughts in my mind free. The burden hasn't lessened though since pending decisions-to-be-taken-sooner-than-later still knock the back of my head(Knock-Knock!!"Hamaara no. kab aaega?," they keep spluttering) and musing under these circumstances ain't that easy, after all!

Right from the first step of our life, we are confronted by choices to make and our Mama teaches us, "Baby, take the bull by the horns!"signaling, "Bachoo, Is duniya me aa to gaye but the road to follow ain't that smooth..There are BULLS to grapple with."For example, 'Padho, Dhoop me khelo matt'Bull, 'Boards Hain, Time waste matt karo'Bull, 'Coachings-Abhi Acche se pad le, life set ho jaegi!'Bull(Inki to books pe bhi likha hota hai'Hit the Bull's eye!), 'Entrance exam'Bull, phir 'CAT/MAT/RAT'Bull and pata nahi koun-koun se Bull!!Coming back to choices or precisely speaking, decision-making, it is an art to be mastered, lack of which can lead to chosen roads guiding you to dead-ends, the gifts of life( very much chosen by you) unravelling into bombshells, doors chosen by you leading to dark and dingy corridors.That's the power I'm talking about.

Who has never been on cross-roads where only one road can be travelled by a lonely traveller(That reminds me of  the poem 'The Road Not Taken') and at these crucial times, you can't do with 'choosing a finger' or 'inky-pinky-ponky'.The time demands you to take a stand and decision-making comes into play, which I consider as one of the most tedious tasks in the world. Hitherto I've never really taken decisions by measuring the pros and cons of the situation, just followed my heart or like I believe, my subconscious mind does the work for me because it knows its dilly-dallyer owner.Be it my career plans, my personal decisions or whatever, the same procedure is followed. Like my grandfather puts it, "You play with your life." Yeah, I almost did. Know those ultra-smart kids who are asked, "Bade hoke kya banoge?" and comes a spontaneous reply,"Doctor!" That's me...was me! And having taken PCMB, two options popped up once I had appeared for all sorts of entrances, the obvious 'Doctor' or 'Engineer'.And to everyone's surprise or rather shock, I chose to become an engineer because I found it more lucrative, more exciting and the future appeared more promising.Ask me now how lucrative, exciting and promising it is?:(

I always make a jackass of myself when it comes to taking decisions.And now when a bigger one awaits, I'm all jittery and tense. Doesn't it need a hell lot of courage to decide and come to a conclusion? However chicken-hearted you are, for how long can someone while away time waiting on the doors that promise a better tomorrow? You have to tread a step forward and knock on the door. Otherwise the reticence may be misunderstood as denial. And once you deny that opportunity, you may never even get to make that choice again or fate may not ever present that door to you which could have opened a new vista for you.

After so much of 'putting off until tomorrow' it's time to put two and two together!:)


Karthik said...

I smiled, I frowned, I thought, and got scared for a moment and then aaalllll waaazzzzz weeelllll!
Beautifully expressed. I could easily relate to it. "Schedule your priorities; don't prioritize your schedules."
Wonderful post on the last day of the year. Perfect timing, Rhythm. :-)
Wish you a Happy New Year! :-)

Skywalker said...

after that poem this was something substancial..liked it :)...waise tu padayi karti hai aajkal???

Americanising Desi said...

you sure know how to take me on a roller coaster ride!
boy o boy!

thanks though! seems like i m a a chicken too :P

but then i cluck away and land in my own space of comfort! actually it is how it is perceived.
one just has to have a bit of hold when taking decisions :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yeah happens with everyone
but for me it's always what my heart says,,,,simple as that :P

Neha said...

I have felt all these emotions too re...i could so relate to this post...very well expressed...wish you a very happy new year :))

bondgal_rulz said...


Wish you all the best for the decision that you need to make. I'm sure that with a head as mature as yours, you'll make the right choice. :)

And hey! Happy New Year!!


SiD said...

Yappy new year ji....

Now this is wat a perfect mixture of all the emotions is...:D

Sorcerer said...

wow! nice pic.
in life what ever path we take,,we allways hae beautiful scenary to accompan it.
its advisabele to carry a magainze in case we get bored or need to swat flies.


happy new year!!


NesQuarX said...

I dunno, I've gotten used to taking decisions since childhood... I guess it's a natural thing for me. You weigh the opinions, make a choice, move on and never look back.

zeevie said...

toughest decision of life yaaro nd wo bhi shadi ka:D.thn bhi sab karte hain.if u dont take decisions thn GOD lega nd HE is busy alwys.thn........oye koi kaam te khud ker lo ji.waise nice post..............RAJIV

Happybirdie said...

