Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Lost Wanderer

Life is a B**ch, some say....No...a temptress, I argue!

The various ways to life forward have started to open now....But has life been simple, ever!!!????

I'm on crossroads...and things not getting any better.....there are umpteen number of ways that stand in front each boasting of its pros....And I, wondering if I'd been an optimist ever, instantly calculate the cons of each....

The road that I crossmarked, thinking I'm never going to pass now appears lush green on its sides, taken by many, so low on risks luring me into taking it this one time! I think I'll need an epilogue to the Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"as a take into what people do when encountered with such crossroads!!

Time's running fast...and i'm still lagging behind it....Will I be able to catch it ever( in time!!! )...still remains a mindboggling question to me!!!

P.S. The reason I bugged you with this post is that d good news is that I got placed in two companies together.....and the not-so-good-part is that I wasn't even aiming for it....I need to FOCUS!!!!Gawd!!


divsi said...

My my...2 companies!!!the best things in life happen wen u don't aim for it:):)n that makes life beautiful:)n the crossroads wil cum as u said life aint simple anyway in anyones case:)all d best kudiye!god bless alwys!!hugs!

bondgal_rulz said...

Arre this is such good news!!!!


Party chahiye ab tto :P

Anoop KR said...

hey..congrats! 2 companies? tats cool.... :D

G said...

fantastic !! :D :D

Tomz said...

great news..btw long time no see

Karthik said...

That's wonderful, Jaunty! Congrats! :)

Destiny's child... said...

Just take a deep breath and some good amount of sleep. The answer will come crystal clear to you. Trust me, been there, done that. :)

Bikramjit said...

hmm that good you got two places the question is which one did u chooose ..

I hope you have made up ur mind by now and are settling jsut fine I am late writing here so hope alls gone through jsut fine .. Take care


Ashwin said...

Wow.. First of all... 2 Offers.. Great Job there.. :)

@ Crossroads.. Well I can definitely understand your position as this is one thing I can confidently say --
"Been there, Done that".. :)

All I have to say, just listen to your heart ! Don't evaluate the paths just by the pros and cons.. Instead take the one on which you lay your faith on!

I had to make a life changing decision... Spend a lot of time asking people, evaluating the opportunities.. But finally,I gave into myself... Listened to what I truly wanted.. and believe me I cant be more happier.. ! :)

Choose the role that offers you happiness.. and that is above all the Pros and Cons.. :D

All the very best !!.. Kash...!

Red Nails & Raindrops said...

I really enjoy your blog :) Check mine out:

Unruly Rebel said...

ahaa...dat calls for celebration...hope u do gret in ur life... :)

Unruly Rebel
something THEY call life

Pesto Sauce said...

Congrats....getting a good job beats all highs