Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty Dazzles!

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

That means in a world of billions of people, possessing a pair of eyes each, the count of definitions of beauty are twice the population of the world. If one man is bewitched by the pleasing face of a pretty woman, the other is tantalized by the seductive looks of an enchantress. If one man is allured by the classiness of a stunning woman, the other is enticed by a delightfully adorable girl. A woman may find herself prepossessed by a man’s striking anatomy, while another may be captivated by his wit and humour. The interpretation of the classic noun ’Beauty’ becomes even more enigmatic from the fact that a person rendered beautiful in one part of the world may not appeal to the masses of another. But beauty is and should not be effervescent. The countenance of a person may not remain beautiful all his/her life but like they say, “Some people, when they grow older, simply move their beauty from their face to their hearts.

Physical beauty is relative to space and time, while real beauty is absolute. No matter, where they go, how old they are, beautiful people stay beautiful. Physical appearances often camouflage the person de facto but real beauty does not walk in disguise. It does not rest within the confines of the beautiful person; rather it radiates and after sometime reflects back from every person who touches the life of the beautiful person because real beauty is in deed and not just the outer semblance.

1. A content man is beautiful.
Fulfilment leads to contentment. A heart full with joy of attaining the level set by the man himself radiates beauty.

2. A successful man is beautiful.
Nothing appears more spectacular than success. The brilliance of a successful man not only illuminates his own soul but many others touched by the warmth of his luminance.

3. A truthful man is beautiful.
The most striking feature of beauty is its rarity and uniqueness. What could be rarer and more unique than a truthful person? In that case, I don’t mind calling an Anna Hazare beautiful!

4. A dutiful man is beautiful.
A woman, whose call of duty begins with the break of sunrays, intensifies with the shortening shadows and continues till the stars form a cover of protection around the world is beautiful.

5. A compassionate man is beautiful.
In today’s rat-race where each one gears up every day to trample the other, the person who stops for a while to share a few words of compassion is indeed beautiful.

The shallow idea of superficial beauty is crass! Beauty is what leads to an insight into the heart of a person.
Come to think of a world where only fair-skinned, very-much-in-shape people would be respected! Whatever happened to the brains!!

To all the people pale, black, wheatish or brown,
To all the folks lean, obese, rickety or overblown,
To the mates disabled, crippled or thwarted,
Don’t lose hope, the world’s no theatre.
No inches of makeup, any masks could conceal
The soul and temperament in real.
Each one would be weighed on the scales of deed.
To a blemish here, freckle there, a scar and a bruise,
I couldn’t care less about toying with you!
I’ve spread beauty, played my part and I bid adieu.
I’m leaving with a Beautiful me and a Beautiful You!

In the age of liposuction, botox, silicons, if only clear skin, refined features and shapely body defined beauty all in all, the whole world could boast of being beautiful!
But the wizardry of cosmetics can never dupe the eye of the beholder to differentiate cosmetic beauty from Real Beauty because Real beauty dazzles in every space and time!

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Karthik said...

I realized how much I missed your write-ups after reading this post. Been a long time, eh, Jaunty?

Beautiful article.
Remembered a similar quote on beauty of a woman: "The beauty of a young woman is an accident of nature. But the beauty of an old woman is a work of art."
True, people become beautiful by what they do, how they do and how they lead their lives.

Finally, when it comes to a writer, s/he is what s/he writes. ;)
Best wishes!

Sukriti said...

Welcome Jaunty..I missed ur posts ;)

Anonymous said...

So different and real content, I have read so far over this topic....liked it quite!

Bikramjit said...

Good ot see you back..

I liked the points you made indeed a Content man is beautiful as there is no greed and selfishness in them ...

Not sure about Successfull man cause success comes with a lot of bad things tooo..

Truth is always beautiful it hurts but it is beautiful sure.. Thought I am not sure if the example you used is the right one ..

And yeah a compassionate man is beautiful too in that case anyone who is compassinate is beautiful as the yare seeing the world as equal..

And The heart is important there are loads of people who think they are beautiful but have a bad heart they boast of love and all yet they are the ones who stab your back..

and yeah cosmetics never dupe the eye of the beholder you are only beautiful if the person in front of you see's you are beautiful otherwise you are just another person ...


N J said...

i am in here after a long time. Loved the note. Real beauty was the physical attraction once upon a time... And now, it has become 'character' to me...

Makk said...

A truthful man is beautiful.

Well, He can ugly, damn ugly though I liked the way you said it.