Awesome and thought provoking..keep posting such elite stuff!

Shilpa Garg said...

That were interesting and thoughtful musings!! :)
Wishing you the very best in the new year!! :)

Rahil said...

I liked the Karthik's comment... "Allz is well.."
Almost similar things happenin here with me.

Some times i get to serious abt it and sometimes i go for "dekha jayega attitude.."

But seriously its quite complicated stuff, not able to conquer myself..hope we manage to make the correct choices in the future :)

god bless us.. :P

Indian Pundit said...

Good and straight from the heart post.


Pesto Sauce said...

Life is all about decisions and standing by them, but I too have been the culprit here being indecisive at critical junctures

Jaunty anima said...

@Karthik: Kya baat hai,...3 idiots effect!
N yes..that's what m doing scheduling my priorities..which I never do..n hence finding it really tough!!
Let's see what comes out of it..hopefully something good!!:)

@Skywalker:Thank a lot..sir!
N padai to u know!!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@AD:Ho Thanks!
Yeah now that's the key but then whenever I find the key they change the locks..:D

@Vandi:Can u listen to ur heart everytime?
N especially when it's Jaunty Anima's heart, like I always say, makes me a dilly-dallyer..

Jaunty anima said...

@Neha:Thanks re!!N thanku so much..Wishing the same to u n even better:)

@bondgal:Aww thanks sweets!!
Hope I make the right decision this time..coz goof-ups may jinx the whole life..:D
N thanks 4 ur wishes...wishing the best 4 u:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Siddy:Well Yappy one to you to...Keep yapping the whole year by the means of ur blog coz yapping is fun!!:)

Now that's a good me a choice..I can swat flies until a decision is taken..:D
N new year wishes to you too..

Jaunty anima said...

Wish I was that confident of myself!
That's the way it ought to be done,"You weigh the opinions, make a choice, move on and never look back"
But it's easy said than done when it comes to me..


Jaunty anima said...

@Happybirdie:Thanku so much mam!
Your comments are always encouraging!:)

@Shilpa:Thanku so much...
Wish you have a fantabulous 2010!!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Rahil:That's it yaar..same here..
Dunno when am I going to get serious about some things in laidback attitude won't help much..Ab to optimism bhi dhokha de raha hai:D
God bless us all:)

@IP:OOh welcome to my blog!!
N thanks so was pretty straight frm the heart...:)

Jaunty anima said...

@Pesto:I know it's really difficult...
Perseverance counts at these times, nahi!!
Let's see what comes out of it all!!

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Crossroads that taunt, tease and torment us chronicled so effortlessly. Like it :-)

Deciding to be an Engineer instead of a Doctor was a deja-vu for me. I'm happy I took that decision and chose Engg like you. Has worked fine for me and I cannot think of myself as a doctor.

Follow your heart people say ; but it is over-rated. Decision making is about assessing your strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis market and making a qualified step in the right direction. You seem to be on the right track -- found it more lucrative, more exciting and the future appeared more promising..

zeevie said...

wwwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwww sum 1 called me iMPOSTER:D.hahahahahahahah.maza aa gayaaa ji:D.thnku ji waise yeah meri pic aap ko kahaan mili?M cute na ?:D

JoHn @ blogger's paradise ... said...

self musings are fun to read after a while .. :P
happy new year :)

Jaunty anima said...

@Madhu:Ohh how much do I thank you..really encouraging comments there..sir..
It's gud to hear frm someone who's stood on a similar crossroad...and even better to hear that he thinks it was a great decision..
That gives me a ray of hope!:)
Thanku soooo much!!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@John:Hey welcome to my blog!!
Really gud to have u here...
N u have a gr8 year too...:)

Number said...

arrrre, ab bata bhi kya decide ho raha thaa...n kya kiya

sobhit said...

jaunty anima.. if dats a real name den really interesting... if a pet name.. well still interesing... coming 2d post i liked d picture in d startin whr our ancestors seem 2b in d very same as u hv potrayd in d post... well u asid d art f takin gud decisions is wot v need else v wud b stk wid

dead-ends, the gifts of life( very much chosen by you) unravelling into bombshells, doors chosen by you leading to dark and dingy corridors.

