Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breathing for her breath...She!

Curled in her bed with a book on her side....

She plays with her locks, lost in deep thoughts

She had fallen in love and her life eversince had been a joyride..

Never did she contemplate tomorrow, engrossed in fun of all sorts..

The train of thoughts cease to come to a halt..

Making her reminisce the day they tied the nuptial knot..

They had held each other's hands and walked every step in unison..

Those holy promises and the holy fire were a mark of benison..

He had said," I vow to take care of her, pamper her, fulfil her needs..

Trace her footsteps and be along forever, protect her in my embrace..

I'll never embarass her with harangue, I'll keep her happy forever!"

Inside, she grinned sheepishly, and said a virtual 'Amen!'

Her emotions outwitting her control, a tear rolled down her cheek..

Another memory came in foreground while the emotional outburst had reached its peak..

The day she revealed that she was in a family way..

His happiness knew no bounds, he held her like a kid and that was her besttt day..

All of a sudden, a harsh reality struck her like a bolt from the skies..

Whatever the memories be, the outcome of their test on the plateau of love was not nice..

Though sanguine in true sense, she was slowly and steadily losing her sanity..

She had lost support from all sides and her situation demonstrated pity..

She stands up with her long locks on one side and walks in front of the mirror..

With eyes swelled with anger, a questioning look on her face, answers now clearer..

Weren't those promises, those amorous talks nothing but moonshine..

Fighting her tears, she looks at her tresses and picks up a comb..

She's the mother who carries the burden of a baby daughter in her womb..

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Skywalker said...

why this once again??

Karthik said...

The chic in the pic has nice legs, yar. Hehehe.. :D

Well, I think I've read this already. Posted it for the second time, I guess.
It was worth reading again for sure. Too good, Jaunty!

Busy bee! May your exams finish soon and may you write more. :))

Insignia said...

Nicely written...Emotions neatly described. Hope we would have more such to read. :-)

vandy said...

finally i'm here
thank god

fr the post: so senti

loved it

p.s. u knw already that u hv been tagged
best of luck fr xamz

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

eh deja vu???

Mads... said...

heyy..woww such a nice write..words were felt..luved itt..:)

Harini said...

I had read this before :P. A good one though :).

zeevie said...

someone is trying for blogomania too hard!!! :P

- Sugar Cube - said...

Nice to read it again!
Its really wonderfully written!

Sourav !!! said...

Marvelous !
Not worth comments, but just appreciation .. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Keep in touch :) :)

Jaunty anima said...


For blogomania.....wasn't sure if entries posted earlier were eligible!
So...this one...!

Jaunty anima said...


I bet;)

Well yes...I'll be on a writing spree soon enuf!!

Thanks a tonnnnn man!!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Thanks dear..
Thanks so much for your appreciation!!

Well we can hope....yes...hehe;)

Jaunty anima said...


Oh yes...thank God u are here...Was wondering where u were lost!!

N yes I've seen it already....thanks a ton my gal!!:)

Besteez to u too...4 d result, though;)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey Sid!
Thanks boy!!

But deja vu...not really!!

*scratches head*

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh..Thanks gal!!

Yeah..really!!..this one's my favorite too...

Keep cmn!!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhhh yes...u did...n I appreciate that u read it again...n praised yet again...

Thanku so much dear!!!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh...thanks dearie!!

Appreciate ur cmn back....thanks again...!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Boy o boy...U've made me supah-dupah happy!!

What can I say nw...!!

N well u're always welcome!!

Will keep in touch 4 sure...U do the same too:)

Aditya said...

Wonderfully written! I like the way you depicted emotions through your words!

And yeah I like the pic ;)

Destiny's child... said...

Reading it again was as much a pleasure as it was the first time. Love this one! :)
And why did you delete that story you had posted? :(

Sourav !!! said...

Just keepin in touch .. get one chat box, or I'll keep spamming your comments :P :P

Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey welcome to my blog!!

And thankooooo so vry much!!!

