Saturday, November 21, 2009


Shopping is great fun, ain't it!!Don't quite understand the usage of the term 'Shopaholic' commonly for girls only..Even guys are!Doesn't it kinda give an adrenaline rush when declared,"We are shopping today!" is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN*  that

a) Shopping is a great stress-buster (if you don't run out of money and go the 'bankrupt' way in the procedure, that is!)..The excitement after buying all the new stuff is incomparable..(most of us are new-fangled, aren't we?)

b) Shopping enhances decision-making, improves debating skills(ever tried explaining your mum why the stuff you chose is better than that of what she did..), makes you confident of yourself(Owe it to bargaining or walking out without buying a thing after bugging the dealer while he unpacks the whole store for madame in search of the best):P

c) And if you are one of those lazy jackasses, then you'd be enlightened by the fact that Shopping is the best exercise...It is equivalent to a 1 hour jog in the morning...screening of all the shops, running from one to another, bargaining, trying to make the best how it exerts your legs and your mouth too!!!Wish to twist and turn your arms equally?? Go, try all the trendy outfits in the market..(But Beware! Trying causes Craving!And if you are not really up for buying it, then don't go one after the another..coz Craving is bad!!)

d) Not only does it give satisfaction to the shopping-thirsty souls, it also induces a lot of hunger of food, which is quite beneficial for health(now that's a different story that we always end up eating junk..)

e) And for the people in hunt of Bird-watching, well what should I say??Ummm...Shopping provides opportunities for the activity in abundance..:P :D




Scene-1(D's room)

Sitting idle in one corner of the room..Suddenly the door opens..

Mum: I want to buy this XYZ stuff..Will you accompany me?

A flash of lightning in the wicked and naughty side of the daughter's brain,"Ahhh!!Good opportunity to blackmail!"

D(pretending to do work): I've got a lot of college work...I won't be able to come..Take Sis with you!

Mum: C'mon!I'd need your opinion...

D: Noooo...I'm very busyy..I won't be able to make it..

Mum(with a mischievous smile): You were asking for a new pair of jeans, nah..!!I thought I'd buy you that..But If you really don't want to come, it's ok!

Oho!!Mama strikes while the iron is hot..

D: Yeah..yeah!!My work's about to get over..Let's go!!

Scene-2(In the market)

Mum gets her job done and then turns to D..

Mum: Ok!!So now what do you want?

D: What do you mean by 'What do you want'??You'd promised me a pair of jeans..

Mum(trying and make excuses work): No! I was thinking you already have a nice collection...So why don't you buy a pair of gloves or a nice muffler..Winters are approaching near..

Whach!!Tit for Tat!!


Mum: Yes...yes....yes...yes!!

Scene-3(Store A)

D asks the shopkeeper for jeans..Mum standing aside knowing what's coming...knowing the stubborn 'Nakhrebaaz' D..

The display begins..

D: some more...

Shopkeeper: Mam..the size is fine?

D: The size is, but not the style..Don't you have the low waist, slim fit ones?

Shopkeeper: No mam..they are not available right now..visit us next week...

D: Why don't you check the stock once..please please!!

Mum: Let's go...there are other shops too!!

Scene-4(Store B)


D: But the colour is not fine...I want black..


D: No! I want black only! I'd have no other!
....................Repeat Telecast!!!

Scene-5(Store C)


D: No...It should look as if it was made for me...The fitting is really not that good...

......................Repeat Telecast!!!

Scene-6(Back home)

Mum breathing a sigh of relief...vows she won't ask her to accompany again...though we know Mothers!!For them, "A daughter in need (of shopping, helping in kitchen, etc. etc.) is a daughter indeed!"

D: Hey sis!!Check out my muffler! Look, I also got these gloves...The colour is good, nah!!!

Sis: yea! i ike the checks on them..

They were good, indeed!!


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

rofl,,,,,,,,,but i go shopping with my frndz only
& yup shopping is fun

яノςんム said...

rofl!! maza aa gaya.. exactly my sentiments :D
yeah i love shopping too :)

Skywalker said...