... i wonder how many f us r actually smart enuf 2 tk dicesion dat myt not lead dem 2dis.. rathr if v dnt get 2 des dead ends n dingy corridors,,how will v evr gt 2knw wot were d rite options?? evn dos who claim 2hv mastrd d art f decision makin... hv had der shares of dead ends n dark dingy corridors.. dats wot hv given den exprnc n exprtise 2 find d correct roads... if all keeps on goin d perfect road..den dos species of humans r mere lucky 1s rathr dan d 1s who can tk decisions... d correct decision wud keep no meaning if der ws no wrong decision... yes often life bvr gives us d 2nd chances... but v humans hv dis tendency of alwaz dbtin decisions n keep wonderin of wot myt hv hapnd if v wud hv gone d odr way rathr dan walkin on des roads.. cud dat hv been bttr?? or worse.. mostly v assume dat it wud hv been much bttr dan where v r rite now.. cos wots left behnd is unknwn n 4 ages now humnas hv been held up in dis web of unknwn.. wot v knw wot v hv often loses its charm 4d unknw....

so my fellow blogger... i dunno wot 2 ways road u r standin at... u said u mostly listen 2ur hrt n move ahd.. wich is gud keep goin wid d flow... playin wid ur life or makin a complt jackass .. well its bttr 2 play wid our own lives dan sm1 elses.. n evry single 1 f us is capble f bein d jackass in us.. d more often v mk ourselvs 1.. d bttr it is 4 us .. cos v can c d picture clear ... tho if v end up bein 1 in same situations all d tym den evn a real jackass wud feel bad :P :P... so gud u done wid ur maths n hv put dwn 2 n 2
2ghtr... hope its d rite combination u;v made... al d best wid wotevr it is ... cya

Destiny's child... said...

I pretend to weigh the pros and cons but ultimately, it's the instinct I follow. I've learnt it works best. Such a thoughtful post. What happened to thy jaunty self, Anima? ;)
A very happy new year to you :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Jaunty-coming here via Yamini's blog...nice post,this one. You put it very adroitly- the constant pressure the previous generation and friends/neighbours put on a person, right from childhood. But then, I guess that's the fun of'd be quite drab with no choices,na?:)
Will be back to read a bit more.:)

Jaunty anima said...

Welcome to my blog and thanku so much for ur comment!
Now that's something I've done all these years..listened to my heart..but noe there are times when you have this fear of stumbling upon something and falling flat upon ur face...FEAR!!

I totally agree with u..coz even the decisions we take don't guarantee that what we have have concluded is corect!It's a matter of chance..
But then u noe that at critical junctures of ur life, u r forced to think coz u don't want to repent later that you didn't even bother to think at that point when you should have..

That's all I'm myself a chance to that even if things go wrong afterwards I don't blame it on myself but fate..

Nway so glad to have u on my blog..wud like to see u more often!

Jaunty anima said...

@DC: Hey gal!Thanku so mch..Hope u r having a great year!
N well my instincts work sometimes n sometimes they work against me badly!!

Still taking my chances this time..

N my jaunty self is pretty alive..just hibernating for sometime...


Jaunty anima said...

Hey welcome to my blog!

Yes choices add all the spice..but more of them can cause a breakdown..which anyway adds to one's learning..So looking forward to all d choices in my life..

Thanks 4 ur comment..would like to see u more often!


sobhit said...

lol... u do dat so u can blame it on fate n not urself... reminded me f a cartoon of donald duck wer d poor naseeb is tellin his story of how ppl jst blame him 4 der funny actions :P :P...
only i prefer doin thing so dat if ne1 is 2b blamed its me n no1 else 4 den i wnt mk ne1 else feel bad.. nvrmind wotevr works 4 each1 f us... dats wot v gota do
btw u dint temme abt jaunty amina.. dats ur official name or blog name?? funny thing past readin ur blog read 1 random post whre an englsih taechr wrote on wrong usage f englsih lang.. she goes 2 say wen dat 1f her students explained d meaning of jaunty as weh j hooks up wid aunty v call it jaunty :P :P..

Sunakshi said...


First time here xD

Impressive post,i too can relate to it ^_^

Good day! :)

Jaunty anima said...

@Sobhit:Yeah that's the way it is..!
N Jaunty Anima is my nom de plume!N 'don't udaao' mazaak of my!!

Jaunty anima said...

@Sunakshi:hey welcome to my blog dear...thankyou so much...

Wud like to see you here more 0ften!:)

Boring Baccha said...

Hey ms. Jaunty..I must say, you've an excellent flair for writing..just read some of your posts and seriously enjoyed the way your words connect with the reader presenting things right up-front while giving a touch of the light-hearted humour garnishing to sum up things..ur posts are a delighting feast for mind (esp. ur musings and shopaholics posts) while some like breathing for her breath truly moved me...excellent work! Keep it up! M ur fan and follower right away..
And, of course, it was a pleasure reading your comment on my post, m glad you liked it :)
tk care and keep writing..

kish said...

Been there done that, I would say. Same situation more or less.

I'd say follow your heart in iffy situations. However, sometimes I fail to distinguish between the heart and the mind:) Guess that happens with everyone.