Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And I Am Still Relaxing!

Once upon a time I was as carefree as a free bird,

When my flawless flight couldn’t be hampered,

When anyone, but a crook was greeted with a smile.

When I said and meant it, I promised and did it.

When I never had second thoughts,

When sailing away with time was my favorite ride.

When people’s brains were my favorite icecreams(I chaato-ed the brains of people)

When ‘Pata Hai?’, ‘Guess what?’, ‘Aree it’s in the air’ was my favorite news.

When hearing about happy stuff got me dancing to glory.

When I was much more than what they thought I could be.

And now my life’s taken a U-turn, much to my dismay.

I’m still free but my wings cease to make me fly.

I smile and then look at them to confirm if they took it genuinely, like the way I did.

I say and I never mean it, I promise and never do it.

Sanity and insanity don’t make any sense to me.

And now happy moments are dulled by the intensity of my inner dullness.

‘I’m pretty messed up’ is all the news I have.

I have still not figured out if I’ve lost something in the way.

All I know is that I don’t need anything, it’s just another mystery.

May be there’s something wrong in my head.

Come what may..but hey I’m still relaxing!!

Hey! Don't bother! That’s random random Meeee!! It’s been so long…I’ve missed this place more than anything…And now I’m back to my writing-cum-reading spree…:)


Skywalker said...

welcum back..:)
i feel that i am being repetitive by saying that it is surely a nice compilation so i will say it could have been better :P

Jaunty anima said...


Ohhh thanks for the welcome...

N yea cud have been far better, had i applied some brains,...aise hi likh diya...n seedhe published...shortcut method!!
Ab kuch to likhna tha hi!!:P

Anonymous said...

nice one jaunty...
where were you gone for so many days, my blog missed your comments :)

bangles said...

pouring-out-random-feelings session ah! haha. nice nice:) even i'm feeling the same emotions.

Destiny's child... said...

Welcome back Jaunty! That was a long long sabbatical from blogdom.
You called it random but it makes a lot of sense. I have those bouts of random moments at times. Everyone does, I guess. :)

Mayz said...

ahhh this news kinda reminds me of my own channel...

messed up...still messed up...so effn messed up r my headlines for d day...n sadly its not even breakin news anymore

Anonymous said...

Same is with me. Trying to recollect my concentration and inner peace. Still need to do a lot to increase my productivity.

Surely I will make through it in next semester.

Harini said...

Good one :). Its nice to have you back a long time :).

The Holy Lama said...

Brilliant. Journey of life with most of us reads the same.

vandy said...

u hv written my mind

same things hv been bothering me since long

nice post

n welcome back

Being Pramoda... said...

hi jaunty,

welcme back.. am also back at my space..

well expressed, enjoyed reading ur randomness...:) enjoyyy..:)

Karthik said...

Yaayyyy!! Jaunty is back! :)

I can so relate to this, Jaunty. Exactly my thoughts and feelings.
"I'm pretty messed up" is all the news I have too. :(
Beautiful post. :)

P.S. I wonder how and from where you get those pictures. They are always so wonderful. That cutie-pie in this post, for eg. Man, I love it! :)

G said...

brilliant !

Jaunty anima said...


Thanku yaar!!
N I had to take care of my exams...this time I'd decided to control my addiction...n succeeded, almost...but dunchu worry, I'm back!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey thanku....yup random sessions to get myself into writing mode...!!
N m happy u liked my random effort!!:)


Hey hey...thanks dear...!! Yea...egjams...bt nw m back!!N yes randomness rhetoric isn't always meaningless...makes sense to lot many...most importantly it does make sense to mee:)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey welcome to my blog!!

n thanku so very much...arre same here...May be we need to add a lil tadka to make this ghissi pitty news a lil sizzling!!:P
Wud like to see ya here more often!!

Jaunty anima said...


Hey welcome to my blog!!

Yea..hope u get it back real soon..each one of us have our bouts of mess-iness(is that a word?), nahi!

Keep cmn back!!


Ohh thanks dear...M happier to be back reading all of u, wonderful writers!!:)

Jaunty anima said...


Hey thanks man!!

well yes...each one of us somewhere down the line feel the same...I can c it here...:)


hey dearie..thanks re!!

Yea...really...I guess I've written every twenteen's mind!!:D

Jaunty anima said...


Hey thanku dear...
u r back....n m cmn back to ur blog in a jiffy:)


Haylo...oh yay..m back..thanku so mch Karthik!!
N the pics...hehe...thodi searching..that's it...someday I'll post my original pics:D

Jaunty anima said...


Hey thanku dear....
U sure it deserved that superlative??

sepo said...

welcum back sweets :)

Dee said...

Heyy.. I loved the read through your blog.. I have a Blogger Buddy award for you.. Please pick it up from my blog. Only condition.. please pass it on to five of your blog buddies. :)
This is not a spam :D

Jaunty anima said...


Thanks sweets!!


Hey welcome to my blog...
N thanku so much dear!!:)
Ur award has been accepted!!