5 points from fully faltoo laboratory are not at then the scene took me 4 hours to decipher what it was :(.....really a funny one...

divsi said...

another typical jaunty post from rhythm:) lovelyyy!!!

firstly i loveeeed the pic! wat smashin glares ya!:p
n secondly i loveeee shoppin[ who doesnt?:)] i cud very well relate the blackmailin mum coz i kno she ll always take me wid her for opinion n i cant shop widout her at all!!!

bargainin to puch mat! weneva i m at janpath, delhi i go crazieee:D so much that none of my bros accompany me coz they kno they ll onli hav to pay bills n hold bags:p
nice read this one!

Jaunty anima said...

@Vandi:Now shopping with friends will be a different scene...different mazaa...n altogether different masti...n a completely different post!!

Jaunty anima said...

@Richa:Thanku very much jee!!!Shopping is everyone's most loved thing-to-do, I guess!!

@Skywalker:Thanku sir!!But why 4 hours to decipher sir :o ????

Jaunty anima said...

@divsi:khush kar ditta!!!:)

N m searching 4 these glares..ditto yahi waali!!N then walking carefree with shopping bags just not fitting my hand...:D
Ohhh!!Kitnaaaaa... mazaaaa aaega...*into my fantasy world now*

Skywalker said...

was nt able to understand what repeat telecast meant :P

Jaunty anima said...

@Skywalker: hehe:P

Karthik said...

You never run out of these crazy-funny things to write, do you? :P
I was laughing hysterically all through the post. :D
By the way, among the 5 points you've mentioned about the advantages of shopping, the last one i.e. 'e' makes a lot of sense to me. Ornithology you see, I have a PhD in it. he he he heeee.. :D

Loved the write-up to the core. Keep 'em coming, dudette! ;-)

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol :)

"No...It should look as if it was made for me...The fitting is really not that good"

My mum's tired of listening things like these from me everytime we go shopping together.But the fact is..she is my lucky mascot.Without her..I've rarely been able to find good stuff :D So I take her along whenever I can :P

G said...

that was funny ! and so damn true .. im home be.. i called u on ur no. that u've given me.. its not working or osmething like that... msg me ur no. i left u a fb msg too ..

Dhanya said...

I love shopping! I go crazy while shopping and I usually end up getting lost in the mall -- meaning, I am on one side of the mall and people I have come with end up somewhere else.

Americanising Desi said...

i love shoppin only when i know what to buy. i m one crazy woman! really really crazy!

Jaunty anima said...

@Karthik: Well..there I see..Ornithology interests soooo many people...Now is there any other super-super specialisation left???;)

Nway thanks boy!!!I'm a big time freak....I don't have to think about this...It's my natural instinct...stuff my brain is made up of...:D

Jaunty anima said...

@sugarcube:...thnks for ur sugary sweet comment!!!!
Yeah..these dialogues apply universally for all gals...n moms...they are the best...their outer looks may appear hard but their heart is genuinely soft towards us,...isn't it??

thanks sweetie!!

Jaunty anima said...

@G:thanks babe!!
N i'll jst chk out!!

@Dhanya:well..same here gal..People who come along are never interested in the things I do..N then i tend to hop somewhere else..n getting lost in the it's always funnn!!!:)

Jaunty anima said...

@AD:Even I go only when I know what I've to buy but...I always end up giving preference to things that are not important...the ones i need the let's say I'm crazier than u Seher! ;):D

bondgal_rulz said...

He he....ultimately muffler n gloves pe hi gaadi ruk gayi. :P

We guys make such good blackmailers, nahi?? :P :D

N me going shopping tom!!! Yippee!!!

Jaunty anima said...

@bondgal:Yaar..we are good blackmailers...but there we forget that even our moms are somebody's daughters..n have much more experience in this field...BIGGER BLACKMAILERS, they are...nahi??

Hamesha apni baaton me fasa leti hain..huh!!

OOh so wat r u getting 4 us then?*expecting*

Sorcerer said...

shopping is like capital punishment for me

Jaunty anima said...

punishment n shopping!!
Gawd..nw that's where some boys differ frm gals!!