Everyone is liking it...kya baat hai!!!;)

Keep cmn back:)

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh thanks gal..thankooooo so much!!

U've made me so happy at this hour!!:)

N the story is right there...chk out yaar..u scared me..I thought smbdy hacked my acc and deleted it, only to find it right there later!!

Jaunty anima said...


haha...I don't mind u spamming it waise...

that chatbox became a removed it...letz c if it works properly this time!!

All this, just to keep in touch!
*wipes off her brow*
:D :P

SG said...

Very well written. Emotions are very nicely stated. Loved itl.

Sourav !!! said...

Tocuhed .. yet again :D
Chat or not, I'm really good at spamming :P

I'm usually addicted to clicking some blogs everyday, and you are one of them ! :)

Take care !

Nazish Rahman said...

Well my first visit to your blog n definitely not the last...very well written..emotions were really very well expressed. It was simply great to put it straight.

Take Care!!

Neha said...

very well written Jaunty..simply loved it..

the female child thing we have seen in our immediate relatives..a lady was forced to abort the child when she was already 5 months pregnant..she already has two daughters..really sad re..

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh thanks a ton man!!

Such a sensitive issue always causes an overflow of emotions!!So...the result!!

Jaunty anima said...


Hoodibaba...M one of them????

U made me jump over the ceiling!!!
Now there'd be cats, dogs and Rhythm pouring!!:D :P

Jaunty anima said...


Ohh welcome to my blog NR!!

I'm so happy you liked it...
Wud like to see u here very often!!
N to see a follower in u makes me gleam with a broad smile:)

Thank you so much!!

Jaunty anima said...


That's soooo sad..!!
I've seen this happening too...One of my aunts got it done three times in a row..the thought of it made me sick!!

We live in a sick society with some sick people around making stupid, good-for-nothing sick norms!!

Nway thanku so much Neha!!

Harini said...

You have an award in my blog :)

Americanising Desi said...

i have missed reading you and i m so happy to be back here!



sorry for being away!
love your words! love your expressions :)

sepo said...

awsm :)
gr8 description

N J said...


Just loved this piece of note. Keep penning more of them.


The Holy Lama said...

Touching little poem. All words well picked. Hope to read more...

divsi said...

oyee!!! i think i ve read this on yr blog before..scratches head!!lolz!

but beautiful!!

p.s: m backo!!!!

Vintage Obsession said...

so well written! my first time here and i am smitten :)
in the begining the post made me go all aww but later on it gets so touchy!
well written:)

Prithwish....... said...

hey anima..
awesome post..loved reading every word of it...keep penning such words..I am sure there are more to come..:)

scarlet pimpernel said...

hello ,

life badi kuthi cheez hein yaar.

Moving on is the only option

and if you ask me a baby daughter is never a burden

nice legs ;-)

Sorcerer said...


beautifully written.
been here after a long time

eer....wheres the updates?

JoHn said...

nice ....


Yellow Tulip said...

nice write:)

Jaunty anima said...


Thanks gal..I've collected it!!!

@AD: worries even I've been away for long....
N yes thanku so much dear~!!

Jaunty anima said...


Thank you dear...!!:)


Ohhh/.Cant tell you how happy I am...i surely will keep doing that!!:)

@Holy Lama:

Ohhh....that's kind of u to say that!!

Surely u will....hope to see more of ya!!

Jaunty anima said...


Ohh thanku kudiye...I've really missed you./....Gr8 to see u back!!

N yes you have seen this before!!I republished it...!!


Hey welcome to my blog!!

Really..that's how it's been done to trick the reader...

Thanku so much...n wud luv to see more of ya!!

Jaunty anima said...


Hey pri..thanku so much!!

hopefully I will write more of them...



I can't agree with you daughters are not a liability but an asset...
n well for the legs ;)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey thanku thanku...
well yes I've been lost...

will be rushing to ur blog now to catch the updates!!


Short and sweet...

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh...thanku so much dear...
long time waise!!:)